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The Abolition of Death

The Abolition of Death

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Published by glennpease

2 Timothy i. lo.

" Our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath
brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.'

2 Timothy i. lo.

" Our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath
brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.'

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE ABOLITIO OF DEATHBY S. A. TIPPLE.2 Timothy i. lo." Our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hathbrought life and immortality to light through the gospel.'THERE is no fireside, howsoe'er de-fended, but has one vacant chair."The air is full of farewells to the dyingand mournings for the dead/' 'Death, Death every-where. ot a sunnse that is not darkened by it,not a sunset that it does not sadden. Day afterday it returns upons us, and fails not. Whateverelse has passed or been extirpated, in the move-ment and progress of the ages, zV abides, repeatingitself incessantly, inexorably. Still, as ever sincethe world began, it continues to invade our circles,to violate our homes, to rob us of " the beloved,the true- hearted ; '* and we know that sooner orlater we ourselves shall succumb to its touch.Death ! It is a perpetual disturbance among us,is always remorselessly pursuing us, and we spendour lives in the shadow of it, even as our fathersdid. Yet most true withal is the Apostle's asser-tion, that Christ has abolished it — for those at leastwho are able to see and receive Him, and the^'
1 78 The Abolition of Death.revelation which He makes ; — yes, abolished it,notwithstanding that it goes on unchecked, that itriots and triumphs unabated. or is there any-necessary contradiction here. We can understand,and have had experience of things being destroyed,without being put an end to — of things that aredone away with while remaining, in the sense, viz.,of ceasing to be, or to involve, what their name ortheir aspect indicated, what ignorance imputed tothem, or superstition imagined concerning them ;in the sense of their losing the peculiar propertyor power, the peculiar character or significance,with which they were once invested, and whichrendered them sources of misery and terror*In these senses, how many things have beendestroyed without being put an end to, have beendone away with while remaining. They continue,but their whole meaning and expression, theirwhole figure and effect, have undergone a change.They are xio longer the same that th'ey used tobe, but something altogether different : they havebeen abolished. There is the old wrinkled cronesitting on her lonely hearth, with the black cat inher lap — the witchy mighty to blast your cattle, ortorment your child ; and there she sits still, yeteducation and enlightenment have abolished her,to the relief of thousands, whom she had held inbondage. Beneath the waxing of knowledge, thefearful witch has shrunk and softened to a mereage- worn, age-bent woman.Here, again, is the ticking of the death-watch,distinct and solemn in the night stillness, to which
The Abolition of Death. 179the nurse of the sick man listens with awe, as amysterious prognostication of his approaching end ;and still is it heard, no less distinct and solemnthan ever, in the chamber of the old house wherethe patient lies ; yet a little acquaintance withnatural history has abolished it, and instead of anunearthly announcement of coming dissolution, wehear, without dread or tremor, nothing but the callto each other of certain insects in the woodwork.The tick of the death-watch is henceforth trans-formed into the harmless stroke of the Annobiumtesselatum.And how often has the same kind of abolitionoccurred in the child's bedroom, where a feltpresence in the darkness has set the little heartbeating violently with fright, and filled the littlebrain with terrible imaginings; and when, in answerto the cry of alarm, the music of familiar tones outof the gloom, has taken from the felt presence allits horror, and made it quite another thing, — athing to leap toward and embrace ; when, thoughthe presence still remained, its whole import andinfluence were deliciously altered. As was the case,you will remember, with the Galilean fishermen inthe midnight tempest,' to whom, at the sound of avoice, the form moving among the waves that hadbeen a ghost, at which they cowered, becamestraightway the Christ, at whose feet they wor-shipped with joy.ow, it is thus that the Lord Jesus has abolisheddeath to those who accept Him. It does not ceaseto be their lot^ or to eat into and encroach upon 2

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