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HGF Strategic Plannning

HGF Strategic Plannning

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Published by Asep Rosadi

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Published by: Asep Rosadi on Jul 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HealtHcare GeorGia oundation
npf BsssP dvpm:
m Vs, Mss  Vs  impm
StrateGic PlanninG
“new quote here newquote here new quote”
– Donato ClarkeNAESM
Healthcare Georgia Foundation would like to recognize and thankthose who contributed greatly to this publication, including author Terri Theisen, Theisen Consulting, LLC and Avatar Communicationsor graphic design.Recommended Citation: Nonprot Business Plan Development:From Vision, Mission and Values to Implementation, Terri Theissen,Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #24, March 2008
Business planning is a vital component or any nonprot organization. This planning is the blueprint that helpsto establish a oundation upon which the organization can ocus on its vision, tailor its mission and incorporate values it deems essential to the organization’s success. As the nonprot grows, a sound business plan can assist inpromoting a well-developed idea into a rewarding accomplishment. Likewise, a poor or mediocre business plan canimpede the growth o the nonprot and hinder the organization rom achieving desired results.Business planning is the process o gaining
organizational agreement 
on long-term and short-term goals, and whenit is properly managed, can take an organization well beyond agreement on overall direction and goals. One o thebest by-products o a business planning process is increased engagement o the organization’s various stakeholders,including board members, sta, committee volunteers, members, donors, those served by the organization,community leaders, unders and others important to the organization. When stakeholders are brought together ina dialogue that produces decisions about organizational priorities, the process can ensure that the organizationwill continue to have (or create) the impact that it desires to have on its community. A high level o stakeholder participation in the process also brings ownership o the nal product, which should be a viable plan that willguide the next several years o an organization’s growth and development.Business planning covers all areas o theorganization, whether the organization is acommunity-based coalition or a non-protcorporation. These areas may include missiondelivery (programs, services, policy change,advocacy), inrastructure development, marketingand communications, and resource acquisition.
Business planning anticipates theinevitability o organizational change,and ocuses on producing a plan that isrealistic, comprehensive and integratedacross organizational unctions – allwhile remaining true to the mission o theorganization.
Wh s Bsss Pg?
Business planning addresses critical questions acingan organization, including:

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