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Asian Journal Jul 10 2009

Asian Journal Jul 10 2009

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Published by ASIAN JOURNAL
Asian Journal July 10, 2009 digital print edition. Visit us at www.asianjournalusa.com. In this issue: Shooting the rapids at Pagsanjan Falls by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.; Hospitality and the Immigration Debate by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez; Kalusugan Campaign leads to reduced obesity by Dr. Rizalino Oades; Community - End your summer with a splash at the Chula Vista Rose Festival; Balik-Tanaw: Where are they now? by Dr. Romy Protacio
Asian Journal July 10, 2009 digital print edition. Visit us at www.asianjournalusa.com. In this issue: Shooting the rapids at Pagsanjan Falls by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.; Hospitality and the Immigration Debate by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez; Kalusugan Campaign leads to reduced obesity by Dr. Rizalino Oades; Community - End your summer with a splash at the Chula Vista Rose Festival; Balik-Tanaw: Where are they now? by Dr. Romy Protacio

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Jul 10, 2009
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 End your summer with a splashat the Chula Vista Rose Festival 
(Continued on page 18)
 Patricia Javier with Attorney A. Erwin Bautista who came to visit himto express her gratitude for helping her become a US citizen. Attorney A. Erwin Bautista also assisted Patricia Javier in obtaining legal permanent resident status. Attorney Bautista originally processed Patricia Javier’s
“O” visa when she came for the rst time as an alien of extraordinary
ability to perform in a concert.
Movie actress Gloria Sevilla today (fth from left) with colleagues in the
entertainment industry
 By Dr. Romy R. Protacio
I have had the excep-tional privilege of meetingand befriending movie ac-tors and actresses who hadonce glamorized the Philip-
 pine lm industry. Many of 
them had taken me into their 
condence and shared with
me fondest memories of 
their once glorious days asmovie stars. They are iconsin their own rights, cultural
representations of that clas-sical period of the Philippine
Balik-TanawWhere are they now?
lm industry. Their liveshad been colorful and their 
memories of fame are their 
treasures. The movies they
starred in are fresh in their 
minds, and they can still eas
ily breathe life into the linesthey once uttered onscreen.They vividly remember thestory behind the movie, theconict and the climax, andhow they portrayed their roles. Most of all, they re
member the applause.I thought, what better wayto pay tribute to my friends
than to translate their life sto-
ries into words and pictures?Their present world maynow be unfamiliar to us,something that many of usmay only occasionally readabout. The mention of their names may sometimes trig
ger a eeting recollection of how they used to look back then. Though some may stillexist only in our collectivememories, many of them arenow unknown or forgottenespecially by today’s genera
tion. This column will at
tempt to resurrect them andgive them their rightful placein history
 Ang column na itoay isang paglalakbay sanagdaang panahon sa pini-lakang tabing na nagdulot  sa atin ng walang ibayong kasiyahan.
Its title, “
 Balik Tanaw
” means to look back 
at the past – in retrospect.This column will take you
 back to the lost eras that now
live within our collectivememories. It will immortal
ize the movie stars of yes
teryears from 1930 to early1960’s who are still surviv
ing the many years of their career.
Samahan ninyo ako saaking gagawing paglalak-bay sa nagdaang panahonng mga dakilang artista nanagbigay sa atin ng wa-lang ibayong kaligayahan.
Come and travel with me
on a journey back in time as
we recall and relive together 
the moments of our hap
 piest years down memorylane. Let us momentarilyescape the hassles of our current existence by visually
remembering that golden eraof Philippine cinema, and perhaps look with a contem-
 plative eye how Philippine
movies have evolved into
what they are now.See page 13 for the storyof Gloria Sevilla: The Queenof Visayan Movie Land
Geronians of Southern California, Inc. Summer Picnic.See story on page 5 & 13
Towards the falls
July 10 - 16, 2009
Msgr. GutierrezCommunity
 Hospitality and the Immigration Debate
Riz A. Oades
 Kalusugan Campaign Leads to Reduced Obesity
PHILIPPINES NEWSSERVICE -- Members of theAquino family yesterday saidthey are leaving the fate of the
‘We leave everything to God’ -- Aquino family
PNS -- IN his grand come
 back movie under Star Cine
ma titled “I Love You, Good
 bye,” Gabby Concepcion hasan intimate scene with young
-er co-star Angelica Pangani-
 ban. The still handsome actor admits he felt uneasy at rst.“Maybe because I haven’t
done something like it on
screen for a very long timenow. There’s no workshop
Gabby uneasymaking love with younger actress
former president to God.“Our mother has been battling cancer with muchcourage for a year and a half.Her current hospitalizationwas necessary because of her loss of appetite, caused byuid build-up i n her stomacharea.We remain in completetrust in God’s innite healing power,” they said in a state
ment.“Our family wishes to
thank the Filipino people for 
their prayers and outpouringof love and concern for our mother.She continues to bea woman of faith, a ghter, asource of hope and inspira
tion for all of us, not just her family but our entire nation aswell. Just like she has alwaystaught us by her life’s ex
ample, we entrust everythingto God.”
 Former President Cory AquinoGabby Concepcion
The constanthumming of birds and
noises from the other 
indigenous animals
in the forest wereinteresting to hear, asthe cool breeze fanned
their faces. Below
them, the shallow
waters were rustlingthrough the stones inthe river bed. Theywere far away fromthe city, deep in the jungle of Pagsanjan,and it felt good.By
Simeon G.Silverio, Jr.
 Publisher & Editor 
 San Diego Asian Journal 
See page 10
 Philippine Visit 2004:
Shooting the rapidsat Pagsanjan Falls
 Near the falls and maneuvering through rocks
Page 2July 10 - 16, 2009 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Today in History
 Read previous articles by visiting our website at www.asian- journalusa.com
By Thomas S. Tanana
San Diego Pet Food HomeDeliveries 
Comedic actor, Will Farrell, was born this week on July 16, 1967.He Starred in playing the role of Ron “Burgundy” in the movie,“Anchorman”. Filmed in San Di-ego as a spoof on Channel 10’s own
local anchorman, Harold “Green”,
Green has come a long way fromgraduating Kearny High School.
He now anchors for another local
station in Los Angeles. Another true-to-life anchorman, NBC’sJohn Chancellor, drew his own rst breath July 14, 1927.Coincidently, Will Farrell cameinto this world on the 198thanniversary of the founding of 
Comedy Actors
the Mission San Diego de Al-cala. Former San Diego Chargersquarterback, and former VicePresidential candidate, Jack Kemp,made his world debut on July 13,1956. President #38, Gerald Ford,entered this world one day later, but in 1913. Ford was the rst andonly unelected Vice President to get NOMINATED to the presidency. No election necessary.The Democratic Party nominatedGeraldine Ferraro to RUN for VicePresident on George McGovern’s62nd birthday -- July 19, 1984.She and then-Vice President Walter Mondale went on to get solidlydrubbed by President Ronald Rea-gan about as badly as McGoverngot trounced by Richard Nixonalmost a decade earlier.Will Farrell was also born on the177th anniversary of the foundingof he District of Columbia, and acomet was telescopically observed
crashing into an exlosive ending
on the planet Jupitor July 16, 1994-- appropriately enough on the49th anniversary of the rst atomic bomb test.Apollo 11 was launched on theA-bomb’s 24th anniversary. Apollo11 was the mission that resultedin man’s rst walk on the moon(which occurred on the 148th birth-day of Christian Science founder,Mary Baker Eddy). The B-2 stealth bomber’s rst successful ight wasconducted July 17, 1989 -- one day before the 68th birthday of astro-naut/senator John Glenn. (He’sthe rst man to orbit the earth inspace.)Rolling Stone’s “gonzo journal-ist”, Hunter Thompson, who effec-tively accomplished that fete manya time on terra rma while “juiced”on Wild Turkey whiskey -- coinci-dently entered this world on JohnGlenn’s 18th birthday. You’ll cer-tainly get more antioxidants from blueberry juice than from Wild Tur-key. In fact, the North AmericanBlueberry Council has dubbed July“National Blueberry Month”.That’s because July marks the
 peak of the April - October harvest
season. Today’s cultivated blueber-ries were rst domesticated in theearly 1900s from New England’shighbrush blueberry. Today, 90%of the world’s blueberry cropcomes from North America too.The blueberry is truly an amaz-ing fruit. It’s highly nutrient denseand is a very rich source of antioxi-dants. (Antioxidants are chemicals
that help slow down the aging
 process and actually work to coun-teract the unhealthy effects of air  pollution.) Blueberries are particu-larly high in phenols, avonol andtannin. For more information aboutthis native American wonder fruit,check out www.nabcblues.org.July is also National “Hot DogMonth” too. For more information,go to www.hot-dog.org. Canine“dogs” certainly love to snack onon this delicious human Super- bowl food -- but that ubiquitousAmerican sausage wiener is notat all nutritious for them. In fact,
“hotdogs” are loaded with preser-
vatives, chemicals and ller -- mak-ing them very UNhealthy for dogsto eat. (Some might say the tastyhot dog is not healthy for people toeat either.)The tastiest avor for all dogtreats is, of all things, LIVER!
Fresh liver -- not even hot dogs
-- is absolutely their FAVORITEthing to eat. And liver is highlynutritious for them as well. Liver isliterally LOADED with high-valueamino acid proteins, enzymes, vi-tamins (especially B-vitamins) andminerals (particularly iron).Since liver is something healthythat is absolutely guaranteed to setyour dog’s taste buds on re, tryliver-avored snacks -- if you reallywant to treat your best buddy to hisfavorite biscuit. When mixed withthe anitoxidants contained in blue- berries, liver snacks can actuallyhelp slow down your dog’s aging
 process and prolong his life; all the
while keeping your dog’s visionsharp, muscles strong and energylevel high.Clement Moore, who penned the poem, “’Twas the Night BeforeChristmas”, was born July 15,1779. Commentator Arianna Huff-ington drew her rst breath July15, 1950 -- on the 344th birthdayof the Dutch painter, Rembrandt.The rst segment of the “Lord of the Rings” series ran off the pressand into book stores July 19, 1954-- on the 8th anniversary of MarilynMonroe’s rst screen test. It’s saidMarilyn got the part even thoughthe sound system prevented theinterviewer from hearing her voice.Guess it wasn’t necessary.
10717 Camino Ruiz, Ste. 122 San Diego, CA 92126
Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
State-of-the-Art Technology and Sterilization
Digital X-rays and Massage Dental Chairs
Caring and Friendly Staff 
Affordable Fees
Military Dependents Welcome
Evening and Weekend Appointments Available
New, Walk-in and Emergency Patients Welcome
Most PPO Plans Accepted
Email: dr_oliverbadillo@yahoo.com Phone: (858) 566-6099
Open:Monday – Friday 9am – 6pmSaturday 8am – 2pm
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Exam, Digital X-rays& Cleaning *
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Reg. $238
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Laughing Matter 
 Read previous articles by visiting our website at 
www.asian- journalusa.com
Si ngongo sa isang perfumery store...... NGONGO: ale, mango!ALE: pabango yan! hindi alimango!! NGONGO: ale, mango!! Nag-agawan sila at nabasag yung pabango.... NGONGO: ale, masag!!
Prayerful student
Estudyante nahuling may kodigo*Prof: ano ‘to!?Estudyante: prayer ko po yan ma’am!Prof: at bakit answers ang nakasulat?!Estudyante: naku! sinagot na yung prayers ko!
Ngongo perfume
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comJuly 10 - 16, 2009
PHILIPPINES NEWS SERVICE-- THE openness of broadcaster Ko
rina Sanchez to enter into a pre-nup
tial agreement with her ancé, Sen.Manuel Roxas II, who came from awealthy Araneta-Roxas clan elicited
different views among lawmakers
yesterday.For Nueva Ecija Rep. EdnoJoson, a pre-nuptial is a way of be
traying the shared responsibilities of 
Korina, Roxas pre-nuptial dealquestions Mar’s commitment
the couple entering into a marriage
as it highlights the preservation of 
wealth.“From the start, mutual trust and
sharing for better or for the worst,for richer or poorer is no longer 
there. Kanya-kanya agad ng prese
vation of wealth on one side really
highlights rich man and poor girl
story,” said Joson.Earlier, Sanchez said she wantedto have a pre-nuptial contract
to “make things clear and avoid
complications.” She insisted that the
contract is a practical arrangement
 between the couple to avoid anynancial squabbles in the future.As of now, Aurora Rep. JuanEdgardo “Sonny” Angara explainedthat a pre-nuptial agreement is “not popular” in the Filipino culture
since divorce is not allowed in the
country.“Hindi pa ito gaano kapopular sakultura dahil din kasi wala na
-mang divorce sa batas natin so ang
expectation ay di magkakagulo sasettlement ng ari-arian pero maymga gumagawa din. At ang kultura
nagbabago din pagdaan ng pana-
hon,” said Angara.
VICE -- AGENTS of the Nation
al Bureau of Investigation on Fri
day raided the ofce of a websitethat allegedly rst uploaded thesex videos of Dr. Hayden Khoand actress Katrina Halili.The NBI conrmed that thescandalous sex videos of Khoshown in Youtube and other websites originated from www.eshasiadaily.com.Three persons were invited bythe bureau for questioning after agents of the NBI-Anti Fraudand Computer Crimes Divisionraided the website’s ofce inBacoor, Cavite at 3 p.m. Friday.They were Fidel Lazarte and hissons Marvin and Jobert.Jobert admitted to NBI op
eratives that they maintained
the website that broadcast the
videos of Kho while dancingwith Halili, but denied that theyuploaded the sex videos of Khowith actress Maricar Reyes andan unnamed Brazilian model.Lawyer Vicente de GuzmanIII, chief of the NBI-AFCCD,said they conducted a technicalsurveillance, prompting them totrace the location of the website.Jobert claimed that they re
-ceived the videos showing Halili
and Kho dancing to the tune of “Careless Whisper” through e-mail from an unknown sender. NBI agents are now trackingdown the anonymous sender of Kho’s sex videos.
NBI raid ofce
 website of Khosex videos
 Dr. Hayden Kho

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