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Solid Growth, Untapped Potential- Report on Giving and Volunteering in Marin 2008

Solid Growth, Untapped Potential- Report on Giving and Volunteering in Marin 2008

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Published by mcfdev

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Published by: mcfdev on Jul 13, 2009
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solid growth | untapped potential:
Report on giving and volunteering in Marin 2008
t’s been seven years since the Marin CommunityFoundation sponsored the rst survey o givingand volunteering in Marin County. In 2000, wepartnered with several other organizations to help theCounty—its residents, nonprot organizations, commu-nity leaders, businesses, service organizations, and oth-ers—understand how we’re doing in making a dierencethrough volunteering and monetary contributions.We looked at where people give, what issues theysupport, what inuences them to give, what wouldmotivate them to do more, and the levels at which Marinresidents give and volunteer compared to national pat-terns.What emerged in 2000 was a story o bothgenerosity and challenge. We did well as a County inour overall levels o community involvement. But someclear concerns were revealed about whether the County’syounger and newer residents would, over the years, giveand volunteer at the same levels as older and longer-termresidents, who have had, and continue to have, a pro-ound impact on the quality o lie in Marin.Te question was, I these younger and newerresidents don’t ollow the path o those already commit-ted and involved, how might this aect civic participationand our ability to address community needs?Looking at the results o the ollow-up surveyconducted in 2007, it appears those “red ags” can belowered.Not only are overall levels o giving and volunteer-ing up in the County since 2000 (with an across-the-board surge in volunteering), a number o signs indicatethat residents who have now lived here or awhile are notonly acting more like the older and longer-term residentso 2000, but are doing so more quickly than might havebeen expected. Tis can be seen in levels o giving andvolunteering as well as the amount o giving that ocuseson Marin.Despite slightly lower levels o giving by the newestand youngest residents compared to their counterparts in2000, more important, perhaps, is their explicit desire tond new ways to get involved and learn more about localnonprots—through personal networks, greater use o the Internet, meeting personally with nonprot leaders,and email communications rom local agencies. Teyare also volunteering at much higher rates than theircounterparts in 2000—and given the strong connectionsthese same residents cite between volunteering or anorganization and supporting it nancially, this bodes wellor the uture.In short, these younger and newer residents arehungry to know more, connect, and be involved—andtheir responses to the survey go a long way toward help-ing nonprots and others identiy ways to make thishappen.Finally, I want to underscore another importantnding o this survey—namely, that residents who, in2000, were ound to be so actively involved as volunteersand nancial contributors continue to do so, not onlykeeping the bar high, but in some cases raising it.We’re proud, through this report and other eorts,to help spur conversations and activities that urther giv-ing and volunteering in Marin. We hope this report willhelp all o us better understand our patterns o givingback and nd ways to tap into the tremendous energy inthis County that’s poised to continue this tradition goingorward. Tomas Peters, Ph.D.President and CEO

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