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Little Mary Messages 1997-2008

Little Mary Messages 1997-2008

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Published by littlemary-messages
822 Internet Archive Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother
The Virgin Mary ~ Private Revelations through an American Locutionist Little Mary
822 Internet Archive Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother
The Virgin Mary ~ Private Revelations through an American Locutionist Little Mary

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Published by: littlemary-messages on Jul 12, 2009
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822 Internet Archive Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed MotherThe Virgin Mary ~ Private Revelations through Locutionist Little Mary
"This world is in danger because so many are not taking these messages seriously. Thesemessages must be made known, so more repent, and turn to God in this time of mercy. Eachchild must do their part to make the truth known. You must use those gifts that God has blessedyou with". ~ #2233
MESSAGE #1240 October 25, 1997 Through MESSAGE #3077 April 24, 2008
On January 11, 1995, Little Mary wrote her first message. Fr. Robert Fox said of thesemessages: "
 After more than 45 years of professional writing and teaching experiences, I could never express such calls for living the gospel, our Catholic faith, so simply, so pointedly, someaningful as do these messages."
 The messages contain a consistency of love and urgency in what is relayed. The Blessed Mothercalls for a return to God; to prayer, and preparation for changes. To share the importance of theLove of Christ, that love which manifests itself within the family.It is to be noted the messages are not designed to lead souls to Mary, or replace Jesus with Mary,but it is always our loving Mother Mary leading souls to Jesus, to the Church, to the Sacramentsthrough sincere prayer. If our hearts are open, the core meaning of these words are to help usthink and reflect on how we could change and try to strive to do what is right..In 2004 Fatima Priest, Fr. Robert J. Fox's wrote a book called"
 Messages from the Heart of Our Mother 
" that contains messagesfrom Jesus and the Mother of God, given to Little Mary. He addscommentary to the Messages. Our Blessed Mother and Jesus gavethese messages with a note of urgency, stressing they are for theworld. The Blessed Mother uses a certain style directed to all. As agood Mother, she desires to have her messages touch each and everyone of her children. The crisis in the family today, in the Church, inthe world—all are dealt with in this remarkable, readable book.Mother Mary speaks in simple words and phrases so that herteachings can be understood by anyone. Mary's spiritual teachingsare meant to be used in conjunction with everyday living; at work and in the home, with relationships, in dealing with difficultsituations. Mother Mary's love for all the children around the worldis lovingly brought through to you in this inspiring book and sharesspiritual ways to change ones life to grow closer to God and to live a holy life.
MESSAGE #1240 from the Blessed Mother October 25, 1997
 My daughter, Heaven awaits those who believe and do the Father’s Will.It is not always easy to do the Father’s Will, for one does not always understand the work thatthey must do for Our Lord and that is why one must trust and believe that whatever God asksyou to do, it is for good reason. For God’s plans are mighty and when carried out, souls will besaved. If one is not patient, then God’s plans cannot be carried out. It is through obedience thatone grows and learns to trust, for without obedience one will step ahead of God.The answers will not always be given to those who do the Father’s Will, for then one would notlearn to trust. The answers are given in God’s most perfect timing because God knows howmuch each child can comprehend. God prepares His children first so they stay strong in theirfaith through all trials and tribulation. Through God’s grace, one is strengthened and preparedalong the way.The problem today is that many want instant answers. They want to do what they want to do,thus refusing how God wants to direct them. Many then become frustrated and give up becausethey refuse the guidance needed to stay whole. Many question God due to lack of faith orbecause of fear. Many do not see themselves the way God sees them, so they refuse to believethat they can do what God is asking of them. This is why so many never do what God is askingof them.My people, there is no longer time to ignore God. You must be more willing to pick up yourcross so more can be accomplished in these times. You must believe that God knows what youcan do. You must quit doubting every time God speaks to you, for then God’s work cannot becarried through. You must start confiding in God so your relationship can grow, for withoutcoming to know God, you will only become weaker, which will cause you to deny God.You need to tell God how you feel so that God can help you sort out your feelings, for yourthoughts and emotions are what pull you away. It is your desires that lead you astray, for yourdesires can be very selfish because of your insecurities and weaknesses. One must ask themselves today, are they truly doing what Our Lord is asking of them or are you only pleasingyourselves? Are you walking the road of Calvary or are you taking the easier way out? Do youtruly love God or are you denying God?I say to each of you, surrender and do the Father’s Will no matter how hard it seems, for Godwill always be your strength. God will guide you and teach you the more perfect way. God willmold you and purify you on this earth if you allow God to. God will discipline you in the areaswhere you are weak so you become stronger in your faith. God will never leave you, so pleaseremove that fear of thinking you will have to walk alone. God will always protect you andprovide you with the answers that you need to know.So trust, my people, and become more confident in Our Lord so you do not hinder the grace andgifts that God wants to bestow on you. Be more trusting that God will always see you through.Be not angry or do not blame God when things don’t go your way, for in time, all will be perfect
3if you stay true to Our Lord.Now, go forth as true believers so that God can work through you, for then your lives will be lessstressful because much peace and joy will be given to you. Be more committed to serve Christ soyou stay loyal to Our Lord and keep your eyes focused towards Heaven, for then no job will everbe too difficult for you. For Heaven is eternal and awaits all those who believe and do theFather’s Will. Amen.
MESSAGE #1248 from the Blessed Mother November 2, 1997
 My daughter, Come together as a community and pray, for your prayers are needed in thesetimes. Come to Mass, not as a sleepy people, but as a prayerful people. Individually you mustseek God, but when you gather and pray, your prayers are most powerful.That is why I, your Heavenly Mother, am gathering my children, for many more Rosaries needto be recited, but from your heart. Your prayers are your weapon to combat evil, so do not rushthrough your prayers. Learn to take time to meditate on the mysteries, for then your prayers willhave more meaning and you will stay more focused on Christ. Pray slowly and from your heartand ask all the Angels and Saints to surround you, for then you will feel a heavenly presence.I, your Mother, will intercede for those who ask for my motherly assistance. I will protect allwho pray, pray from their heart. I will join hands with you if you take my hand and accept allthat I can do for you. So be not afraid to come to me, for I, your Heavenly Mother, will helpthose who take refuge in My Immaculate Heart. I am ever so near to my Son and I will be everso near to any child who consecrates themselves to Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. Our Hearts areopen, so please open your heart all the way, for then God will enter in a much deeper way.Believe that all the Angels and Saints are always at hand for each of you. Believe that God hasprovided much assistance for you.Prayer will help you understand our love for you, so pray more fervently. Pray for all those whoare suffering from lack of faith, for your prayers are their protection. Pray more consistently soyou stay focused on Our Lord throughout the day. Pray not just when you are happy or excited,but pray no matter how you feel, for then you will never have to walk alone. Pray together as afamily, for this will keep you strong. For evil will flee when you call upon Our Lord. So be notfoolish, spend more time in prayer, adoring Our Lord.Soon, many will know the importance of prayer, for without prayer, one will not be able tosurvive on their own. For Satan will become more vicious if evil is allowed to enter your state,community and homes. For wherever there is disbelief in God, Satan finds a new home.Wherever there is division and unpeaceful hearts, Satan will linger. That is why one must joinhands; so that hate and envy cannot enter. One must love all of God’s children, even yourenemies, for then Satan will lose power, for wherever there is love, there is God.Now, let us pray more sincerely for the living and the dead, for through prayer, Satan cannotwin. Let us pray for peace amongst nations, for many nations are unpeaceful and live in

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