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A Code Mixing

A Code Mixing



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Published by dhanu_tmn9899

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Published by: dhanu_tmn9899 on Jul 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.1Background of the Study
Language has an important part in human life because it is a means of communication. People need to communicate with others. Language is a mediator used by people to transfer what they have in their mind to others.
They use language to avoidmisunderstanding and miscommunication. This is related to
definition of language as a system of arbitrary vocal symbol used for human communication(Waldhaugh, 1972:3, in brown, 1987:4).Indonesian societies are bilinguals and multilingual. When they communicate or interact with the other, they may use code mixing or code switching. According toKunjana, a bilingual is an individual who knows or understand at least two languages andmultilingual is an individual who knows and understand many languages.In bilingual and multilingual societies people may produce certain codes. Theymay use code mixing or code switching in their conversation. Thelender (In Suwito,1985:76) differentiates code switching code mixing. If an utterance is switched from onelanguage to another language supporting a distinctive function, it is called codeswitching. Conversely, if an utterance, either phrase or clause, consist of a clause or  phrase does not support a distinctive function it is called code mixing.In the era of a free trade, the use of English as a global language in Indonesiaespecially in big cities has not only become a must for the settlers but also is getting moreand more in frequency. English has penetrated Indonesia Language and it seems there isno stopping it, not a day passes in big cities in which English is not heard, although itmight not be spoken correctly”. They further pointed out that Indonesian people startingfrom the president of Indonesia to business executives, celebrities, housewives, andteenagers are adopting English words or phrases in their daily linguistic interactions.English language, although its using is informal considered, it has became alanguage that influenced the Universities students in Malang. Its use as young languagein daily conversation is the phenomenon that could found easily. Therefore, the link of the language between English language and Indonesian Language is the use of many borrowing English words by young Indonesian in their daily conversation.
Nevertheless, the main questions are: what factors caused they used English-Indonesiancode mixing in their conversation and what caused it is spread fast?Such a
as Indonesia-English which can be defined as theinvolvement of some English expressions in Indonesian discourses (oral and written).Although such a term may be associated with other related terms such as Chinglish(Chinese-English), Singlish (Singaporean- English), etc. but it is not an English variationat all, giving a similar term like American English, British English, Bostonian English, New Zealand English, Australian English, Indian English, etc.. Rather, it is simplysomething to do with code-switching or in a softer term, code-mixing
Abdul Hakim
INDOLISH … 236).Such a phenomenon has been the logical consequence of a multilingual society,including Indonesia, where many languages are spoken by the society. As a result, theyare subject to employ more than one code in their social interaction and even they might juxtapose two different language segments like words, phrases, and clauses within asentence which is well-known as code-mixing. However, the tendency for the settlers toalternate from one code to another is unavoidable and as such has become an unmarkedand a natural way of communication (see also Hymes, 1974; Gumperz, 1982).This is
an explorative study
, which is mainly aimed at finding out some factorscause the using of Indonesian-English code mixing toward Brawijaya University studentsin Malang, in terms of their words categories especially the pattern of intra sententialcode mixing. The patterns of intra sentential code mixing found are often rather differentfrom one another. Much of the confusion in the field appears to arise from the fact thatseveral distinct processes are at work: insertion, alternation, congruent lexicalization.It is hopefully that this study, as an explorative study will invent types of Indonesian-English code mixing used by Brawijaya University Students in Malang,which will eventually enrich related previous publications. Moreover, the findings will become a base for other sociolinguists to conduct a more comprehensive study onIndonesian-English bilingual discourses.

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