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Beginners Programs' List

Beginners Programs' List

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Published by p_ksh
This is a list of programs for the beginners to develop the logic.
This is a list of programs for the beginners to develop the logic.

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Published by: p_ksh on Jul 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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List of problems
Simple Programs
Display the following
Your address.
Your Biodata.
 Names of high level languages and low level languages.
 Names of operating system.
 Names of data type and number of bytes taken by them.
Calculate the total marks if marks of three subjects are given
Calculate the percentage if obtained marks & maximum of three subjects aregiven.
Calculate the Area/Perimeter of Circle/Square/Rectangle/Triangle
Calculate the volume of Sphere/ Cuboid/ Cylinder 
Read price of an item in real form (like 75.95) & print the output in paise (like7595 paise)
Convert angle given in Degree into Radian & vice versa
Convert temperature given in Celsius into Fahrenheit & vice versa
Perform arithmetic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division) ontwo numbers
Evaluate the expressions using Library functions.
Check given no is +ve /-ve/zero/even/odd
Solve Quadratic equation
Find maximum/minimum of three numbers.
Change the case of letter 
Check given year is Leap or not
Check whether a given character is alphabet /digit /vowel/consonant /specialcharacter.
Display the name of Color/Month/Weekday according to given choice.
Perform the arithmetic operation (Addition/ Subtraction/ Multiplication /Division)on two numbers according to the given choice.
Calculate the Area/ Perimeter of Triangle/ Circle/ Rectangle according to thegiven choice.
Display Pass or Fail according to the given percentagePer>= 48
PassPer < 48
Calculate whether student is passed in first division, second division, thirddivision or fail according to the given percentage with the following criteriaPer>= 60
First48<=Per< 60
Second33<=Per< 48
ThirdPer< 33
Read date of birth of a student & display days of month of her birth.
Find the factorial of a given number 
Find the number whose factorial is given
Find the n
term of Fibonacci series.
Find the sum of all /odd /even/odd positioned/even positioned digits of agiven number.
Find the sum of digits of a given number until sum exceeds 20.
Check whether two given numbers are consecutive fibonacci numbers or not
Check whether the given number is prime /Armstrong /magic /perfect / palindrome.
Display all the prime numbers in a given range.
Find all exact divisors of given positive numbers.
Find smallest divisors of given number.
Find all even/odd numbers in a given range.
Find GCD of N positive non zero integers.
Find the number of and sum of all the integers greater than 100 & less than200 that are divisible by 7.
Accept N numbers from user and display sum of even & odd numbersseparately.
Generate the table of given number.
Find the reverse of a given number.
Read a real number from the keyboard & print the following output in one lineSmallest integerGiven numberLargest integenot less thannot greater thanthe numberthe numbe
Find HCF & LCM of two given numbers.
Find maximum of 4 numbers.
Find out total hours, minutes, seconds in a given time where time is given inseconds.
Read a positive number n & generate the numbers in following formEntered number is
5Output is
5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5
Check whether the given digit is present in given number, is yes then countthe occurrence of digit in that number 
Check whether the given digit is present in given number, is yes then countthe position of digit in that number 
Read a number n & display digit by digit as a series of words eg. 756 should be displayed as “Seven Five Six”.2/7
Read a number n & display it as a series of words eg. 756 should be displayedas “Seven Hundred Fifty Six.
********************************************************************************** ** * *+*++**+++***++++*********************************12233344445555511212312341234512 23 3 34 4 4 45 5 5 5 5$ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $$12 23 3 34 4 4 45 5 5 5 512345678910ABCDEFGABCDEABCAAABABCABA1234543211234432112332112211 1ABCDEDCBAABCD DCBAABC CBAAB BAA A0101210123210123432101234121321432154321112112321123432112345432111 11 2 11 3 3 11 4 6 4 11 5 10 10 5 13/7

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