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True Blood S2 ep 3 english subtitles

True Blood S2 ep 3 english subtitles



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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Jul 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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True Blood Season 2 - Episode 3 subtitles:English100:00:09,936 --> 00:00:11,570Bill, slow down, please.200:00:11,604 --> 00:00:13,972Stop this. You're scaring me.300:00:20,013 --> 00:00:22,181I'm sorry.400:00:22,215 --> 00:00:24,416She promised she was justgonna look in the window.500:00:24,484 --> 00:00:27,119I know I made a mistake,but they're her family.600:00:27,153 --> 00:00:30,155She is a vampire.She has no family.700:00:30,190 --> 00:00:32,891I'm a monster and I'm gonnabe alone forever because of you.800:00:32,926 --> 00:00:34,760I hate you so fucking much.900:00:34,794 --> 00:00:36,161- Be quiet.- Eat shit.1000:00:36,196 --> 00:00:38,163I said, be quiet!1100:00:39,399 --> 00:00:42,768You undermined my authorityas her maker.1200:00:42,836 --> 00:00:46,438You risked those peoples' safetyand your own.
1300:00:46,506 --> 00:00:48,941If I had not glamoured themwithin an inch of their sanity,1400:00:48,942 --> 00:00:50,576Our lives wouldhave been shattered.1500:00:50,610 --> 00:00:52,177I know. I'm sorry.1600:00:52,212 --> 00:00:53,479You keep saying that!1700:00:53,513 --> 00:00:56,548And I am expected to what?Forget this ever happened?1800:00:56,583 --> 00:00:59,118What else would youlike me to say?1900:00:59,152 --> 00:01:01,253I knew when she asked meto take her I should say no,2000:01:01,287 --> 00:01:03,689But all I couldthink about was gran2100:01:03,723 --> 00:01:05,657And what I'd giveto see her again.2200:01:05,692 --> 00:01:07,693That does not give youlicense to behave2300:01:07,727 --> 00:01:09,995Like an irresponsible child.2400:01:10,030 --> 00:01:12,064She is a loaded gun, Sookie.25
00:01:12,098 --> 00:01:14,566Not a doll for you to dress upand play with.2600:01:14,601 --> 00:01:16,235What are you doing?2700:01:16,269 --> 00:01:17,302Walking!2800:01:19,005 --> 00:01:21,640Don't be ridiculous. Bon tempsis nearly 20 miles away.2900:01:21,675 --> 00:01:23,942I'd rather walk all nightthan spend another second3000:01:23,977 --> 00:01:26,178In that car with you.3100:01:32,485 --> 00:01:35,621Oh, she wants youto go after her.3200:01:35,655 --> 00:01:38,490And she wants you to goafter her and kiss her3300:01:38,558 --> 00:01:40,492And tell her that you love her.3400:01:41,628 --> 00:01:43,896She will come back.3500:01:45,331 --> 00:01:48,300When she calms down3600:01:48,335 --> 00:01:51,203She will come back.3700:02:07,654 --> 00:02:09,088Bill?38

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