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Published by bloggerboy2009
Transcript of Twitter conversation @alasecrets July 11, 2009.
Transcript of Twitter conversation @alasecrets July 11, 2009.

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Published by: bloggerboy2009 on Jul 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TRANSCRIPT FROM @ALASECRETS 2009 BEFORE BEING SHUT DOWN BY ATIGHTASS KILLJOYthe most dumbass place to stand and have a chat? the bottom of the escalator!SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Robert Haas,Penguin
 ,Anika Maloneand3 other peopleliked this The top is equally moronic, depending :) - Rahsheen ™  I tend to get caught talking with people in the oddest places. I stand and talk unless I haveto be someplace soon and the other person is going in the same direction. SO I have beenthat person before -JSNFLMNG Students in high school stand and sit at the bottom of the stairs too .. very annoying -LPH™ and his dog P™ does anyone else check nametags of really annoying people so you never apply for a jobat their library?SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Jezmynne Dene andLaura B.liked this "Using Web 2.0 tools to build community, even if it is a community of hung-over sex-crazed librarians" McCormick W-177 3pmSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  alasecrets"Using Web 2.0 tools to build community, even if it is a community of hung-over sex-crazed librarians" McCormick W-177 3pmSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  200 followers. Bringing library science to porn sites everywhere.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Pssst. Hot pickup scene? HarperCollins booth.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  200 followers in an hour. Thanks ySaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  "Using Web 2.0 tools to build community, even if it is a community of hung-over dex-crazed librarians" McCormick W-177 3pmSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  @ brianeisleyhere. You're welcome. (Don't hurt me, I'm one of you, honest!)SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Why are there still so many people going to these gaming sessions? If u haven't figuredout how to have a game program yet, PLEASE DON"TSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Oh they know how WEIRD we are. It's the rest they don't know about.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share   No, I really do! The world needs to know just how weird we are!SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  @ brianeisleyhas just referred to us as "a horde of hung-over sex-crazed librarians". Andwe thank him.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Are they still playing Neil Diamond on the shuttle?SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share 
If you don't like the way you're being presented then go set up an account for @sanctimoniousgetoveryourself SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  I totally budged into the front of the Neil Gaiman lineSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  You don't like the way ySaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Yes, I think this is EXACTLY how we want to present ourselves.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  All right here's the truth: @alasecretsis planning a hookup with #totebag. SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Hello. Are you dazzled by my ability to use irrelevant animation in my PPTs?SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Hoo boy. This is going downhill even faster than I expected.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share   No, that was dichotomy, not dick-ectomy. Pervert.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  "Leveraging Social Media in a Time of Moral Decay" PALM Salon III, 2:30SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share   No matter how frantic you get, that handout will still suck.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  This guy is so desperate for a drink he opened his beer with a key.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  dichotomy?? I thought you said...oh never mind. Triple drink!SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  RT @oif : SEX AT ALA! "Libraries, Librarians & America's War on Sex" IFRT programstarts at 1:30 in McCormick W-178a #ala2009SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  RT @teknomantik Hungover librarians make surprisingly good Saturday morningreading: @alasecretsSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Oh I think there are way more freaks than moralists.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  I am an expert at technology integration and I will prove it just as soon as I figure outhow to make my slides advance.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Stephanie_EnjoyingSummer ,MegvsMegandChristina Pikasliked this Someone said dichotomy! Double drink!SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Restrooms at#ala2009not discrete enuf. We had to go to Starbucks restroom for quickie.Missed start of next session :( ALA get it sorted.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  This channel is really bringing out the dichotomy among librarians: moralists on the oneside, freaks on the other. Cage match!SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share 
RT @ pnkrcklibrarian@SonoranDragon@alasecrets Don't Sarah Palin's points point towards Russia? :)SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  RT @SonoranDragonSarah Palin not only has a point, but two of them. You can seethem pushing against her blouse on cold Alaska morningsSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Aw baby, let's not fight.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Don't you wag that finger at me.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Don't youSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Oh look, here come the moral brigade. They're the ones with buns on head, sleep insingle beds at events and think Sarah Palin "has a point"SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  RT @surferrosaand that's what escort services are for SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Well one night stand stories and drug stories are still better than EFFING TODDLER STORIE! Stooooppp....stooooop.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Deep inside, we're just interested with free breakfast, lunch, *and* dinner provided by thevendors. Mwahahahaa...SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  other people's one-night stand stories are just as exciting as other people's drug stories,i.e., NOT VERYSaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  @samasalwaysThe tile is bad, too.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Who you calling 'middle aged'? I'm sixty-six.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  i want to skip out on the afternoon, get drunk, and have some sexy librarian fun. anytakers??SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Oy! "Badly dressed middle aged" librarians have "needs" too, you know :-(SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  This is doing wonders to enhance the image of librarians everywhere. Librarians, poledancers, tomato, tomahto.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  To the person before the MJ comment: yes.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  Re: "Sewer of depravity" Jesus, is your real twitter name @ NeverBeenBonedAtAlaor something? Get a (sex) life and unwind.#ala2009SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  I'm just glad Michael Jackson didn't live to see this.SaturdayfromTwitter - Comment-Like-Share  This twitter account is disgusting. It's just a sewer of depravity. Is this the image

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