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June 2009 Archives

June 2009 Archives

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Published by Wednesday Morning
From the blog "The details Casey Anthony didn't want you to know"
User chats for June 2009
From the blog "The details Casey Anthony didn't want you to know"
User chats for June 2009

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Published by: Wednesday Morning on Jul 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 * The details Casey Anthony didn't want you to know The details Casey Anthony didn't want you to knowBy Wednesday MorningDiscuss the detailsThis hub was started due to the mystery surrounding the disappearance & death oflittle Caylee Anthony that has captured the world's attention.Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing July 15, a month after the toddlerdisappeared, according to her mother, Casey Anthony. Suspicion has fallen on hermother, who investigators say told a string of lies. On Dec. 19, officials withthe Orange County Sheriff's Office announced that a child's remains found aquarter-mile from the Anthony home were those of Caylee Anthony.This is a place to discuss current topics as well. We dedicate this research & thefriendships created here to the memory of little Caylee Anthony. Rest in peacesweet child.This is an area for discussion. Welcome!Wednesday Morning says:5 weeks agoClean slate. Chat away Mateys!Status: ApprovedWednesday Morning profile imageWednesday Morning says:5 weeks agoAdded new pictures in celebration of Cheeto Butt packing on the pounds this pastmonth.Rascal Brat, I have a brand new appreciation for the work you do...It was toughgetting Casey's fat head into that bath tub.Status: Shownip: profile imageRascalBrat says:5 weeks agoWed, I liked her new car that I delivered to her cell also.http://i578.photobucket.com/albums/ss225/RascalBra
Status: Approvedip: Morning profile imageWednesday Morning says:5 weeks agoThanks Rascal, Off topic for a bit: I've been busy with 2 brothers in surgery. Myolder brother gave a kidney to my younger brother. A few complications, but all isgood now. 1 came home from hospital today, the other on Thursday. My daughter isstill battling her illness, but we're getting it under control & to top itoff...my jaw locked a few weeks back. Turns out I had an infection in my jaw bone.Been on antiobiotics 3 weeks & starting to get better. What a crazy month!Everythings getting back to normal now though. Well, as normal as life getsanyway. :-)Thanks for the prayers! Sure do appreciate it!Status: Approvedip: Morning profile imageWednesday Morning says:5 weeks agoSaw that! Nice ride! :)Status: Shownip: profile imageRascalBrat says:5 weeks agoWed, I am glad things are getting somewhat better for you. Wow what a gift fromone brother to another, may you all be blessed. And happy to hear your daughter'sillness is under control.Status: Shownip: profile imageRascalBrat says:5 weeks agoThis way Casey can ride her bumper car off the wall's, I would rather see her useher head.Status: Shownip: says:5 weeks agoOk, the Cheeto Award...because it's all about you bitch, is the funniest ever!Breaking news....The DUHfense team is now asking the Judge to delay the decisionabout the response video. They want to give the Amazon woman ample time to catchup on the case. Hmmm, I thought she would of figured it out by now, lol.
Anyway, on this site is the video of the women who said the ANTs chased them. F'nsherrifs dept. I swear they are no good crooks.http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingStatus: Shownip: says:5 weeks agoI know what I would of done if someone thought they could chase me down the streetlike that, stealing my property and then pinning me at the end of a cul-de-sac.They sure the hell would NOT be getting away with it! I almost want to send thiswoman money for an attorney. I hope she continues to press charges! (Teeth or noteeth).Status: Shownip: profile imageRascalBrat says:5 weeks agoThey could cement a Cross into the ground but Cindy would take her trusty hammerand knock it down. It is obvious she doe's not want anyone to do a Memorial forCaylee. She wants to keep Caylee close in jewelry and that teddy bear.Status: Shownip: profile imageRascalBrat says:5 weeks agoThis just makes people hate the Ants more, shows what asses they really are.Status: Shownip: STEVE says:5 weeks agoI am sort of loving the fact that it is not all momster all the time since thatdefeats the ANTfarm purpose I.M.O. Sinster has to keep the focus on this and notlet anything die down between now and D-DAY. P.S. What would have happend if thelady was packin heat and in "self defense" fearing for her life let a couple ofrounds discharge into the Sinster? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.Status: Shownip: profile imageRascalBrat says:5 weeks agoSteve,She would probably be in the Orange County jail, sad when the cops will notdo anything to the Ants, they did not say a word about Milstead using a light onhis vehicle to make it look like they were cops. That is illegal to use.Status: Shownip: says:

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