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Super Tonic

Super Tonic

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Published by baacktolife

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Published by: baacktolife on Jul 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Super Tonic "The Real Formula"There are many formulas on how to make a SuperTonic. However, most modify the original formula to make it more politicallycorrect- to make it mellow, cool, easy to take...etc.It is intended to save lives,it is intended to be an ass kicking formula to SAVE LIVES! It is hotter thanhell! It has a real kick to it. The Super tonic is a vaso-dilator. In otherwords, it expands the blood vessels thereby making the blood flow faster to thesource of problem as well as the rest of the body. This repairs the body fasterand hopefully the immune system, which is what really defends you from diseases.The Formula:1. Start with the strongest alcohol you can legally get in your state.Everclear (750ML you will need 4 bottles; cost usually is around $15.00 to $18.00/bottle), or Vodka, anything that is 150 proof or better.2. 10oz of fresh ginger;most ginger powders will NOT work.3. 10oz of fresh garlic; most garlic powderswill NOT work.4. 10oz of fresh horse radish; I have no data on radish powder,"maybe" in a pinch the Japanese green radish powder will work. It is calledWasabi.5. 10oz of fresh Habanero peppers, bird peppers, Serrano peppers, otherEast Indian super hot peppers and Chinese peppers try to keep these peppers overthe 150,000 to 300,000 heat units.6. 10oz of dry extra hot pepper powder fromHabanero peppers, Bird peppers, Chinese peppers try to keep these peppers over the150,000 heat units, and into the 250,000 heat unit range if you can find such goodquality. (Try the Thai or East Indian super markets)7. Remove garlic base rootand some of these skins. Don't worry if you don't get it all off it's all goingto be chopped up in the blender.8. Cut the horseradish 1/4 inch cubes, or run itthrough a food processor that shreds it in 1/8-inch tubular shreds. This is veryimportant as horseradish is very hard and woody and you must cut it down to thissize or you over work the blender and may burn the motor out.9. Now pour about 2/3bottle of the alcohol into the blander. Next pour in all the ingredients.10. Turnon the blender and chop it up finely; use the pulse setting and make sure thesolution DOES NOT HEAT UP! The solution will warm up.11. After everything is niceand finely chopped, pour it into a 1-gallon wide mouth jar.12. Add the reminder ofthe alcohol and seal the jar.13. Place the jar in a location that you will walk byevery day and tumble it everyday for 30 to 60 days.14. The super tonic is nowready. It will store well for 2 to 5 or more years.15. DO NOT POUR OUT THE HERBALDREDGES AS THE LEACHING EFFECT CONTINUES FOR ABOUT 1 YEAR. AFTER 1 YEAR YOU MAYPRESS THE LIQUID OUT. USE THE DREDGES FOR COMPOSTING MATERIAL.16. Wear gloves!When pressing the liquid out. Label:Super Tonic Ingredients: Habanero peppers,bird peppers, Serrano peppers, other East Indian super hot pepper powder, Chinesepeppers, EverClear Grain Alcohol, horse radish, fresh ginger, fresh garlic.1gallon Made on Super Tonic Ingredients: Habanero peppers, bird peppers, Serranopeppers, other East Indian super hot pepper powder, Chinese peppers, EverClearGrain Alcohol, horseradish, fresh ginger, fresh garlic.Purpose:It is a Vasodilator(artery enlarger). To increase the speed of the blood circulation, increaseoxygenation. Cayenne pepper is the most potent healing agent among herbs. Heart:For those who suffer from poor circulation, heart attacks, strokes, this is themagic formula to maintain good blood circulation and in an emergency, couldsubstitute for Nitro to kick start the heart. Cold and Flu:To get over colds andflu, one can increase the blood circulation thus delivering greater amounts ofnutrition, oxygen, and the removal of waste. In addition, it will increase thewhite blood cells' speed of attack and increase the rate of one's immune system.CAUTION! This Super Tonic tincture is made from SUPER HOT peppers. The solution is250,000 to 300,000+ heat units. Directions:Normally, use or for cold and fluconditions, 1-2 eyedroppers full at the bottom of a glass, then add only 1-2tablespoons of fruit juice or milk and swallow without tasting. For heart attacksor strokes: In an emergency condition, skip the juice and/or milk and directlyconsume the tincture. Give the person 1-2 full eyedroppers of the tincture. If onedoes not see an instant response, immediately give another 1-2 eyedroppers. Ifthis still does not make the person significantly better, get some one else tostart calling 911 and immediately add another to 3-4 eyedroppers (those who haveserious heart problems and circulatory problems somehow can tolerate this super

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