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Microsoft word shortcuts

Microsoft word shortcuts

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Published by vadodariaankur
Shortcuts for microsoft word
Shortcuts for microsoft word

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Published by: vadodariaankur on Jul 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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#KEY BOARD COMMENTACTIONRESULT1Ctrl + Shift + AAll CapsMakes the selection all capitals (toggle)2Alt + Ctrl + 1Apply Heading1Applies Heading 1 style to the selected text3Alt + Ctrl + 2Apply Heading2Applies Heading 2 style to the selected text4Alt + Ctrl + 3Apply Heading3Applies Heading 3 style to the selected text5Ctrl + Shift + LApply ListBulletApplies List Bullet style to the selected text6Alt + F10App MaximizeEnlarges the application window to full size7Alt + F5App RestoreRestores the application window to normal size8Ctrl+BBoldMakes the selection bold (toggle)9Ctrl + PgDnBrowse NextJump to the next browse object10Ctrl + PgUpBrowse PrevJump to the previous browse object11Alt + Ctrl + HomeBrowse SelSelect the next/prev browse object12EscCancelTerminates an action13Ctrl+ECenter ParaCenters the paragraph between the indents14Shift+F3Change CaseChanges the case of the letters in the selection15Left arrowChar LeftMoves the insertion point to the left one character16Shift + Left arrowChar Left ExtendExtends the selection to the left one character17Rt arrowChar RightMoves the insertion point to the right one character18Shift + Rt arrowChar Right ExtendExtends the selection to the right one character19Alt + Shift + CClose Pane
Closes the active window pane (if you are in Normal View and have, for example,the Footnote pane open)
20Ctrl +Shift+CCopy FormatCopies the formatting of the selection21Alt+Drag (or press Ctrl + Shift +F8 & drag, but Alt + Drag is fareasier!)Column SelectSelects a columnar block of text22Shift + F2Copy Text
Makes a copy of the selection without using the clipboard (press Return to paste)
23Alt + F3Create Auto TextAdds an AutoText entry to the active template24Ctrl+ BackspaceDelete Back WordDeletes the previous word without putting it on the Clipboard
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#KEY BOARD COMMENTACTIONRESULT25Ctrl + DelDelete WordDeletes the next word without putting it on the Clipboard26Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4Doc Close
Prompts to save the document and then closes the active window. (But doesn'tintercept the menu command)
27Ctrl + F10Doc MaximizeEnlarges the active window to full size28Ctrl + F7Doc MoveChanges the position of the active window29Ctrl + F5Doc RestoreRestores the window to normal size30Ctrl + F8Doc SizeChanges the size of the active window31Alt + Ctrl + SDoc SplitSplits the active window horizontally and then adjusts the split32Alt + Shift + F9Do Field ClickExecutes the action associated with macrobutton fields33Ctrl + Shift + DDouble UnderlineDouble underlines the selection (toggle)34Alt R, GDraw GroupGroups the selected drawing objects35Alt R, IDraw Snap To GridSets up a grid for aligning drawing objects36Alt R, UDraw Un groupUngroups the selected group of drawing objects37Ctrl+Shift+F5 (Or: Alt I, K)Edit BookmarkBrings up the bookmark dialog38Ctrl+CEdit CopyCopies the selection and puts it on the Clipboard39Ctrl+XEdit CutCuts the selection and puts it on the Clipboard40DelEdit ClearPerforms a forward delete or removes the selection without putting it onthe Clipboard41Ctrl+FEdit FindFinds the specified text or the specified formatting42F5, Ctrl+GEdit GoToJumps to a specified place in the active document43Alt E, KEdit LinksAllows links to be viewed, updated, opened, or removed44Ctrl+VEdit PasteInserts the Clipboard contents at the insertion point45Alt E, SEdit Paste SpecialInserts the Clipboard contents as a linked object, embedded object, orother format46Alt + Shift + BackspcEdit RedoRedoes the last action that was undone47F4Edit Redo Or RepeatRepeats the last command, or redoes the last action that was undone(unfortunately, doesn't work for as many commands in Word 2000 as inWord 97 and below, but this is still one of Word's most useful shortcuts, if not the most useful
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#KEY BOARD COMMENTACTIONRESULT48Ctrl+HEdit ReplaceFinds the specified text or the specified formatting and replaces it49Ctrl+AEdit SelectAllSelects the entire document50Ctrl+ZEdit UndoReverses the last action51
Alt + PageDn (to select to end of column, use Alt + Shift + PgDn)
End Of ColumnMoves to the last cell in the current table column52Ctrl+Shift+EndEndOf Doc ExtendExtends the selection to the end of the last line of the document53Ctrl+EndEnd Of DocumentMoves the insertion point to the end of the last line of the document54EndEnd Of LineMoves the insertion point to the end of the current line55Shift+EndEnd Of Line ExtendExtends the selection to the end of the current line56Alt+EndEnd Of RowMoves to the last cell in the current row57Alt + Ctrl + PgDnEnd Of WindowMoves the insertion point to the end of the last visible line on the screen58Shift + Alt + Ctrl + PgDnEnd Of Window ExtendExtends the selection to the end of the last visible line on the screen59F8 (press Esc to turn off)Ext end SelectionTurns on extend selection mode and then expands the selection with thedirection kes60Alt + F4 (<9>)File Close Or ExitCloses the current document, or if no documents are open, quits Word.Horrible command, as it makes it a long winded business to quit Word.But there's a simple solution - assign Alt+F4 to FileExit instead.61Alt + F4 (Word 97)File ExitQuits Microsoft Word and prompts to save the documents (does interceptthe menu item, but not the keyboard shortcut, or the x button. AnAutoExit macro is usually a better way of intercepting this).63Ctrl+NFile New DefaultCreates a new document based on the Normal template.64Ctrl+OFile OpenOpens an existing document or template65Alt F, UFile Page SetupChanges the page setup of the selected sections66Ctrl + PFilePrintPrints the active document (brings up the dialog)62NOT Ctrl+N!!File New
Creates a new document or template (brings up the dialog). Note that: Wordpretends that Ctrl+N is assigned to FileNew but it isn't, it's assigned toFileNewDefault You can fix this in Word 2000 by assigning Ctrl+N to theFileNewDialog command. In Word 97 the only way to fix it is to create a macrocalled FileNew (to do this, press Alt + F8, type "FileNew" without the quotes andClick "Create". The macro will automatically contain the code needed to make itwork).
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