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Report of TET Answer Key Errors of TGT Arts 2013 Sent to HPBOSE by Vijay Kumar Heer

Report of TET Answer Key Errors of TGT Arts 2013 Sent to HPBOSE by Vijay Kumar Heer

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Published by: VIJAY KUMAR HEER on Oct 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To1. The Secretary, HP Board of School Education, Kangra.2. Controller of TET Exam.,TGT Arts,HPBOSE, Kangra (HP)Subject: Report of errors with authentic proof for grace marks in TET exam for TGT Arts conductedby HPBOSE on 29-09-13Sir,The report of errors is presented here. Being a candidate appeared in the exam, I claim relief for allon the basis of report given below. Failing to amend necessary and allotting grace marks, mattermay be moved to HP High Court without any further delay. Please check the answers and showerudition in accepting the realities. Your answer on action is also sought. No reply may lead tofurther action without any notice to HPBOSE in the matter.Sr.No.Que.No.Question Answer givenin theanswer keyRight Answeras per ourrefrencesEvidence of our claim1 12 Mind mappingrefers toD-Researchingto thefunctioningof mind A- Atechniqueused toenhancecomprehension(understanding)Note: thetranslation of options fromhindi toEnglish isalso wrong inthis question
Mind Mapping Definition
Graphical technique for visualizingconnectionsbetweenseveralideasor pieces of information.Each idea orfactis written down and then linked bylinesor curves to its majororminor(or following or previous) idea or fact, thuscreating awebof relationships.Developedby the UK researcher Tony Buzan in his 1972 book 'Use Your Head,'
mindmappingis used innotetaking, brainstorming,problem solving,andproject planning.Like other mappingtechniquesits purpose is to focus attention, and tocaptureandframeknowledgeto facilitate sharing of  ideas andconcepts
 A Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique whichprovides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain.It harnesses the full range of cortical skills
word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour andspatial awareness
in a single, uniquely powerfulmanner. In so doing, it gives you the freedom toroam the infinite expanses of your brain.Mind Mapscan be applied to every aspect of life whereimproved learning and clearer thinking will enhancehuman performance.Developed by English psychologist Tony Buzan in1960, Mind Maps were first presented as a newmethod for note-taking and brainstorming. By usingMind Maps you show the structure of the subjectand linkages between points, as well as the rawfacts contained in normal notes. Mind Maps holdinformation in a format that your mind will find easyto remember and quick to review. In fact, theyabandon the list format of conventional note taking.,
doing this in favor of a two-dimensional structure.
What is MindMapping
Mind mapping
is a simple technique fordrawing information in diagrams, insteadof writing it in sentences. The diagramsalways take the same basic format of atree, with a single starting point in themiddle that branches out, and dividesagain and again. The tree is made up of words or short sentences connected bylines. The lines that connect the words arepart of the meaning.
Benefits and Uses
I think I already gave away the benefits of mindmapping and why mind maps work. Basically,mind mapping avoids dull, linear thinking, joggingyour creativity and making note taking fun again.But what can we use mind maps for?Note takingBrainstorming (individually or in groups)Problem solvingStudying and memorizationPlanningResearching and consolidating information frommultiple sourcesPresenting informationGaining insight on complex subjectsJogging your creativity
What are the Advantages of MindMapping?
In short, you’ll understand information more
easily and come up with much better ideas.Mind mapping is a unique concept used to helpincrease productivity, convey information moreeffectively, increase creativity, shareinformation in an organised and efficient
way… and overall enhance communications
within your office.With mind mapping your thoughts, ideas,concepts, and even notes are organised intovisual patterns. When things are presentedvisually most people recall them much easier,and they tend to be more creative in generatingadjacent ideas.
Strategies For Teaching Comprehension
Take a look at the figure attached to this post.This figure is a Mind Map. A Mind Map is a visualway to express information, ideas and concepts.This display of information is a mirror reflection of how our brains sort out information. Looking atthe figure, you will notice that right in the dead
centre, there is a phrase “What About TheGovernment”. Breaking out from this phrase are
branches that contain other keywords which thencontain sub-keywords and images. This is what Ilike to call neuro-
association. It’s the associat
ionthat the brain makes with each of these keywords,starting from the main one in the middle. Also,visual image representations depict even moreassociations with the keyword. There is no limit tohow big a Mind Map can grow because everykeyword or image we hold in our brain isconnected to another one in a tree like fashion. If you take the time to draw it all out usingkeywords and images, you will have created aMind Map. So how does this information help uswith teaching comprehension?It helps because when you teach your studentshow the brain sorts our information, they will thenstart to zone in and make associations come to thesurface every time they read something new. Inmy class, I do a group Mind Map and encourage mystudents to use Mind Mapping when they want tobe able to comprehend better. Sometimes I ask aselect student to Mind Map what they have read soI can see how they comprehend the information

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