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Arcane Cosmology Lectures 1-12 (1920s-1930s).pdf

Arcane Cosmology Lectures 1-12 (1920s-1930s).pdf

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Published by sauron385
Arcane Cosmology Lectures 1-12. These lectures are from the time of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, and these are all the lectures that I have...
Arcane Cosmology Lectures 1-12. These lectures are from the time of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, and these are all the lectures that I have...

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Published by: sauron385 on Oct 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jfvojsae (Eratt#
NOTE:—The matter contained herein is officiaUy issued through the Supreme Council of the
A. M. O. K. C. under the above emblem, which was registered in the United States
Patent Office for the purpose of protecting all the “printed, engraved, typewritten
and photographic copies of official, prescribed and copyrighted lectures, dissertations,
scientific postulations, philosophical discourses and academic studies, diagrams,
illustrations and charts,” as used by the Imperator of A. M. O. It. C. The contents
herein are to be used for the purpose intended, and for no other, and all rights and
privileges are retained by the Imperator.A. M. O. R. C. is the only Rosicrucian organization authorized to use the above Registered
name and symbols, and the Imperator has the sole right to grant the use of the above
to other allied organizations or movements.
In addressing our students at this time and bringing before them the
first and elementary principles of Cosmogony, our students must feel,
as we do, the overwhelming impression of the deepness, the profundi-ty, of the subject. Probably there is no other subject, no other
study, embodying so many scientific principles, fraught with so many
scientific proofs and yet so difficult to master completely, as is
this subject. Yet it is fundamental; it is elementary; it is basic.
Even the subject of God's laws, yea, even the study of God, is not as
difficult to present as the very world we live in, and, truly, we
cannot study God of God's works without a thorough comprehension of
the Universe.But before we can properly take up this subject—or any other impor-tant scientific subject—we must understand how the knowledge we seek
 may be conveyed to us. We must analyze and properly value the vari-ous methods of arriving at facts and of substituting theories when
facts are not available or known. Theories have their place in the
construction of comprehensible teachings on any subject, but state- ments made as part of a theoretical explanation should be clearly
labeled as THEORETICAL and not permitted to pass as facts. This is
the great error in our presentday system of education, and the more
 profound, because arcane, the subject, the more likely are we to
have theories given to us in the garb of facts. When facts are NOT
known and the true facts cannot be easily found or proven, theories
are easily substituted without fear of contradiction, and for years,
even centuries, the theories may remain in the teachings as facts
and.never appear in their true light because the light of truth has
not been cast upon them.If all this is true of any subject, it is most certainly true of our
system of Cosmogony as taught during the past hundred years or more
and being taught even now in the most advanced universities and 
college classes of the world.Copernicus was the man, his was the mind, that tried to give us a
system whereby we might understand the universe as it is—that is,
that part of it which he considered as being of interest to us.Cer-tain facts were known to him and to others. The phases of the moonwere seen constantly and were.in accordance with some law regulating
the changes so accurately that future changes could be easily pre-dicted although the law causing the changes was not known. Sunrise
and sunset were other observable facts not understood. Man wished 
to know what caused these phenomena, and in his desire for an ex- planation various theories were conceived, and some adopted. But
Copernicus evolved & complete theoretical explanation of all the
 phenomena, an explanation which was so satisfying, accounting for
nearly every mysterious Cosmic and earthly occurrence, that mankind 
seized upon it, taught it to his children, and now his great great
greatgrandchildren are still studying the same explanation and 
accepting it as LAW and FACT.You may ask: "Have not more advanced scientists, equipped with tele
 AMORCRosicrucian Brotherhood.
LECTURE NUMBER ONE PAGE TWO.scopes and modern devices, added to, modified or altered the explan-ation of Copernicus? Bo we not teach our children now what science
has discovered since the time of Copernicus? We may answer yes, to
the second question, and even yes, with some modification or quali-fication, to the first question. But—and here lies the danger in
all the presentday schools of science—each and every investigation
and test on the part of science and scientists, since the day of Co- pernicus, has been primarily for the purpose of PROVING the theory
of Copernicus to be true, and all facts and suggestions seeming to
contradict the theory of Copernicus have been either rejected or
held in doubt.Therefore practically all of the ideas and theories of Copernious
are embodied in our presentday teachings regarding the universe and 
the earth, except that they have been enlarged, exaggerated and 
otherwise added to. The great struggle in this subject today, on
the part of those engaged in such research work, is to make the
great mass of newly discovered facts fit into the theory first out-lined. That this is true and not an opinion, you will discover be-fore this subject is halfway completed in this course of lectures.
The mass of evidence found and revealed by science and scientists,
which they have rejected or ignored because it does not prove, coin-cide with, cr substantiate the old wornout Copernican theory, will
 be used by us, with much other matter not knownto them, as proof cf
che truth regarding the universe and the earth on which we live.Bear in mind that Copernicus did not intend to give the world a
hoax. It was not his intention to deceive, but to help us under-stand our universe by giving us an explanation which would satisfy
our desire to work out the unknown problems. Theories, false and 
true alike, often help to solve a problem only to show us later
that the false theory served a mute and ignorant purpose, false
though it was. Copernicus warned the readers of his theory by stat-ing in his manuscript that he was submitting only a working hypothe-sis, and that if proofs—actual, tangible proofs—were demanded of
the correctness of his theories, or if in the future science demanded 
iacts to substantiate his system or explanation, there were no
 proofs, no facts ! It is this system, questioned and doubted even
oy its originator, given with qualifica.tion and apology by its spon-sor, that we are still using, and, what is more pitiful, the child
renof our schools, the adults of our Colleges, are not told, when
taking up this study of the Copernican theory: "Beware, for thisis only theory and the man who first outlined it died centuries ago
and apologized for it then and we have not learned the truth to
give you." No, the students are taught the subject as LAV/ and TRUTH. All this explanation is made to you so that you may be prepared for
tne truth^that is to be told to you in these lectures: some day,a.' ter taking half of this course, you will not rest without putting
fome pretty hard questions to some of your learned friends who have
ooen made believers of the Copernican ideas, and they may put some
questions to you regarding Copernicus, so it is well for you to know

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Hi JungOccult, Unfortunately I do not have the Mystic Brotherhood Lectures. If you have them, please send them to me. My email is in my profile. GB
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