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The Memory of the Just.

The Memory of the Just.

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Published by glennpease

" The memory of the just is blessed." PROVERBS x. 7.

" The memory of the just is blessed." PROVERBS x. 7.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MEMORY OF THE JUST.REV. E. A. STAFFORD, D.D., LL.D." The memory of the just is blessed." PROVERBS x. 7.OUR study at this time is the effect upon mankind of the enduring memory of a good life ;and I ask you to noticeI. That the memory of the just or good manis blessed in the happy impressions left on theworld s memory by goodness, as contrasted withthe impressions left in some other way.Men have entered into history through differentgates. Some have purchased their throne in theworld s recollection by laying the foundations of anempire ; some by leading a people up out of a condition of fateful bondage, and giving them a systemof righteous laws ; some by discoveries and inventions which have vastly enlarged the possibilities of human comfort and knowledge ; and some by thethoughts they have dropped into the mind of therace, or the good they have devised for it.ow, people generally, and more especially children, are likely to regard those alone as great andnoble who are often met walking up and down thepages of political history. Warriors and statesmenare the models most frequently placed before the286 THE MEMORY OF THE JUST.minds of youth to inspire in them a great ambition.But actually political, or national fame, is not an
object to be sought in comparison with goodness inthought and deed. The one may for a brief intervaldazzle us as the blazing splendor of a passingmeteor ; but the abiding impression that is left is asoften one of repulsion as of attraction. There isalmost always something to dread from encroaching selfishness in such great personages while living ;and much that chanty teaches us to forget whenthey are dead ; but the memory inspired by goodness asks no shield from charity. One motive tonoble deeds furnished to mankind, one act of helpful love performed, is something given to the worldfor its happiness, and it will reproduce itself, feeding for ages the hunger of the world s heart for ahigher life. The children of distant generations willtake hold upon it, and brace themselves for a moredetermined struggle after virtue and truth.A few summers ago I looked upon two historicmonuments one, the tomb of apoleon, crowdedby curious, wonder-gazing hundreds, the sarcophaguscontaining the warrior s dust resting under a greatdome of gold ever blazing in the Parisian sunshine ;all the surroundings suggestive of pomp, and magnificence, and exhaustless wealth. The fancy, evenof French artists, could picture nothing grander.The other monument I found in a cemetery inGeneva. It is a small piece of marble a mere postnot a foot high, on which are engraven two lettersTHE MEMORY OF THE JUST. 287only J. C. Beneath it reposes the mortal part of John Calvin. Do these two monuments actuallyrepresent the world s memory of these two greatmen ? o. apoleon s tomb represents simply the
idea of a few statesmen, as to the tribute due tomilitary greatness; but the child, and the woman,and the humble man all, indeed, who are comprisedin the crowding millions of earth, remember apoleon much as they would remember a storm, sweeping with darkness, and dread, and desolation, andblood, and death in its strong right hand !But how different the memory of John Calvin !You may gather more than half the Protestantpeople of the earth, and in some way or other, thememory of John Calvin, by his teaching, enters intoall that is best in their lives, and fills and elevatestheir souls in death ! Truly by such a contrast thememory of the just is blessed indeed !II. We pass to a second thought. The memory of the just is blessed in the perpetuation of their goodness. It is God s plan that evil shall perish, butthat good shall endure. The memory of the just isblessed because it shall continue while " the name of the wicked shall rot."What is most permanent of all that we see orknow in the earth ? Why, certainly, thoughts, principles, virtues, truth, goodness. I hold before youthis book. There are two ideas which the mindmay entertain of it. The first is the binder s orthe printer s idea of it. That includes just what288 THE MEMORY OF THE JUST.your eyes see as I hold it before you. It is a book,that is, it is a shape, and is composed of certainmaterial substances, as leather, paper, twine, glue,printer s ink. But this is a very low idea of a book,and according to it one book is about as good asanother, for all are pretty much the same. But,

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