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Lectures on the First Epistle of John

Lectures on the First Epistle of John

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LECTURES O THE FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHBY ROBEET S. CADLISH, D.D.THIRD EDITIOPREFACE TO SECOD EDITIO (1869).In issuing this book anew, I have scarcely anything to addto what I wrote in issuing it before. I have very carefullyrevised it, more than once or twice ; not so much, however,it is fair to say, with a view to its being more learned orcritical, as with a view to its bringing out more clearly whatI thought I had ascertained to be the Apostle's general lineof thought.if) I have accordingly — still making my table of contents a^ sort of index or analysis of the teachings of the Epistle — ^ made some slight alterations upon it. I do not think itA^ possible indeed to reduce this warm outflow of the lovingApostle's heart into regular and exact logical order ; and if I indicate successive parts, it is with the full apprehensionof the thoughts and feelings brought out in them runninginto one another. But I fasten on three emphatic words :Light, Kighteousness, Love ; " God is light," "God is righte-ous," " God is love ; " and with a preliminary statement of the general idea of the Apostolic fellowship, and a fourthor concluding part about its prevalence over the fellowshipof the world and the wicked one in whom the world lies, IVI PREFACE.
am inclined to hope that I have indicated somewhat betterthan I did before the general lie of the country.It is fair also to say that, in revising these lectures, Ihave not lost sight of my teaching as to the Fatherhood of God, on which, as I have explained in the Preface to myformer edition, the study of this Epistle had a materialinfluence, I hope to follow up this new issue of my Ex-position of I John, with a corresponding re-issue of myCunningham Lectures.^PREFACE TO FIRST EDITIO.Two ^' Expositions " of this First Epistle of John came intomy hands about the end of last year (1865) : the one bythe Bey. John Stock, late Vicar of Finchingfield, Essex ;the other by Dr. Morgan of Belfast ; both published in thecourse of that year, and both, especially the latter, of greatpractical interest and value. If they had appeared at anearlier date, I might have abstained from issuing thisvolume. But in my Lectures on the Fatherhood of Grod Ihad previously referred to these discourses of mine on thisEpistle, as being completed and ready for publication. AndI did not see how I could well draw back, especially as Iwished my views on that subject to be looked at in the lightof the beloved Apostle's argument in his great Epistle.*I must frankly add, also, that on a perusal of the twoworks, I have not found any reason for thinking that mine
may not stUl be a* contribution of some value to the theo-logical and ezegetical study of this inspired treatise.* At the risk of a chaige of egothm, I may mention that this coarseof lectuies was begun in October i860, and continued, with* frequentinterruptions, tiU January 1864 ; that the lectures, as they weredelirered,were carefully written out, in a way tolerably fit for the press ; and thatin preparing them for the press now, I have found Uttle or nothing toalter beyond rerbal oorreetions and improrements. They were aUfinishedbefore the delivery of the Cunningham Lectures on the Fatherhood of God in February and liareh 1864. And I referred to them, as thusfinished, when the Cunningham Lectures were published, about a yearafter.vill , PREFACE.I speak of the theological and ezegetical study of it.And I do so advisedly. For I am deeply convinced, afteryears of thought about it, that it can be studied arightexegetically only when it is studied theologically.Of course I do not mean that a cut-and-dry creed,accepted beforehand, is to rule, or overrule, the critical andgrammatical interpretation of the ascertained text. But Ithink no one is competent to deal in detail with thiswonderful book who is not familiar with the evangelicalsystem as a whole, and able, therefore, to appreciate thebearings of John's line of thought in connection with it. Ido not speak of the higher qualification of spiritual minded-ness. I make this remark simply as a theologian and anexpositor.The writer to whom I am most indebted is Dr. JohnH. A. Ebrard, Professor of Theology in the University of Erlangen. I must acknowledge my obligation also to Dr.Friedrich Liicke, of the Prussian University of Bonn. But

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