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Elly's Healer Guide

Elly's Healer Guide

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Published by Denise Quinte

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Published by: Denise Quinte on Oct 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Ellynna's Healer Guide
I.IntroductionII.Fanaticism, our NicheIII.Aspects: Do you even Juggle bro?IV.Talentsa. Core Specialization Spellsb. Buffs/Cures and Debuffsc. Providence and Faith BoundariesV.Role Specific Rubiesa. Caster Rubiesb. Melee Rubiesc. Healing Specific Rubiesd. Special Rubies of NoteVI.Elly's Personal Touch
Hi, my name is Ellynna, I started out as Empire and some of the older players would recognize me as the ArisenHeretic on Nezeb in <Redemption> from long ago. At the moment I am a Elf Priest on Sihal, and plan to be anElf Priest again on Smuggler's Paradise in the guild <Avarice>.I started playing back in 2010, and I went into the game knowing that I would be a Healer and would try tomaster it to the best of my abilities. I used to be a world class raider in a different game and I knew deep downhealing was what I was good at and so I would focus all my previous MMO skills into the Healer class of Allods.I quit a long time ago and will not pretend that I kept up with ALL of the changes from then to now, but I when Icame back there were some seriously different things. This has affected my build, and my play-style, but I'llmention those as I go along. You'll see these as “Elly Rants” with a Arisen Avatar.Followed by a new fancy Elf to explain with how I adjusted to it now.
Fanaticism! Oh dear, this is the Healer niche if I haven't ever known what a niche was, and if you didn't knowwhat a niche is:[In ecology, a
/ni /o
ˈ ːʃ 
ˈ ɪ ʃ 
[1] is a term describing the way of life of a species. ]
Well, in the Healer world, Fanaticism is our niche.
“Back in my day, Fanaticism would stack up to a cap of 10x stacks, and would affect cast time of certain spells by theamount of stacks.”“Well, that's changed for sure, now it stacks with a cap of 3x and and you only lose 1 stack to get an instant cast of certain spells.”
How does one get Fanaticism?
Fanaticism generation is determined by what Aspect you are currently in. We'll go into what Aspects arespecifically later, but for now just for Fanaticism generation purposes, all you need to know is:
Aspect of Light:
Your Holy Blast and Celestial Blast receive a 30% chance to apply the Fanaticism affect.
Aspect of Mercy:
Damage received by a party or raid member in a 50 yard radius may grant you a Fanaticismaffect.
Aspect of Rage:
While affected by Aspect of Rage your Verdict and Judgment have a 30% chance to apply theFanaticism affect.Anyways, there are also a few different rubies that affect Fanaticism in the Verdict Tree, and I would truly hopethat you take advantage of as many as you can:
Rubies affecting FanaticismGreen: Brilliant Faith
– Upon receiving a Fanaticism affect, your party is healed for X/2X/3X amount.
Light Blue:Unbending Will
 – Chance to enter Fanaticism is increased by 5/10/15%
Purple:Holy Avenger
– Increases your Endurance by 5/10/15%. Each critical strike received to the Healer has a10/20/30% chance to generate a single stack of Fanaticism.
Dark Red:Punishing Fanaticism
 – In combat, while your Aspect of Rage is active, you gain a stack of Fanaticism every 24/16/8s.
“Back in my day, Holy Avenger was AWESOME, and upon receiving a critical strike you'd receive 1/2/3 stacks! Not this “Increased Chance” nonsense. Bah!”“Well... That would be insane with the current function of Fanaticism. So now it's an increased chance of a single stack, but that doesn't mean the ruby isn't still AWESOME. It's still 15% more Endurance!”

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