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Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

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Published by SoparlaVerde

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: SoparlaVerde on Oct 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2 All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be ound on our website
I am proud to say that 2014 sees us reach a rather speciallandmark – it is 30 years since we frst launched our ArcticExperience collection and during that time we have createdmany new and exciting holiday concepts, not to mentioncarrying well over a quarter o a million British visitors toexperience the magic o the north. One o our most notableachievements was to operate the very frst whale watchingtrips in Iceland on board an Icelandic trawler. Much to thesurprise o some o the locals the concept caught on andnow tens o thousands o oreign visitors and Icelanders,enjoy this amazing spectacle every year.It is in the Arctic regions that we cut our teeth, all those yearsago, and although we now operate around the globe, the lessonswe’ve learnt in planning travel, in what can be one o the mostchallenging parts o the world, has held us in good stead.
It is this distinction which sets us apart rom most other travel companies: we trulyspecialise in the relatively small number o countries to which we operate. We canplan any type o arrangement rom a budget trip through to a luxury adventure,and everything else in between.You may fnd similar holidays on the market but the devil is in the detail - beware oimitations, they are oten not what they seem! Innovation is in our DNA which stemsrom knowing the countries to which we operate, like the back o our hands. Whether you are hoping to experience the amazing spectacle o the northern lights,or simply want to enjoy the wonderul scenery and riendly people, our tailor-madeteam are here to make your holiday that bit more special and create a unique travelexperience just or you. And i I can be o assistance at any point beore, during, or ater your holiday,my personal email address is clive.stacey@discovertheworld.co.uk Happy travelling!
Clive StaceyManaging Director and co-Founder
 Please note: for trip references below 3n = 3 nights
Sweden & Norway
Talk to the experts
01737 214 257
Your Discover the World100% Guarantee
We Protect YouFinancially
With Discover the World, yournancial security is guaranteed.We are ATOL Protected andyou are covered by extremelystringent British travel industryregulations and UK legislationthroughout your holiday.
Your CompleteConsumer Protection
Your consumer rights are completelyprotected by the EU Package TravelRegulations that govern the saleand operation o every trip weorganise. We are also memberso ABTA - The Travel Associationand AITO (The Association oIndependent Tour Operators).
We Take Care OfTravel Disruptions
We will look ater you should theunexpected occur. Beore andduring your trip, our expert TravelDisruption Charter team are on call24 hours a day to help you shouldanything happen to your fights.So should your trip be cancelled ori your outward fights(s) cannotoperate within 24 hours o thescheduled departure time, we willmake alternative arrangements.I it is not possible to re-arrangeyour trip, you will receive a reundo the trip cost you have paidto us. When you are on holiday,i it becomes necessary to alteror reroute your itinerary, we willmake these arrangements at noadditional cost to you. We will evenprovide you with accommodationand meals i your fight home iscancelled or severely delayed. Suchevents and circumstances are rarelycovered by travel insurance policies.
Our ‘No Surcharge’Guarantee
The moment your booking isconrmed we will give you our100% guarantee there will be noprice increases or additional eesto be paid. Whatever happensto Sterling, oil prices, and taxesanywhere in the world, it will notaect the cost o your holiday.
Visit discover-the-world.co.uk/ unique-pledge for further details,terms and conditions.
We know how important your holiday is. You’ve researched where you want to go and what to do whenyou get there. You’ve booked time o work. Now you’re ready to really enjoy yoursel. And it’s our businessto make sure you do.We give every booking you make our unique 100% Discover the World Guarantee that protects you, youramily, your holiday and your nances. We’re there should you need to talk to us and we’ll take care o anyfight disruptions and travel delays. And we’ll make sure you never, ever have any surcharges to pay.All o which means that when you travel with us, you are in the saest, most experienced hands - 24/7.
© Andrey Stenkin
Discover the World holidays. 100% protection. 100% care. 100% guaranteed.
© RTH Sigurdsson

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