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Powdered' Sugar

Powdered' Sugar



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Published by ElSombreroNegro
how to make a simple explosive powder from sugar and potassium nitrate
how to make a simple explosive powder from sugar and potassium nitrate

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Published by: ElSombreroNegro on Jul 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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simple black powderSIMPLE BLACK POWDERThis idea is from Backwoodsman Magazine. I had seen it originally while thumbingthrough the magazine at a book store. Why I didnt buy it I have no idea unless I
 was feeling more poverty stricken at the time than normal. Well, I kept meaning tosend five bucks to the publisher for a copy of that issue, but I had forgottenwhen I had seen it. Plus, I always procrastinate. Luckily for me, I am no longerso poor I cant subscribe to the magazine. And, as my luck continues the latest
 issue has a reprint of that article. July/August 2007 issue, page 45 ( a goodomen, the best pistol cartridge made- just as the I-80 exit in Elko is 303, a signI was meant to live there one day ). I am presenting this information in case youever really, really need it. Like after civilization collapses. Before that time,just buy the darn stuff. Yes, we need to practice our skills before we need them.But so I dont get sued by some idiot that thinks I make any real amount of money,
 I am advising you to make an exception here.*The simple way to make black powder is to use sugar and rust rather than charcoaland sulfur. Saltpeter must be used in both methods, itself a pain to get but atleast by eliminating the sulfur you make life easier for yourself. If you do wantto make the traditional type, it is a ratio of 75/15/10,saltpeter/charcoal/sulfur. The other way is a ratio of 9/8/2 ofsaltpeter/sugar/rust ( measured below in tablespoons ). I am not really a big fanof black powder, but there might come a day when all of our brass is gone and wewont have any choice but to go back to flintlocks. Unless a brass/powder/primer
 industry comes into being we will revert back to fair weather warrior stage. At
 least half way there, however, we can still use black powder in our old brass inour bolt actions ( another reason not to have semi-autos ). One of these days Ill
 cover mercury fulminate as a suitable primer material. If you clean the brass andgun quickly it is a good primer. It does seem a large pain to create, but at leastthen California will be worthy of existence ( mercury is usually found in volcanicregions ).*Okay, according to the article, saltpeter was formed this way. The chicken run wasmined two or three times a year ( the article doesnt say but I believe the soil
 needed to be limed first to work ). That soil was placed into a bucket. Use ametal bucket with holes in the bottom. Put a clean heavy cloth on the bottom overthe holes. Take a half cup of clean sifted white wood ashes and place over thatcloth. Place another piece of heavy cloth over the ashes. Now place your chickendirt over the second cloth to within two inches from the top. Put the bucket overa second smaller one and gently sprinkle one and a half gallons of boiling waterover the soil. Let drain for several hours. Take that liquid and bring it to aboil, then leave simmering. Tiny grains of salt will form, dip out with a woodspoon and discard. When 2/3 of the liquid is simmered away set aside out of thefire for two hours. The crystals that form are nitrate and are strained out andset to dry. One cups plus two tablespoons of this saltpeter are added to two cupswater boiling, one cup sugar ( boiled down from sorghum or maple sap ) and twotablespoons of fine red rust ( scrape from any available rusting iron or steel ).*Keep stirring this constantly, until about cooked oatmeal consistency. Spread outabout a quarter inch thick on a metal cookie tray. Cut into one inch squares. Putin the sun and cut into smaller pieces every quarter of an hour. Once dried towhere none sticks to your fingers you take a teaspoon at a time and rub over apiece of window screen, allowing them to fall on another cookie sheet. Put back inthe sun, the inside window sill being good, for about a week until as dry aspossible. A third of this was then crushed with a mortar and pestle for the flashpan powder. Left was about a pound of gun powder. Since the powder was used insmall amounts to kill small game such as squirrels it lasted quite a time.*

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