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Percentage Practice Questions

Percentage Practice Questions

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Published by Anil Wadhera

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Published by: Anil Wadhera on Jul 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1..02 =? %(a) 20(b) 2(c) .02(d) .22.2112% is equivalent to(a) 0.8(b) 1.25(c) 0.125 (d) 12.53.13937.869
199.54+15% of 201 = ?(a) 150(b) 90(c) 80(d) 1004.If 30% of a number is 12.6, then the number is(a) 41(b) 51(c) 52(d) 425.35% of 30 = 25% of ? +1(a) 28(b) 38(c) 42(d) 326.? % of 6144 =212x 245.76(a) 16(b) 20(c) 5(d) 107.What is 25% of 25% equal to ?(a) 6.25(b) .625 (c) .0625 (d).006258.One fourth of one third of two fifth of a number is 15. What will be 40% of that number?(a) 120(b) 350(c) 270(d) 1809.What percent of 7.2 kg is 18 gms ?(a) 25%(b) 2.5%(c) .25% (d).025%10.By how much percent is four-fifth of 70 lesser than five-seventh of 112 ?(a) 42%(b) 30%(c) 24% (d )36%11.If 75% of a number is added to 75. The result isthe number itself. Then, the number is:(a) 400(b) 300(c) 60(d) 5012.Subtracting 40% of a number from the number,we get the result as 3.0. The number is:(a) 28(b) 50(c) 52(d) 7013.If X is 90% of Y, what percent of X is Y?(a) 101.1(b) 190(c) 90 (d)111.114.If 8% of x = 4% of y, then 20% of x is:(a) x% of y(b) y% of x(c) 2% of xy(d) xy% of 315.x% of y is y% of ?(a) x(b)100
(c) 100x (d)100
16.It is known that 20% of the mangoes are rotten.If the number of rotten mangoes is 35, then thetotal number of mangoes is :(a) 150(b) 175(c) 180(d) 18517.If 70% of students in a school are boys and thenumber of girls is 504, the number of boys is:(a) 1680(b) 1176(c) 1276 (d) NOT18.A house-owner was having his house painted.He was advised that he would require 25 kg of  paint. Allowing for 15% wastage and assumingthat the paint is available in 2 kg cans, whatwould be the cost of paint purchased, if one cancost Rs. 16?(a) 240(b) 180(c) 160(d) 36019.A reduction of 12.5% in the price of a diningtable brought down its price to Rs. 4375. Theoriginal price of the table was:(a) 6000(b) 5400(c) 5200 (d)500020.In a library, 20% books are in Hindi, 50% of theremaining are in English and the remaining9000 are in various other languages. What is thetotal number of books in English?(a) 4000(b) 3000(c) 2250 (d) NOT21.Avinash spends 30% of his income on scoote petrol,41of the remaining on house rent and the balance on food. If he spends Rs. 300 on petrol,then what is the expenditure on house rent?(a) 525(b) 1000(c) 675(d) 17522.The price of jute has been reduced by 20%, If the reduced price is Rs. 800 per quintal, theoriginal price per quintal was(a) 900(b) 640(c) 960 (d) 100023.Swati spends 40% of her salary on food, 25% onhouse rent, 15% on entertainment and 5% onconveyance. If her saving at the end of a monthIs:(a)4000(b) 6000(c) 8000 (d) 1000024. Kamal has some apples. He sold 40% morethan he ate. If he sold 70 apples, how many didhe eat?(a) 50(b) 90(c) 18(d) 4225.In an examination, 1100 boys and 900 girlsappeared. 50% of the boys and 40% of the girls passed the examination. The percentage of candidates failed is:(a) 45(b) 45.5(c) 54.5 (d) 59.2
Subject: Quantitative AptitudeTopic: Percentage
26.30% of As salary is equal to 20% of 
53of B’ssalary. If B’s salary is Rs. 2400, what is A’ssalary?(a) 1880(b) 1000(c) 960 (d)216027.If x% of a is the same as y% of b, then z% of bis:(a)
aof   x yz 
aof   z  xy
aof   y xz 
%(d) NOT.28.In a city, 35% of the population is composed of migrants, 20% of whom are from rural areas. Of the local population, 48% is female while thisfigure for rural and urban migrants is 30% and40% respectively. If the total population of thecity is 728400, what is its female population?(a) 324138(b) 349680(c) 509940 (d) None29.An increase of Rs. 60 in the monthly salary of Madan made it 50% of the monthly salary of kamal. What is Madan’s present monthlysalary?(a) 180(b) 240 (c) 300 (d) Data inadequate30.A man bought a house for repairs, pays Rs. 1660as annual taxes and realized 10% on hisinvestment thereafter. The monthly rent of thehouse is:(a) 5000(b) 4920(c) 2500 (d)246031.The salaries of A and B together amount to Rs.2000. A spends 95% of his salary and B, 85% of his. If now, their savings are the same, what isA’s salary?(a) 1500(b) 1250(c) 750 (d)160032.300 grams of sugar solution has 40% sugar in it.How much sugar should be added to make it50% in the solution?(a) 10 gms(b) 40 gms(c) 60 gms (d) 80gms33.To a sugar solution of 3 liters containing 40%sugar, one liter of water is added. The percentage of sugar in the new solution is:(a)%3113(b) 15%(c) 30% (d)33%34.The income of a broker remains unchangedthough the rate of commission is increased from4% to 5%. The percentage of slump is businessis :(a )1%(b) 8%(c) 20% (d) 80%35.A candidate scoring 25% marks in anexamination fails by 30 marks while another candidate who scores 502% marks gets 20marks more than those required to pass. The pass percentage is:(a) 25%(b) 35%(c) 40% (d)50%36.A bag contains 600 coins of 25p denominationand 1200 coins of 50p denomination. If 12% of 25p coins and 24% of 50p coins are removed,the percentage of money removed from the bagis nearly:(a) 30%(b) 21.6%(c) 17.8% (d)15.6%37.If the numerator of a fraction be increased by15% and its denomination be diminished by 8%,the value of the fraction is1615. The originalfraction is(a)53(b)43(c)73(d)3238.IN an examination, 35% of total students failedin Hindi, 45% failed in English and 20% I both.There percentage of those who passed in boththe subjects is :(a) 10(b) 20(c) 30(d) 4039.There are 600 boys in a hostel. Each plays either hockey or football or both. If 5% play hockeyand 45% play football, how many play both?(a) 48(b) 60(c) 80(d) 12040.In an examination, 80% of the students passedin English, 85% in Mathematics and 75% in both English and Mathematics. If 40 studentsfailed in both the subjects, the total number of students is :(a) 200(b) 400(c) 600(d) 80041.The boys and girls in college are in the ratio 3:2.If 20% of the boys and 25%^ of the girls areadults. The percentage of students who are notadults is:(a) 58%(b) 67.5%(c) 78% (d)82.5%42.In an election between two candidates, acandidate who gets 40% of total votes iddefeated by 15000 votes. The number of votes polled by the winning candidate is:(a) 6000(b) 10000(c) 22500 (d )4500043.In an election between two candidates, one got55% of total valid votes 20% of the votes wereinvalid. If the total number of votes was 7500,the number of valid votes that the othecandidate got was:
(a) 2700(b) 2900(c) 3000 (d)310044.At an election involving two candidates, 68votes were declared invalid. The winningcandidates scores 52% and wins by 98 votes.The total number of votes polled is:(a) 2518(b) 2450(c) 2382 (d) None45.As income is 25% more than B’s income . B’sincome in terms of A’s income is :(a) 75%(b) 80%(c) 90% (d) 96%46.Anil’s height is 20% less than Deepak’s. Howmuch is Deepak’s height more than Anil.(a)%3216(b) 18%(c) 20%(d)25%47.On increasing the price of T.V. sets by 30%,their sale decreased by 20%. What is the effecton the revenue receipts of the shop?(a) 4% increase(b) 4% decrease(c) 8% increase(d ) 8% decrease48.The price of oil is increased by 25%. If theexpenditure is not allowed to increase, the ratio between the reduction in consumption and theoriginal consumption is:(a ) 1:3(b) 1:4(c) 1:5(d) 1:649.The price of sugar is increased by 20%. As aresult, a family decreased its consumption by25%. The expenditure of the family on sugar will be decreased by:(a) 10%(b) 5%(c) 14% (d)15%50.If the price of sugar rises from Rs. 6 per kg toRs. 7.50 kg, a person, to have no increase in hisexpenditure on sugar, will have to reduce hisconsumption of sugar by:(a) 15%(b) 20%(c) 25% (d)30%51.The population of a town increases by 15%annually. If its pollution was 8000 in 1995, whatwill it be in 1997?(a) 9200(b) 10400(c) 9600 (d)1058052.A ball pen factory decided to reduce its production by 10% over that of previous monthfor next 3 months starting from February 1994.In January 1994, it produced 3000 ball pens.,How many ball pens were produced in March1994 ?(a) 2700(b) 2430(c) 2187 (d)240053.The length of a rectangle is increased by 20%and the width is decreased by 20%. The areadecreased by:(a) 0.8%(b) 1.2%(c) 4%(d)8%54.If the radius of a circle is decreased by 50%, itsarea is reduced by:(a) 25%(b) 50%(c) 75% (d) None55.A cricket team won 40% of the total number of matches it played during a year. If it list 50% of the matches played and 20 matches were drawn,the total number of matches played y the teamduring the year was :(a) 200(b) 100(c) 50(d) 4056.Arun gave a portion of the money he had toGopal. Gopal I turn gave 40% of what he gotform Arun to Dinesh. How much money didDinesh get ? To find out the answer, which of the following information given in statements,(P) and (Q) is /are sufficient ?
Arun had Rs. 4000 with him.
The difference between the amounts of Gopal and Dinesh was Rs. 500.(a)Only Q is sufficient..(b) Only P is sufficient.(c) Either P or Q is sufficient.(d) Both P and Q together are needed.57.The price of an article was increased by p%.Later the new price was decreased by p%. If thelatest price was Rs. 1, the original price was(a) Re. 1(b) Rs.
      
(c) Rs.
      
      
58.The length and breadth of a square are increased by 40% and 30% respectively. The area of theresulting rectangle exceeds the area of thesquare by :(a) 42%(b) 62%(c) 82% (d) None.59.Salaries of A, B an C are in the ratio 1:2:3.Salary of B and C together is Rs. 6000. By what percent is salary of C more than that of A?(a) 300(b) 600(c) 100(d) 20060.The population of a town is 18000. It increased by 10% during first year and by 20% during thesecond year. The population after 2 years will be:(a) 19800(b) 21600(c) 23760 (d) None

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