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Published by B. Merkur
Heralding the imminent arrival of Moshiach
Heralding the imminent arrival of Moshiach

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Published by: B. Merkur on Oct 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beis Moshiach (USPS 012-542) ISSN 1082-0272is published weekly, except Jewish holidays(only once in April and October) or $160.00 inCrown Heights. USA $180.00. All other places or$195.00 per year (45 issues), by Beis Moshiach,744 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11213-3409.Periodicals postage paid at Brooklyn, NY andadditional ofces. Postmaster: send addresschanges to Beis Moshiach 744 Eastern Parkway,Brooklyn, NY 11213-3409. Copyright 2013 byBeis Moshiach, Inc.Beis Moshiach is not responsible or the contentand Kashruth o the advertisements.
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What a RebbeSayS aboutanotheR Rebbe, heeStabliSheS FoRhimSelF aS Well
On the occasion of Yud Shvat 5720, the RebbeMH”M makes the case that a Rebbe’s claim aboutanother Rebbe is equally intended as a claimabout himself. This principle is fundamental inestablishing what the Rebbe MH”M wished tocommunicate about his pivotal role in the era ofthe threshold of Redemption, especially in thewake of Gimmel Tammuz 5754. * Chapter 3 ofRabbi Shloma Majeski’s Likkutei Mekoros. (Boldtext is the compiler’s emphasis.)
Translated and presented by Boruch Merkur
he Rebbe
 withcommentary on the daily
, first prefacingit with the teaching of the BaalShem Tov,
nishmaso Eden,
onhow to interpret the wording of the Mishna,* “Know before Whomyou are destined in the future to be judged and to face reckoning.”
 At first glance this teachingis difficult to understand, for theregular order of events is thatone first faces reckoning andthen judgment is pronounced,**and in accordance with thatreckoning, the assessment of the case, the judgment emerges. What then is: judgment and[only thereafter] reckoning?It is in accordance with theDivine principle that one is onlypunished “
his knowledge,”according to his own conceptof justice. That is, only if onehad personally rendered sucha ruling of punishment for atransgression done. This rulingis made, however, “
hisknowledge,” in the sense thathe is asked about someone else who had committed the samesin. As he “judges” this person,according to the severity of hissin, that “reckoning” he madein “judgment” of the otherindividual is meted out uponhim.
 As it applies to ourdiscussion, our Sages have said:“The Attribute of Benevolenceis more abundant than...”Thus, if regarding the Attributeof Retribution the Sages havesaid that in accordance withthe judgment one makes on hisfellow he rules upon himself,how much more is this true of the Attribute of Benevolence.
My father in-law, the Rebbe, writes*** with regard to the dayof the passing of his father (theRebbe, Rabbi Shalom Dovber,
nishmaso Eden
): “This is anauspicious day – for Anash andfor
talmidei ha’T’mimim –
toconnect to the Tree of Life … All of you yourselves, your wives, your sons and daughters– should stand ready to receivethe blessing G-d shall bestow upon you and upon us, grantingabundant life, livelihood, and
from your children. This blessing is brought about bymeans of the arousal of greatmercy [On High] … on the partof the Rebbe, whose
wemark. Indeed, you shall be amply
D’var Malchus
30 Tishrei 5774
 blessed with children, health, andsustenance.”
 As my revered father in-law,the Rebbe, ruled with regardto his father, so he has ruledabout himself about the day of his passing – that this day isan auspicious day to connect tothe Tree of Life and to receivethe blessing G-d shall bestow,granting abundant life, etc. Thisblessing is brought about bymeans of the arousal of greatmercy … on the part of myfather in-law, the Rebbe, whose
we mark.”
(From the Hosafos of Likkutei SichosVol. 6, pg. 283)
NOTES:*According to the Mishna (Avos 3:16),punishment is exacted upon a man“with his knowledge and without hisknowledge,” which is to be understoodin light of what is written in Shmuel 2:12(quoted in
 Likkutei Maharan siman
113).I further found this topic discussed in
 Bina L’Ittim drush
63.**See this addressed in Tosafos Yom Tov on Avos Ch. 3, beg.;
 Notzer Chesed
ibid.***Kuntres 3; Kuntres 36.
Our Sages have said that “The Attribute ofBenevolence is more abundant than...” Thus, ifregarding the Attribute of Retribution [which pales incomparison to the Attribute of Benevolence] the Sageshave said that in accordance with the judgment onemakes on his fellow he rules upon himself, how muchmore is this true of the Attribute of Benevolence.
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