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Academic Collocation List

Academic Collocation List

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Published by Tang Tatchaya
Academic Collocation List
Academic Collocation List

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Published by: Tang Tatchaya on Oct 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AdditionComponent IPOS IComponent IIPOS IIAddition
1 abstract adj concept n2 academic adj achievement n3 academic adj career n4 (in) academic adj circles n5 academic adj community n6 academic adj debate n7 academic adj discipline n8 academic adj discourse n9 academic adj institution n10 academic adj journal n11 academic adj life n12 academic adj performance n13 academic adj research n14 academic adj skills n15 academic adj study n16 academic adj success n17 academic adj work n18 academic adj world n19 academic adj writing n20 academic adj year n21 accept v responsibility n22 acceptable adj behaviour n23 accurate adj assessment n24 accurate adj description n25 accurate adj information n26 accurate adj measurement n27 accurate adj picture n28 accurate adj record n29 achieve (a) v goal n30 achieve (an) v objective n31 achieve (an) v outcome n32 acquire v knowledge n33 active adj involvement n34 active adj participant n35 active adj participation n36 active adj role n37 (be) actively adv involved vpp38 acutely adv aware adj39 add v information n40 additional adj cost n41 additional adj information n42 additional adj problem n43 additional adj resources n44 additional adj support n45 address (an) v issue n46 administrative adj practices n47 adopt (a) v procedure n48 adopt (an) v approach n49 advanced adj economy n50 advanced adj technology n51 adverse adj effect n52 adverse adj reaction n53 adversely adv affect v54 affect (the) v outcome n55 affect (the) v development n (of)56 allocate v resources n57 allow v access n (to)58 almost adv identical adj
The Academic Collocation List
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AdditionComponent IPOS IComponent IIPOS IIAddition
59 alternative adj approach n60 alternative adj explanation n61 alternative adj form n62 alternative adj interpretation n63 alternative adj means n64 alternative adj method n65 alternative adj model n66 alternative adj solution n67 alternative adj source n68 alternative adj strategy n69 alternative adj view n70 alternative adj way n71 ample adj evidence n72 analytical adj approach n73 analytical adj tool n74 anecdotal adj evidence n75 annual adj conference n76 annual adj meeting n77 annual adj rate n78 annual adj report n79 annual adj review n80 apply v equally adv81 apply (a) v method n82 apply (the) v theory n83 appropriate adj action n84 appropriate adj behaviour n85 appropriate adj conditions n86 appropriate adj data n87 appropriate adj form n88 appropriate adj language n89 appropriate adj level n90 appropriate adj point n91 appropriate adj response n92 appropriate adj skills n93 appropriate adj treatment n94 appropriate adj way n95 armed adj conflict n96 artificial adj intelligence n97 assess (the) v impact n (of)98 assessment n process n99 associated adj factors n100 assume v responsibility n101 assume (the) v role n (of)102 atomic adj energy n103 attend (a) v conference n104 available adj data n105 available adj evidence n106 available adj information n107 available adj resources n108 average adj score n109 background n knowledge n110 basic adj assumption n111 basic adj component n112 basic adj concept n113 basic adj element n114 basic adj function n115 basic adj information n116 basic adj premise n117 basic adj principle n118 basic adj research n
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AdditionComponent IPOS IComponent IIPOS IIAddition
119 basic adj structure n120 basic adj technique n121 bear v resemblance n (to)122 become v apparent adj123 become v available adj124 become v aware adj125 become v blurred adj126 become v established adj127 become v evident adj128 become v independent adj129 become v involved adj (with/in)130 become v obvious adj131 become v visible adj132 become v widespread adj133 become (a) v source n (of)134 become (the) v focus n (of)135 begin (a) v process n136 behave v differently adv137 beneficial adj effect n138 (be) best adv described vpp (as, in terms of)139 binary adj opposition n140 binary adj system n141 biological adj evolution n142 biological adj science n143 biological adj sex n144 brief adj account n145 brief adj description n146 brief adj discussion n147 brief adj history n148 brief adj introduction n149 brief adj overview n150 brief adj period n151 brief adj review n152 brief adj summary n153 brief adj time n154 briefly adv describe v155 briefly adv discuss v156 broad adj agreement n157 broad adj category n158 broad adj definition n159 (a) broad adj range n (of)160 broad adj spectrum n161 broader adj context n162 (be) broadly adv defined vpp163 broadly adv similar adj164 business n sector n165 business n transaction n166 capitalist adj country n167 capitalist adj economy n168 capitalist adj society n169 capitalist adj system n170 capitalist adj world n171 career n development n172 career n opportunity n173 careful adj analysis n174 careful adj attention n175 careful adj consideration n176 careful adj thought n177 (be) carefully adv controlled vpp178 (be) carefully adv selected vpp
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