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After Edward Left His Point of View Contiuned

After Edward Left His Point of View Contiuned



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Published by kayla laird
well this is after he had left contiunded from his point of view i hope u like it comment
well this is after he had left contiunded from his point of view i hope u like it comment

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Published by: kayla laird on Jul 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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e.p.o.v. new moonI ran so fast. The fastest I have ever run. The trees whipped past me. I thought of Bella’s wordsbefore the fateful day in the baseball field. ‘What are you scared of?’ I had asked. ‘Hitting a tree’.Her words hit me. Hard. I suddenly stopped. I needed to hunt. I spotted a deer several yardsaway. I pounced on its back, bringing my mouth to its neck. The blood was weak, not filling, butdeer were the only animals in the area. I repeated this course of action five or six times after thisdeer’s blood was completely drained.I kept running north. I was going to visit Tanya’s clan for a while. Even though the pain wasunbearable I didn’t want to retreat out of my ‘vegetarian’ diet. I ran faster as the pain sliceddeeper. I tried to push it out of me, but I couldn’t it was too deep. I had lied to my true love. I hadleft her, forever.Once out of Canada I slowed. There were people here now that I was out of the forests. I startedto walk. The human speed was dreadful but I couldn’t pick up pace until the trees came back.I got to Tanya’s in less than ten minutes after I reached the border. I came to her mansion door and knocked three times. Irina came to the door. Her expression was confused but welcome.“Tanya.” She called, “I think we have a visitor.”“Hello, Irina.” I tried to sound happy to see her but all that came out was sorrow. It leaked fromme. She motioned for me to come in and I stood in the spacious living room. I heard Tanya’s footsteps walking across the floor above and then running at the detection of my scent.Edward!I saw her the next second. She was in a skimpy purple cocktail dress. Her thoughts declared shewas heading out. She walked up to me arms open. I gave her a small hug, trying to be polite. Ithink I failed. She stepped back.“What’s wrong, why are you here?”“I just wanted to visit some old friends.” The real reason, if I wasn’t with someone my type I wouldresort to humans.“Edward, what happened?”“Well--,” My voice cracked. “I left her.”“Left who? Edward?”I couldn’t say the name. I tried to open my mouth to form the two syllable word. It was impossible.Irina’s thoughts became inpatient.“Well,” Irina said, “Why don’t we say some names and you nod, okay.”I nodded.Tanya spoke next, “Esme?”I shook my head.“Rose…Alice…?”“No.”
They thought for a long time. Each thinking of other woman I knew. Tanya got it first. Bella. Ivisibly flinched at the name. I sat down on the large leather couch. Tanya sat next to me andrubbed my back, soothingly. I shook her off.They didn’t need me too nod. I just sat there for a few minutes. This was not what I wanted.Sitting made me antsy. I got up quickly and ran for the door.I needed to do something to get out all this frustration and hurt. I ran for the forest. Hunting first.On my first step into the forest it hit me. Victoria. She was in on the whole killing her thing. Shewas James’s mate. She was persistent and stubborn. She had her mate killed. She didn’t havethe guilt of leaving him but the guilt not saving him. She couldn’t be standing for this. She wasgoing to want revenge.I bolted back toward Canada. This was it. THIS was what I needed to do. If I track Victoria down Iwould be helping her. But, what a long shot. I wasn’t a tracker. I was no where near James’sskills.I got to the border fled to the U.S. she had to be somewhere.I ran down the western border of Canada. I reached Washington and abruptly stopped in mytracks. I could smell her. Not Victoria. I hadn’t smelled her at all. Not even a trace, but her. I gotthe faintest bit of her smell.I knew I was probably just being paranoid. There was no way I could smell her from all the wayacross flash of the scent was maddening, I took a step in the direction of the mouth wateringfragrance but turned east on the spot. I picked up pace again and ran toward Maine. I couldn't goback. I'd left for a reason. To keep her safe. As I ran I felt light headed. Something I've never feltsince being a vampire.That detection of her scent was not right. Maybe I was going crazy. I’m sure that wasn’timpossibility. The last thing I needed right now was to be reminded of her scent, but I just was andthe pain was unbearable. I saw the forests on my sides, a blur. I don’t think anything has ever been a blur for me since Carlisle had changed me. I realized I had stopped. The trees still a blur. Ifelt out of breath. The unnecessary breath I breathed out of habit has left me and I couldn’t stand.I fell straight to the ground and landed on my side. I wrapped my hands around my knees. Howcan I not breathe or stand? I was a vampire for crying out loud! I didn’t need to breathe! But rightnow, I feel like I do. I feel like I need oxygen to survive, but it wasn’t oxygen I needed.Through all this bewilderment I hadn’t quite realized the extent of the pain, emotional pain of course. I saw her face in my mind as I felt the moisture from the ground soak in through my shirt.I saw the last look I ever saw on her face right before I left. Sadness.After I shook off the look on her face I could breathe again and it felt the same as it had since Iwas changed. I felt like I didn’t need it. I couldn’t quite sigh in relief. I has never experienced thiskind of pain I was feeling right now. I have known humans to be fragile in their emotions and Ihave taken a note of how they feel when their in pain. They seem to be no responsive andoverwhelmed. I guess that’s where the incapability to breathe came from. I memory flashed in myhead.She was lying on the floor. She was bleeding tremendously and her hair was soaked in her blood.I saw the newly formed crescent bite mark on her hand and I felt extreme agony.That did it! I had the memory from her being hurt. James. He's the one that hurt her. I wasn'tgoing to let her get hurt like that again. If she did I wouldn't be able to save her. Or comfort her,though Mike could do that. I needed to find Victoria. If I could track her down then maybe the
aching I felt would go away. I would know that I did something to keep her safe. I knew the idea of me tracking in thsi 'condition' would not be easy, but I needed to do this. As a farewell to my Bella.October November December JanuaryTime passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even if every tick of the second hands makes myinvisible heart ache. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does.Even for me. (AN : Sound familiar?).I wasn't tracking at this point, I hadn't caught a clue in which way Victoria was. I scoured all of theU.S. except for one state. I was going to try to search there too but once I was too close to Forks,(aka: thousands of miles away), I could smell her. Distinctly. I ran south immediately.After that mishap I decided to go see my family. I hadn't talked to anyone since I left and I'm sureEsme is worried sick. I was heading to Rio. I figured they had all went there, their favorite place inSouth America.Once I got there I was surprised to find none of them. But what I did find surprised me. Their scent was going north. I could detect evry one of them. I followed the scent for a few hours notreally thinking of my suroundings. I was VERY surprised and shocked when I found myslef inCalifornia. I knew they were'nt here. This place was far to sunny. I kept on their path. It led northand north untill I relized it. They went back to Forks! Oh No! The one promise I made to her broken. They could not interifer or I would have to collect them. I was actually scared. IO knew if Isaw Bella now I would never leave again. I ran straight north. Hopefully i could retrieve thembefore this got out of hand.I had just entered Portland and I couldn’t run as fast as I wanted tobecause of the people watching. Once I got to the cover of the forest I ran a full speed again, stillfollowing my families path. I ran through the Olympic Forest and then I was only 30 miles or soaway from Forks. I had seven scents I could follow, and did, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Alice,Jasper, Rosalie, and Bella. I kept on running.Her scent was so powerful in me. I was in the forests surrounding Forks. My families scent wasbehind me a few miles but I couldn’t help but look at her house. I wanted to run there so badly, Iinstantly knew it was a very bad decision to come here, even if my family had interfered, whichthey hadn’t of course. That moment Charlie walked out of the front door and into his car. The frontdoor started to open again, but I ran before I saw her.I felt like all I was doing these days was running. It seemed to calm me.I caught Carlisle’s scent again just as I was out of the forest. It went north and towards Alaskaagain. What was that? Why had they gone right outside Forks and then back up again?I stopped questioning when I realized they must have gone to the Delani clan. I followed Carlisle’sscent back to the large house. I felt slightly guilty once I got there. I had run out on Tanya andIrina when they were worried about me, but that wasn’t my fault they were talking about her. Ican’t really stand that just yet. Or just ever.I knocked on the door politely. Esme answered and ran to give me a hug before I could talk. Her thoughts centered on how worried she was about me. She let go after about5 minutes. She ledme into the house not saying a word.

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