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Highspire Borough Council March 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Highspire Borough Council March 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes

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Published by Press And Journal
Highspire Borough Council March 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes
Highspire Borough Council March 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes

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Published by: Press And Journal on Oct 06, 2013
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Highspire Borough Council Minutes
March 19, 2013
Council President Kay Sutch called the Highspire Borough Council meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.The prayer was offered by Member Tyler Thatcher then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.Roll call was taken:Council Members Present: Carolee RomanCharles Dengler Marie HochMichael AndersonTyler Thatcher Dorothy Matesevac A Kay SutchMayor: John Hoerner Borough Manager: John McHaleCodes Enforcement Officer: Terence Watts Assistant Borough Secretary: Jennifer RabuckBorough Solicitor: Dave DeLuceBorough Engineer: Christopher Knarr 
President Sutch presented the meeting minutes from the February 19, 2013 Council Meetingand asked for questions regarding them. Hearing none, a motion to accept the February 19,2013 Council Meeting minutes was made by Member Matesevac and seconded by Member Hoch. Motion approved unanimously.
Financial Reports
President Sutch presented the Trea
surer’s Report
and Financial Statements for the month of February 2013 and asked if there were any questions regarding them. Hearing none, a motionto accept the
Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements for the month of 
February 2013 wasmade by Member Anderson and seconded by Member Roman. Motion approved unanimously.
Mayors Report
Mayor Hoerner noted he attended the following meetings and events: 2/21 School Boardmeeting; 2/26 TMI Drill table top exercise; 3/14 Bicentennial Meeting; 3/18 Fire Departmentmeeting; Mayor Hoerner also noted that due to the weather the baseball and rugby teams wereunable to sweep the cinders off of Second Street before the street sweeper arrived.
Police Department Report
President Sutch presented the Police Department Report for the month of February and asked if there were any questions regarding it. Hearing none she noted that the February PoliceDepartment Report could be filed.
Fire Department Report
 President Sutch presented the Fire Department Chief report for January and February andasked if there were any questions regarding it. Hearing none, a motion to accept the Januaryand February Fire Department Chief reports was made by Member Matesevac and secondedby Member Thatcher. Motion approved unanimously.
South Central Emergency Medical Services Report
President Sutch presented the South Central Emergency Medical Services report for Februaryand asked if there were any questions regarding it. Hearing none she noted that the Februaryreport could be filed.
Citizens Comments
 A letter from the Dauphin County Commissioners notifying the Borough of the 2012-2013Gaming Grant Award for the Lumber Street Interceptor Project. An announcement and donation request from the Steelton Highspire High School DramaDepartment of their spring presentation of Alice in Wonderland April 11, 12, & 13, 2013 at 7:00pm.PSAB Annual Conference to be held at the Hershey Lodge on May 5-8, 2013.Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank presentation, April 2, 2012 at 10:30 am.Harrisburg Area Transportation Study Meetings for April: Technical Committee, Friday, April 12,2013 at 9:00 am; Coordination Committee, Friday, April 26, 2013 at 9:00 am.H
arrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC invite the Mayor and Council to this year’s “Meet Your Local Elected Official’s” reception on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at the West Shore Country
Club.Manager McHale noted that a resident at 231 Penn Street wrote a letter to Council and
requested that Council read over the letter and it will be discussed at next month’s meeting.
Committee Reports
Public Facilities
Member Matesevac noted that she checked the planters and the bulbs havestarted to grow.Sanitation Committee
Member Dengler had nothing to report.Bi-Centennial Committee
Member Matesevac noted that the banners have been ordered.Finance/Administration
Member Roman had nothing to report.Personnel
Member Roman had nothing to report.Community Development
Member Hoch noted that the Community Development committeehas been meeting with Terry Watts to discuss the facts and results of the past three years of theRental Inspection Program. She noted that there are approximately 618 rental units in the
Borough of which 555 have been inspected. There were lots of violations recognized andhundreds of smoke detectors were installed. Since many of the violations were corrected andthrough discussions the Community Development Committee recommends that the Boroughadopt a new Residential Rental Inspection Resolution from a three year cycle to a six year cycle. The new resolution to take effect in 2015: Zone 1 to begin in 2015, Zone 2 to begin in2017 and Zone 3 to begin in 2019. They also recommend that the fee remain at $75.00 per unit.Member Hoch asked that Members think about this for adoption next month.Public Safety Committee
Member Anderson noted that his committee has been meeting withthe Fire Department regarding their hose and ladder testing.Member Anderson made a motion to approve the proposed project as submitted by the FireDepartment and approved by the public safety committee. Fire One to conduct hose and ladder testing. Said project to be paid for by the Borough out of funds set aside in the General Fund
budget under “Contributions –
Fire Company”; to a maximum of $2,600.00. On completion, Fire
One should submit the bill directly to the Borough for payment. Motion seconded by Member Roman. Motion approved unanimously.
Staff Activity Reports
Manager McHale noted that he received information regarding a new bucket truck andrequested that the information be given to the Finance Committee. He also noted that the bondclosing will be held on March 26 at 11:00 am. He also mentioned that the Borough will receiveroughly $73,000 back in 2012 unused health insurance premium payments. He also noted thatRettew worked on the roadway survey and the gas detection device has been ordered for theWWTP. Manager McHale noted that National Night Out will take place on August 6 at Memorialpark. Normally, around $1000.00 is spent on supplies and such for the event by theNeighborhood Watch Committee; funds for this event are taken from the Recreation Fund.Moved by Member Anderson, seconded by Member Dengler to approve the Staff ActivityReports. Motion approved unanimously.
Solicitor’s Report
 Solicitor DeLuce had nothing to report.
Engineer’s Report
 Engineer Knarr noted that United Water had an additional test pit to complete on Rhoda Avenue. A conflict was found between their pipe and the storm water pipe which will need to berelocated. UGI will not relocate any lines until the Borough has a contractor secured for theproject. Mr. Knarr mentioned that the poles for the traffic signal at Second and Lumber havearrived. Rettew has requested review of the shop drawings but the contractor has notresponded back to Rettew as of yet. He also noted that Rettew prepared a Memo to theBorough regarding the Local Municipal Share grant being used for Infrastructure improvements.
 As part of the memo Rettew worked with borough staff to update the Borough’s road conditions
map and put together an estimated cost and condition sheet for each project ranked in priority.Discussion was held regarding road conditions and funding opportunities for the projects.

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