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SSC Contributors

SSC Contributors



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Secularism & Science in the 21st Century

List of Contributors
Secularism & Science in the 21st Century

List of Contributors

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Dr. Juan Antonio Aguilera Mochón
is Proessor o Biochemistry and MolecularBiology and in the Instituto de la Paz y los Conictos (Peace and Conict Institute) atthe University o Granada, Spain. He is a board member o Granada Laica and EuropaLaica (Secular Granada; Secular Europe).
Dr. Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi
is Proessor o Psychology at the University o Haia,Israel. He is the author, co-author, editor, or co-editor o 17 books and monographson the psychology o religion, social identity, and personality development. Amonghis best-known publications are
The Psychology of Religious Behaviour, Belief and Experience, The Psychoanalytic Study of Religion,
Psychoanalysis, Identity, and 
 In 1993, he was the recipient o the William James Award (Division 36 o the AmericanPsychological Association) or his contributions to the psychology o religion.
Dr. Daniel G. Blackburn
is the Thomas S. Johnson Distinguished Proessor o Biology at Trinity College, Hartord. A graduate o the University o Pittsburgh, he earned hisM.Sc. and Ph.D. at Cornell University. He joined the Trinity aculty in 1988 and hasserved as chair o the Biology Department since 2002. Blackburn teaches courses inzoology, electron microscopy, and evolution, and his research ocus is on unction andevolution o reproductive specializations in reptiles.
Dr. Jeffrey Burkhardt 
is Proessor o Ethics and Policy Studies in the Institute o Food and Agricultural Sciences o the University o Florida. For the past 20 years,he has worked in a science and technology-development organization devoted to oodand natural resource problem-solving. He teaches courses on agriculture and naturalresource ethics, science ethics, and the philosophy o economics. His research hasocused on the human and environmental impacts o agricultural biotechnology, whichsome regard as the technological fx or issues associated with population growth andglobal sustainability. Dr. Burkhardt chaired the Council on Agricultural Science andTechnology Task Force on Agricultural Ethics, which issued the report,
 Agricultural Ethics 
, in 2005.
Dr. William Cobern
is Proessor o Biological Sciences and Science Educationand Director o the Mallinson Institute or Science Education at Western MichiganUniversity. He began his science education career as a high school biology andchemistry teacher, and has also taught science at the elementary and college levels. At the Institute, he teaches a variety o courses or science teacher development andscience education research. He has an active research program unded by the NationalScience Foundation. In 2006, Dr. Cobern was elected a Fellow o the American Association or the Advancement o Science.211
& s
Dr. Austin Dacey 
is contributing editor with
Skeptical Inquirer 
magazine and arepresentative to the United Nations or the Center or Inquiry, a think tank advancingthe secular, scientifc outlook in public aairs. A philosopher by training, he writes andlectures widely on the intersection o science, religion, and ethics. He is author o thenew book,
The Secular Conscience.
Dr. David E. Henderson
is Proessor o Chemistry at Trinity College, Hartord. Heobtained his Ph.D. at the University o Massachusetts Amherst in analytical chemistry in 1975 and joined the aculty o Trinity College in 1977. His scholarly publicationsinvolve spectroscopy chromatography and mass spectrometry o antioxidants, metals,peptides, ats, acid rain, and mummies. He has directed the Interdisciplinary ScienceProgram at Trinity and the Environmental Science Program and has been Chair o theChemistry Department. He has authored three Reacting courses;
Evolution in Kansas 1999 
 Acid in the European Environment-1979-89 
, and
The Council of Nicaea 
-326 CE.
Dr. Ariela Keysar
is Associate Research Proessor o Public Policy and Law and the Associate Director o the Institute or the Study o Secularism in Society and Culture(ISSSC) at Trinity College, Hartord. She is the co-editor o 
Secularism & Secularity: Contemporary International Perspectives 
and co-author o 
Religion in a Free Market 
. A demographer, Dr. Keysar has conducted national surveys on ertility and amily ormation. Most recently, she is one o the principal investigators o an internationalstudy o worldviews and opinions o scientists, a series o web surveys conductedby ISSSC.
Dr. Barry A. Kosmin
is the Founding Director o the Institute or the Study o Secularism in Society and Culture and Research Proessor, Public Policy and Law Program at Trinity College, Hartord. A sociologist, Dr. Kosmin has been principalinvestigator o many large national social surveys and opinion polls in Europe, Arica, Asia, and the U.S., including the CUNY 1990 National Survey o ReligiousIdentifcation and the American Religious Identifcation Survey 2001. He is co-authoro 
One Nation under God: Religion in Contemporary American Society 
Religion in a Free Market 
and co-editor
Secularism & Secularity.
 Dr. Jon D. Miller
is the John A. Hannah Proessor o Integrative Studies at MichiganState University. He has measured the public understanding o science and technology in the United States or the last three decades and has pioneered the defnition andmeasurement o scientifc literacy. His approach to the public understanding o science has been replicated in more than 40 countries. Dr. Miller is the Director o the Longitudinal Study o American Youth (LSAY). He is a Fellow o the American Association or the Advancement o Science and recently completed his second six-yearterm on the AAAS Committee on the Public Understanding o Science and Technology.
 Juhem Navarro-Rivera 
is a Research Fellow at the Institute or the Study o Secularismin Society and Culture (ISSSC). He holds a B.A. rom the University o Puerto Rico andis a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University o Connecticut. His interestis in the politics o health and drug issues, and his current research deals with politicalrepresentation and opposition to evidence-based HIV/AIDS prevention policy.212

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