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Published by Julius Che
News from Cameroons
News from Cameroons

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Published by: Julius Che on Jul 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Philemon Yunji Yang: who is the new Prime Minister?01/07/2009 Philemon Yang was born 14th of June in Jiketem-Oku, in the BuiDepartment of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.After studying law at the University of Yaoundé, he became a prosecutor at theCourt of Appeal in Buea in January 1975.He was later appointed Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration in thegovernment named on 30th June 1975 and then Minister of Mines and Energy on 8th ofNovember 1979.On 23rd of October 1984 he was appointed Ambassador to Canada and later becameHigh Commissioner when Cameroon joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1995.During his stay in Canada, Yang Philemon was designated Dean of the DiplomaticCorps in Canada for about 10 years.The man returned to Cameroon after serving as high commissioner for 20 years, whenhe was appointed Assistant Secretary General N°1 of the Presidency of the Republicof Cameroon, 8th December 2004. It is this astute Diplomat who is new PrimeMinister of the Republic of Cameroon.Music NewsMichael Jackson, 1958-2009June 26, 2009, 2:10 AM ESTThe King of Pop is deadBy Jonathan ZwickelSpecial to MSN MusicThe King of Pop is dead.Michael Jackson, the world's most successful entertainer, died Thursday afternoonin Los Angeles of apparent cardiac arrest. He was 50 years old.There is no questioning the gifts Jackson gave millions of people around theworld. His humanitarianism is well documented, going back decades. (In 2000, hemade it into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Charities Supported By aPop Star." The number was 39.) His sales figures -- records, videos, concert tours-- are unparalleled. He never underestimated his audience or lived to any standardhigher than his own. His music was always joyful, even at its darkest, and smart,even at its most accessible. It was the pinnacle of populism, the source of hisroyal title.Over the past decade, Jackson fell victim to America's orgiastic cult of celebrity-- a gutless opportunism he unwittingly helped spawn. Personal problems and publicscrutiny overshadowed the image of pop genius he cultivated during the 1980s. Forthe last year or so, Jackson was a recluse and an invalid, shepherded viawheelchair by a phalanx of handlers, seemingly enlivened only by his three youngchildren. But for all the exaggerated reports of weirdness and allegations ofsexual deviance, Jackson, or at least the idea of him, remained magnetic. Earlierthis year he sold out 50 concerts at London's O2 Arena -- some 1 million tickets-- in a matter of hours. Whatever the news, his fans believed him still capable ofmagic.In considering the meaning of MJ, the difficulty is that, over the course of oneof history's most public lives, the individual became inseparable from the mythand the myth became inseparable from the media machine that fostered it. In thissense, Jackson's life is both a catalyst and mirror of American cultural habits
over the last 30 years, fraught with all the associated triumph and dysfunctionand isolation. An entire nation watched him grow up before a live studio audience,foreshadowing the voyeurism/narcissism hardwired into the age of Facebook.His first No. 1 hit, "I Want You Back," came out on the Motown label in 1970 withhis band of brothers, the Jackson 5. Michael was 11 at the time. He followed withseveral successful solo albums throughout the '70s, but it was 1979's "Off theWall" that put him on an unmatchable ascent. From there, he achieved colossalstardom during the Golden Age of Pop -- an age he came to define. That Golden Agebrought our other remaining pop icons, Madonna and Prince. It also brought MTV,where his video for "Billie Jean" was one of the first by a black artist to air inregular rotation. From there, Jackson's rise coincided with the channel's, hisbig-budget, radically choreographed concepts like "Beat It," "Thriller," "Bad" --which was directed by Martin Scorsese -- and "Smooth Criminal" forever elevatingthe production standards for music videos. Along the way, MJ let loose some of thebaddest dance moves known to man.The '80s were Jackson's heyday, and it's accurate to view the decade as a simplertime. Celebrity journalism hadn't devolved into the lowest-common-denominatorturkey shoot it is now. Rumors of Jackson's eccentricity -- a pet chimpanzee, ahyperbaric chamber, the Elephant Man's bones -- were spread playfully by Jacksonhimself. During this period, pop was in its primacy and Jackson truly was theking. It's an overlooked fact that his music was effortlessly progressive: fromthe disco-pop doubletime of "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" to Eddie Van Halen'shard rock riffs on "Beat It" to the electro-goth of "Thriller" to the astro-soulof "Smooth Criminal." Now entwined in the pop music canon, these songs stood outas wildly innovative at their vintage.Though Jackson still produced great music, videos, and concert performancesthrough the mid-'90s, he never fully recovered from 1993 accusations of childmolestation. He felt betrayed by the public -- his public -- and the greater hisexposure, the deeper his reclusion. Music changed in the '90s: Alternative rockaltered the perceptions of mainstream success, and gangsta rap offered criminalityas entertainment. Culture in general changed, and we, as consumers, changed withit. By the time of Jackson's second child molestation trial, in 2005 -- whichfound the singer not guilty -- he had become a punch line. Oversaturated,underempathized, cynical, we were cowed by sensationalism and unprovenallegations. Heedless to truth, we wanted the tabloid story, mainly because it wasall that was offered. If we danced to his music, it was with an ironic wink. Butwe still danced.Even his death is a reflection of our age. The news was first reported on tabloid-style gossip Web site TMZ.com; His name was his name instantly elevated toTwitter's top hash-tagged search item; capsule tributes were posted on blogs andWeb sites minutes after his passing.Last year, on the occasion of Jackson's 50th birthday, biographer J. RandyTaraborrelli wrote a heartbreaking piece for the British newspaper The Daily Mail.He quoted Jackson: "It all went by so fast, didn't it? I wish I could do it allover again, I really do."Michael Jackson's music speaks for itself. It's some of the most infectious,ebullient pop music ever made. Michael Jackson, for whatever reason, failed tospeak for himself. His legacy, greater than words or numbers can convey, isentangled within our own media-fed obsessions and assumptions. We will alwayscelebrate his art, but we should also learn from his life.Jonathan Zwickel writes about music for the Seattle Times and is working on a
biography of the Beastie Boys.In Memoriam: Michael JacksonPress ReleaseMamfe High Court Slams Five Months Jail Sentence onChief Ayamba E. Otun, Nfor Ngala Nfor and Enow Enow John.The Mamfe High Court on 27th May, 2009 sentenced the National Chairman andNational Vice Chairman of the SCNC, Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, Nfor Ngala Nfor aswell as another activist Enow Enow John, to five months imprisonment for runningthe SCNC, which they said is a “foreign” organisation.Chief Ayamba, Nfor Nfor, Enow Enow, were arrested along five others in Mamfe onSept 27th, 2002. They were charged with importing arms from Nigeria and forwriting and circulating a book “The Truth of the Matter”, which according to themcontained false information.During the prolonged trial which suffered about 30 adjournments in seven years,the original charges were dropped and recently the new politically motivated andtrumped up charge of running a “foreign” organisation was preferred on them, acharge which was eventually used for their conviction.Barrister Eta-Bessong Junior, Counsel for the accused, has filed an appeal againstthe sentence at the South West Regional Court of Appeal in Buea, calling on thatCourt to “reverse the judgement, conviction and sentence”.After the conviction, Mr. Fedelis Chinkwo - SCNC Secretary General, traveled toMamfe where he found Chief Ayamba, Nfor Nfor and Enow John in very high spiritsand in good health in their prison cells although molested by hardened criminals.When Chief Ayamba, Nfor Nfor and others were arrested in September 2002, they wereseverely tortured and Nfor Nfor was urgently compelled to undergo two majorsurgical operations within a week. Albert W. Mukong, another suspect now ofblessed memory, died in July 2004 as a result of severe torture inflicted on himwhile in detention.Communication 266/2003 of the ACHPRIt will be recalled that Chief Ayamba and Prince Mbinglo Humphrey had justreturned home from Banjul – The Gambia, where the ruling on Communication 266/2003was highly anticipated. The said ruling was however not delivered in Banjulbecause they were told it must first be presented to the AU Summit before thecomplainants and respondents are served.We have every reason to believe that the ruling will certainly be presented at thenext AU Summit due to be held in July 2009.SCNC is not a “foreign”organisationWhat puzzles us is the fact that la Republique du Cameroun has always beenrepresented in the matter of the said Communication 266/2003 by a governmentMinister Mr. Dion Ngute and eight lawyers, whereas back in local courts of laRepublique du Cameroun the SCNC leaders are jailed for leading a “foreign”organisation. We want to ask by which authority la Republique du Cameroun shouldcall the SCNC a “foreign” organisation when in effect we know that there are twodistinct Cameroon states! The SCNC is a nationalist Southern Cameroonianliberation movement with well-defined objectives and methods of approach.

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