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Cold - Part 1

Cold - Part 1

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Published by Jack Bush

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Published by: Jack Bush on Jul 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part oneAn Original ScreenplayByJack BushCopyright © Jack Bush 2004
The screen is black. We hear a voiceover. It belongs to David Reid.DAVID (v.o)The last thing I ever wanted todo with my life was killpeople. Now... that's all Iwant do.EXT – ALLEY – NIGHTThe alley is gloomy in the darkness of night. The moonlight castsshallow light into the murky back street. Some of the sheet metaldoors have bar lights above them, but not many. A cat rummagingaround in a dustbin dives for cover as one of the metal doors flyopen. The man exits the doorway in mid-air, he crashes into thedustbin just vacated by the feline. He rebounds off the alley walland falls to the ground with a grunt. He is in his middle thirties,dressed in suit trousers and blood stained white shirt. Layingthere, he looks up at the door he's just left behind, fear in hiseyes. A man in black appears in the doorway. Black suit, blackshirt, black tie. His name is David Reid. He stands, glaring downat the prong figure before him.DAVIDWhere are they?The man on the ground has no energy to talk. His battered facecontorts an expression that resembles a smirk. A mistake. David'seyes narrow with anger at the man’s defiance. He opens his jacketand takes a gun out of a shoulder holster. The smirk on thegrounded man’s face has vanished. David walks to him and grabs himby the shirt collar, pulling him into a sitting position. Davidaims the gun at his face, the barrel of the snub nose revolvermillimeters from the man’s forehead. The man opens his mouth, thesmirk appearing again in his eyes. David lowers the gun and restsit on the man’s bottom set of teeth. The man closes his moutharound the barrel. He looks David straight in the eye and thenslowly closes his eyelids, the edges of his mouth creasing upwardsinto a final smile. David retracts the gun barrel. The man openshis eyes in confusion. Holding the gun in one hand, with the otherhand still holding the man up in a sitting position, David tossesthe gun in the air, flipping it over and catching it by the barrel.The man now stares at the butt of the gun aiming at his face. It'sDavid's turn to smile.DAVID (cont’d)You didn't think I'd make itquick, did you?David raises the gun butt, as if ready to hammer in a tent peg. The
man gasps.The butt of the gun connects with the bridge of the man’s nose. Thebone shatters. Blood explodes from the broken appendage like acharge has been set off in the middle of the man’s face. Davidraises the bloody butt twice more, one hit caves in a cheek bone.The other bursts an eyeball. David raises the gun again and thewhole scene goes into freeze frame. A commentary by David runs overthe still picture of violence.DAVID (v.o) (cont’d)A man once told me that revengeis a dish best served cold. Theonly downside to that statementis, that to wreak revenge,wrong must first be wreaked onyou. I have all but cried mytears of sorrow. This is mytime now. And no-one's going tostop me!FADE OUT:FADE IN:INT – HOUSE – EVENINGDavid is standing in the livingroom of his house. The room is ashambles. The television is over turned and smashed, furniture hasbeen ripped open and the stuffing is hanging out. Broken ornamentslay in pieces on the blood stained carpet. At David's feet is thebody of a woman, naked. She has a knife sticking out of the sideof her neck and a trickle of blood coming from the corner of hermouth. The blood has long since stopped flowing. She has beenbadly beaten and also has blood smeared down her inner thighs. Hername was Michelle Reid. David's wife. He gazes down at her with ablind stare on his face, a single tear rolling down his cheek. Hisvoice- over continues.DAVID (v.o) (cont’d)Michelle and I were marriedJune 29
. It was the secondhappiest day of my life. Shewas the only woman I had everloved. Everything was great,our social life, our love life,even to sit in silence in eachothers company gave me thedeepest feeling of contentmentI still to this day can'texplain. If there ever was sucha thing as a sole mate, I hadbeen lucky enough to findmine... On the day I found her,

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