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The Celestial Ship of the North

The Celestial Ship of the North

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Published by faiza
Αστερισμοί στο Νότο
Αστερισμοί στο Νότο

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Published by: faiza on Oct 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Celestial Shipof the North
E. Valentia Straiton
I GRATEFULLY DEDICATE MY BOOK to my friend S. E. D.,who has ever been ready to enrich my resources with the treasures of her priceless wisdom and has inspired me to rise above the bondage of materialism into that paradise of  promise, the happy fields of Aah-en-Ru. My great desire is that all who read this book may be similarly inspired to look above and to love the Great Cosmic Mother and her children, the Luminaries, the stately Planets and the brilliant Stars.
the celestial ship of the north the celestial ship of the north the celestial ship of the north the celestial ship of the north the celestial ship of the north 
Age after age the Great Architect of the Universe has sent hismessengers in many lands to make plain to man that the lawsunder which life spiritual and temporal evolves have been thesame from the foundation of the world and are but the reactionsof the planet earth to the stimuli of the moon, stars, suns andsuper-suns of the heavens. And amongst these the Mighty Ruler,Ship of the North, was ever pre-eminent in its primal energising. The relation between the heavens and earth has been thesame fundamentally in all ages. Out of knowledge of this ancientbond has been born the only true religion or binding back tocausation.Heavenly forces play upon earth and visibly impress theiroperative laws. The sun governs earths motion. The moon swaysearths tides. The pole-star exerts a law-giving, orbit-directinginfluence upon earths polar axis. And the signs of the zodiacthrough which the Sun takes his royal course year after yearand in one of which earth dwells every age, being at present inPisces and proceeding thence into Aquarius, were called the livingcreatures because of their lively magisterial modification of forcesplaying through the sun upon earth. Of old other celestialgovernors of earth were known and their forces differentiatedand reverenced.Reverence in its highest essence is an eternal and non-personal attribute of the soul and withers slowly but fatally inthe face of the reiterated assertion of a personal exegetic dogmadivorced from Natures laws. To continue in spiritual growth manmust worship his Maker alone, that First Cause of which allother causes are but relegations or emanations.Astrology and astronomy, esoteric and exoteric knowledgeof the heavenly bodies or entities, have lain at the generating

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