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Anonymous - Witchcraft a Guide to Magic

Anonymous - Witchcraft a Guide to Magic

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Published by Kelli

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Published by: Kelli on Oct 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Guide to Magic
Often times people ask me if I have spells. Yes, I have spells. Some have worked,some haven't. What a witch must keep in mind is that what works for me, may notwork for another witch. Magick is within everything. How it is perceived is differentfrom witch to witch. Some think patchouli oil is the best oil for a prosperity spell. Iprefer clove oil and have had success in using it. One of the wonders of magick isthat there is normally a wide variety of correspondences to choose from for any onedesired result. There must be about a hundred different herbs listed for love and atleast thirty for wealth and money (a few of which I have listed). I prefer to performcandle magick. Candle spells are simple, they are not time consuming (veryimportant to a witch with little time) and they work. When I do a candle spell, Icarefully choose an appropriate color for the candle, a stone, an oil, and three herbs,one for the physical realm, one for the mental realm and one for the spiritual realm,plus one more as a type of catalyst (normally these catalysts are either Dragon'sblood, Mandrake or Mistletoe). How do I pick my correspondences? First, I mustknow what I'm doing the spell for. Is it a prosperity spell, a healing spell, a spell tofind a new job or maybe to improve communication with a loved one? Once Idetermine what I'm trying to accomplish, I hit the books. Within my library, I haveseveral books that index what various colors, herbs, oils and stones correspond withvarious desired results. I try to be as specific as I can and try to blend my choice of correspondences to better "describe" my desired result. If I'm going to perform aprosperity spell, what attributes are going to be needed to reach the final goal?Creativity, physical strength, courage? I try to chose some herb or the oil tocorrespond with those added aspects and keep in mind that most herbs and oils haveseveral attributes. Its is very possible to have an herb with the attributes of bothwealth and, say, strength. With one herb you can accomplish two ends. I leave thecolor of the candle to the core of the spell. For a prosperity spell, green, a banishingspell, black. The same applies to the stone I use. I leave it to the core of the spell.Having said all that, now I must also add, use what you have! One of the first spellsI did I literally raided my spice cabinet for the herbs I needed. Okay, so maybefennel would not have been my first choice, but it worked! I am fortunate to have anorange tree in my back yard. Yes, I use the leaves, blossoms, fruit, and bark in placeof other possibly more popular herbs.
Use what you have!
Once I've gathered mycorrespondences, I then charge them with the purpose of the spell. How is this done?
There are a few techniques that must be utilized for this part of spellworking.Ability to Meditate This is the art of clearing the mind of all mundane thoughts andfeelings. It is a state of relaxation and peace, the goal to reach a state of non-thought. This is not easy and I still haven't mastered the technique yet, but do thebest you can. There are several very good books on the subject and even in many of the books on Wicca and witchcraft there are simple techniques to help in masteringmeditation. This is essential to spellwork. Your mind must be at peace so that youcan focus on what you're trying to accomplish. Ability to Visualize This is theability to see with your mind, not with your senses. Although it is calledvisualization, remember, use all your senses! Close your eyes. Within your mind'seye, see a tree, whatever kind of tree you want or are familiar with. Let your mind
its limbs, its leaves or needles (depending on the type of tree), the trunk, etc. Letyour mind
the bark. Is it smooth, rough, spongy? Does the tree have afragrance? Let your mind
that fragrance. Let your mind
the wind as itrustles the leaves. Visualization is not easy for some, but with practice you canvisualize anything. (Taste also falls into this category, but for our little discussion,tasting a tree may not be prudent.) During spellwork you will visualize your goal(and be specific and detailed!) before directing it into the item you're charging.Ability to Direct Energy This is the ability to take the energies of thecorrespondences and your own energy and directing it towards your goal. When youcharge an object, that energy is initially coming from you. From within yourself imagine (visualize) a bright light, maybe white or the color that corresponds withyour goal, forming within yourself centered between your chest and stomach. Letthat light grow and expand. Then direct that light up through your body, down yourprojective arm, out your fingertips (or through your athame or wand) and intowhatever your trying to charge. While you direct that light, that energy, you will bevisualizing your intent with as many specifics as you can. It is important to realizethat magick is energy flow. It is not power. All spells create a tangible connectionbetween the objects used and yourself. When you work magick, be specific, but becareful! If you do a spell for a new job, remember to be specific in that your new jobdoesn't come at the expense of another!
"An Ye Harm None"
Remember thesewords when you work magick. As you finish your spell, (for me after I light thecandle), I add something to the affect of "May the energy of this magick harm noneand take a path that is for the good of all involved." For candle spells rememberthat the flame must be allowed to continue to burn until it goes out on its own. I usethree and seven day candles that are in glass jars. You can sprinkle your herbs onthe top of them and they are safer. Remember not to leave a burning candle neardrapes or where something flammable may fall into the flame. Keep in mind thatthe glass jars get hot, so handle with care and as the candle reaches the bottom of the jar, make sure the candle is not sitting on something that might burn from the
heat. I suggest getting a ceramic dish and put some sand in the bottom to act asinsulation. When I leave my home, I place the candle in my bath tub, just in case. If for some reason it gets knocked over, there is nothing in my tub that could catch onfire. For positive spells, once the candle is out, use the stone as a talisman. Carry itwith you or put it someplace where its presence will have an affect. For banishingspells, very carefully remove all remnants, of the candle, especially the stone,without touching it. Wrap the remnants in white paper and bury it outside,preferably some distance away. Remember to write down your spells! You caneither keep these spells in your Book of Shadows or elsewhere. My Book of Shadowsis riddled with pieces of paper, napkins, whatever I happen to jot notes and spellsdown on. Some choose to use their computers as their BoS. Regardless, with thespells written down, can keep track of what works and what doesn't and you canalso keep track of what you are doing while you're doing it. A few words aboutmagick and ethics. Most magick, at least initially, is done for yourself. There will betimes when spellwork will be used to benefit other people. Any ethical witch WILLNOT do a spell that will affect someone else specifically without that person'spermission. A witch must respect another person's soul path. What if you can't ask them (i.e. you can't reach them, the person is unable to communicate, etc)? Thenyou must honestly consider if that person would object. If your favorite aunt weredeathly ill and could not communicate, and you wanted to do a healing spell for her,you would need to consider if she would agree to the spell if she could. If she were adevout Fundamentalist Christian, chances are pretty good she'd say no. You mustrespect her choices and her soul path. No witch in their right mind will performmagick that is intended to manipulate, control or harm another. Remember, whatyou send out will come back to you threefold. A witch should never sell a spell. Isomeone asks you to do a spell for them, it is not unreasonable to ask them to coverthe expenses of the materials used, but other then that, no money should be receivedfor the magick you do. That is counter productive and can cloud the intent of themagick. When someone asks you to do a spell for them, if possible, instead of youdoing the spell, teach them how to do it. The spell will have a better chance atsuccess and they will have a better understanding of how the magick works.Colors. We perceive them as bright or dark, deep or light, sort-of this and sort-of that, but regardless of whether it's a royal blue or an earth brown, color affects us.It has been proven that colors have an affect on our brains and they do producedifferent emotional results. What do you think of when you see red? Passion?Maybe Anger? Regardless, the response is dramatic. Colors as used in magick aresimilar in that they should evoke a response from you, but keep in mind, yourresponse to say purple, may be different than mine and this is perfectly okay. If yousee pink as healthy or health, so be it. The colors must have meaning to the personusing them. The magick of colors can be used in many different ways, just let your

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