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This is the RSS Agenda

This is the RSS Agenda

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Published by semirza
The BJP's agenda of changing India's education system.
The BJP's agenda of changing India's education system.

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Published by: semirza on Jul 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is the RSS AGENDA:BJP’s Assault on Education and EducationalInstitutions
 A must read : NALNI TANEJA
While an impression is sought to be created that the BJP is holding back its agenda indeference to a large body of opinion in the country being opposed to it, on the groundthe BJP has been having a field day in pushing through its programmes. It isconcentrating on and going full steam ahead on the cultural educational front inpolarising society along communal lines. There is an attempt to Hinduise the educationalsystem, root out liberal and leftist influences, and to re-write history in order to justifyits anti-minority outlook. This is evident not only from the much publicised agendasought to be implemented at the State Education Ministers’ Conference held in October98 but also from the massive text book revision undertaken by the Sangh Parivar inkeeping with this design.Much of BJP, VHP, RSS agenda is incorporated through moral education and generalknowledge texts that concentrate on inculcating a Hindu consciousness and ‘pride inbeing a Hindu’. In the Government schools in the BJP ruled states and in the 20,000 oddVidya Bharti schools and the shishu mandirs all over the country, the prescribed syllabuspresents Indian culture as Hindu culture, totally denying its pluralistic character and thecontribution of the minorities to the creation of the Indian identity. Everything Indian isshown to be of Hindu origin and the minorities are characterised as foreigners owingtheir first allegiance to political forces outside this country.In the name of ‘Indianised nationalised and spiritualised’ education there is an attemptto polarise and divide people along religious lines by communalising their consciousness.Through a distortion and concoction of facts there is an effort to reconstruct history andtradition along communal and sectarian lines. In fact it is quite clear what the agendapaper at the Conference meant by the abrogation of the Articles 29 and 30 of theConstitution. Uma Bharti, the Union Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Resourcesdid not take long to pronounce that the Kashmir problem finds its roots in the teachingpattern in the Madrasas and that there is a need to closely monitor them.Thanks to these books and the efforts of their ‘dedicated’ teachers lakhs of children growup with prejudice and hatred towards the minorities, considering them alien, and in totalignorance of our composite and rich cultural heritage. By wanting to make Sanskrit andthe Upanishads and Vedas compulsory in schools to the exclusion of other texts theydeny not only the secular character of our cultural heritage but also the significance of popular cultural expression and languages in the making of Indian culture.The homogenised and predominantly Hindu picture of Indian identity these texts presentis contrary to facts and to peoples’ historical experience. Inspite of their verbal diatribeagainst Macaulay, they adopt, lock stock and barrel, the Orientalist Western BritishImperialist sponsored theory that sees Eastern societies as unique and incapable of modern development independently. They have also conveniently appropriated theBritish divide and rule paradigm of Hindus and Muslims as separate civilisational entitiesthat cannot survive together in peace. How much of their ideological ammunition has itssource in the most reactionary theories of imperialist domination is a fact that should be
talked about much more and be exposed for what it represents. These theories areasserted in the face of over whelming evidence to the contrary-A massive survey project by the Anthropological Survey of India published in the formof a series called People of India proves a number of points which give lie to the lies of the Sangh Parivar. It shows that approximately more than 4000-odd communities inhabitthis country and their cultural profile is rooted and shaped by their relationship with theirenvironment their occupational status their language, etc., primarily and that religionfalls way down in the construction of their identities. This survey also shows that Hindusand Muslims share more than 95% characteristics of various kinds that are common andthat it is shared lives that have given shape the diverse cultural expressions. Amongother things the studies also show that nobody today can be characterised as an originalinhabitant or a foreigner.Unmindful of such data and historical truth, the Sangh Parivar is pressing on with its ownagenda. There is a move to change the content of school education in general as welland a review of the NCERT syllabus is an integral part of this move. As most of us wouldremember there was a concerted assault on the NCERT textbooks by the RSS backedpolitical groups even during the Party government in the immediate aftermath of theEmergency. Among the books sought to be banned and consigned to a fascist type of bonfire were the history textbooks of our most eminent historians like Romila Thapar, RSSharma and Bipan Chandra because they present a secular view on history. What theydid not succeed in doing then they are trying to achieve now under the BJP Governmentrule. A Review Committee has been formed for the review of syllabus with a chairmanwhose only claim to fame is his landmark judgment that Hindutva is away of life notreligion. The UP State education minister says publicly that by the next session twenty-five textbooks will have to be re-written. The RSS has undertaken to write alongcommunal lines the history of every district, and has a separate Institute known as the
Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti,
with 400 branches all over the country, forcoordinating and giving direction to this effort. One of the key ‘achievements’ of thisSamiti is the ’cleansing’ of Christian influence on historical chronology. The
orthe ’scientific Hindu way of calculating time’ does away with the BC/AD system andworks according to the Hindu calculation of time traced from the
Deva Yuga
to thepresent
Kala Yuga!
Murli Manohar Joshi is already on record that the history andphilosophy of foreign lands had prevented universities from becoming centres of learning. It is an indication of what they mean ‘Indianising’ education.Science is sought to be combined with spirituality, in the name of which obscurantismand chauvinism are freely allowed to masquerade as national pride. Vedic Mathematicswas introduced in the UP schools but had to be withdrawn. The recent directivescurtailing experiments on animals in laboratories at the initiatives of Maneka Gandhi andsanctioned by the highest authorities in some scientific establishments, if implementedwith all its clauses will set back research by decades and make next to impossible almostany experiments.The implementation of the compulsory Saraswati Vandana and Vande Mataram mandatein the Government schools in the BJP ruled states, the renaming of towns and streets,bhajan mandalis, ‘social service’, festivals, even sporting events, particularly cricketmatches between India and Pakistan, are transformed into lessons of popular educationoutside the formal classroom. ‘Kargil’ has become the latest and most convenient peg tohang their version of history and nationhood on as the elections draw near.Internet is now being used as a major media of popular education, with special referenceto the NRIs from whom they derive major funds, and now increasingly for equipping themiddle class with arguments, data, and the intellectual resources to fulfill theirleadership role in the communal bandwagon. Land has already been earmarked and
according to press reports a few months back, permission has been obtained by theDelhi Government from the relevant authorities, for setting up a Holocaust type of museum on Partition which would reflect the RSS sectarian view of the tragedy. One canimagine the consequences of this along with their programme to ‘liberate monuments.These would in fact result in the reconstruction and manipulation of popular memory tosuit their diabolical designs.All this is reinforced by the capture of the institutions of learning and education with thestated goal of influencing the funding and direction of research and educational policy.The control over committees and autonomous bodies through the strength of the Stateapparatus has already resulted in the creation of institutional structures designed to givesanction and legitimacy to the changes that they are pushing through and to survive thelife of he present BJP Government. They guarantee the continuance of the fascist agendaeven if the BJP Government is defeated at the hustings. The battle for the minds of theIndian people is clearly at a critical stage and the sooner the democratic movement inthis country faces this reality, the better equipped it will be to face this onslaught ondemocracy –for clearly this is what it is. The struggle for a secular –third front in theParliament is only one dimension of this larger struggle for the defense of democracy andpeoples’ dignity.
The crucial institutional measures taken by the BJP government during its rule are:It has filled the
Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)
with historiansnotorious for their association with the VHP campaign on Ayodhya and without anycredibility in the field of history writing. Of the twelve secular and eminent historians whoif the established practice had been followed would have remained for a second term.Not a single one of them were permitted to continue. Among them are Prof. SumitSarkar and Prof. KN Panikkar. The Member Secretary, TKV Subramaniam, a notedhistorian, was not allowed to finish his term and now hardly any secular historianremains as a Council member. Of the new faces, three appeared on the VHP committeeto argue the case for the RSS stand on Ayodhya temple. Among others, one is an activeRSS
, another one is 96 years old. The assault on ICHR is clearly aimed atinfluencing the direction and funding of historical research towards the Sangh Parivar'scommunal agenda. In its caretaker capacity and in violation of all norms the BJPgovernment now seeks to appoint a Chairperson from among three nominees selectedafter they took over, who are known advocates or sympathizers of the Hindutvacampaign, two of them having actually been the leading participants on the RSS panel toprove the existence of a Ram mandir on the Babri Masjid site.
The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR 
) has been similarlyreconstituted and filled with pro RSS men whose only call to fame is their support to theSangh Parivar's Hindu Rashtra agenda.The
Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS)
in Simla has a new chairman andseveral other members of the same ideological colour, among them Kirit Joshi, memberof the Ved Vidya Pratishthan, an RSS outfit and GC Pande, an orthodox Sanskrit scholar.For the
Nehru Museum and Memorial Library
, the candidature of eminent historianslike Professors Mushir ul Hasan and Madhavan Palat were brushed aside to appoint asDirector a person from the Doordarshan expected to be softer to their designs. Theinstitution has big funds apart from a number of Senior Fellowships for research andscholarship, and is an important centre for organising seminars and discussions in socialsciences.

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