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Talk Blood ( True Blood Ep 1 ) Chatroom transcript

Talk Blood ( True Blood Ep 1 ) Chatroom transcript

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talk blood chat room ep1
talk blood chat room ep1

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Jul 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*** (02:19:56):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room.sookiebontemps says to (02:19:58):HAHA. He did, Buell.BillohBill says to (02:20:00):HE DID?txladyjane says to (02:20:01):I HOPE ERIC DOESTrue Blood in Dallas says (02:20:03):hey guysisilwath says to (02:20:05):TES! :Dfoxieladie says to (02:20:06):laf asked eric? when buellTES2008 says to (02:20:06):Lafs wants to be a vamp! billsgirl44 says to (02:20:07):At least now we only have to wait 7 days till the next show!!!! buellblaster says to (02:20:08):In next weeks promoBillohBill says to (02:20:11):I missed the previews for next week sookiebontemps says to (02:20:12):I love the idea of Lafayette vampin' i tup.foxieladie says to (02:20:15):wow......Russell Edgington says to (02:20:16):Why doesn't Eric share with me??erics_girl says to (02:20:16):::waves:: hey, can someone tell me how i listen in on the show?BillohBill says to (02:20:18):That could be goodTrue Blood in Dallas says (02:20:22):i will also be in as dallas2 its really meMacyblue says to (02:20:26):holy crap go team bill just posted on the wikiBillohBill says to (02:20:33):OMG be right back foxieladie says to (02:20:33):hi dallassookiebontemps says to (02:20:33):Dallas, do you need my last four or are you good?isilwath says to (02:20:34):lafayette would make a good vamp supposedly eric turns someon according to the spilers buellblaster says to (02:20:35):So glad they kept Lafayettechiklitz says to (02:20:36):
hey y'all!isilwath says to (02:20:39):spoilersFeliciaFangs says to (02:20:45):evening everyoneTrue Blood in Dallas says (02:20:44):you guys help eric gals with lisetning pleasealainanoelle says to (02:20:49):Laf as a vamp! Do you think?erics_girl says to (02:20:51):lolerics_girl says to (02:20:58):thanks dallas! billsgirl44 says to (02:20:59):AB had to keep Lafayette!! He is such a great character!!txladyjane says to (02:21:05):Lafayette will make a GREAT VampTrue Blood in Dallas says (02:21:05):last 4 pleasesookiebontemps says to (02:21:07):Lafayette is awesome. buellblaster says to (02:21:10):Lafayette would be awesome as a vamp...keep him on the showalainanoelle says to (02:21:13):I'm glad he's still around.sookiebontemps says to (02:21:13):Dallas 9323Louisianagirl29 says to (02:21:16):Hey everyone! Great episode!True Blood in Dallas says (02:21:18):no never mind i have my phonesookiebontemps says to (02:21:25):Hey, Louisianagirl!Leif's girl says to (02:21:28):Erics girl-open 2nd windowgreeneyegirl says to (02:21:34):hey BIB GTB just popped up on the wikierics_girl says to (02:21:35):ok Louisianagirl29 says to (02:21:36):Hey SookieHoyt Fortenberry says to (02:21:38):Hey, y'all!erics_girl says to (02:21:43):now whatsookiebontemps says to (02:21:43):
It was so nice to meet you and Larry.BillohBill says to (02:21:44):Hey Hoyt!BillohBill says to (02:21:52):So the show starts at 9:30?Hoyt Fortenberry says to (02:21:52):Hey BoB!txladyjane says to (02:21:53):damn my family wants to go see Strak Treck see yall faboluos pplsookiebontemps says to (02:21:57):Hey Hoyt!FeliciaFangs says to (02:21:58):Hoyt, Sookie, LA girl, Erics gal ... how' all doing?txladyjane says to (02:22:02):LOVE YALLsookiebontemps says to (02:22:02):FELICIA!TaraMaeThornton says to (02:22:02):Hi Hoyt!Louisianagirl29 says to (02:22:04):It was great to meet y'all tooHoyt Fortenberry says to (02:22:07):Heya Sookie!True Blood in Dallas says (02:22:06):hey lagirlerics_girl says to (02:22:07):excited! i loved the premier isilwath says to (02:22:08):hi hoyt, hi felciafoxieladie says to (02:22:08): bye txlady......will miss yaHoyt Fortenberry says to (02:22:16):Hey Felicia! Doin' great!True Blood in Dallas says (02:22:18): big news on thebaton rouge filmingKonelli says to (02:22:20):Hey BobLouisianagirl29 says to (02:22:23):greatHoyt Fortenberry says to (02:22:23):What's up, tara?BillohBill says to (02:22:25):My kid is outside in the dark, playing ghost in the graveyardFeliciaFangs says to (02:22:28):I'm licking my fangs at seeing the boss with highlights!sookiebontemps says to (02:22:31):

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