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the 613 Commandments and the 10 Commandments Part 2

the 613 Commandments and the 10 Commandments Part 2

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Published by Medad Aharon

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Published by: Medad Aharon on Oct 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part 2
                                                                                                                                
 The 613 Commandments are structured in the frame of the TenCommandments [Exo_20:1-19] and gives more detail on each ofthe 10 Commandment headings. The Ten Commandments arethe two major Headings which are the two main categories asY’shua explained it when they asked Him what the GreatestCommandment is. [Mar_12:28-31].
  !"#$%&' 
 () *&+%
The Instructions regarding the Government, the Temple, the Priesthood and theSacrificial System are moved to the end, outside the structure of the TenCommandments because they are only applicable when we are back in the Land andthe Government is set up based on Torah and if there is a Temple in Jerusalem. TheSacrificial System and the Priesthood are only allowed if there is a Tabernacle orTemple. Y’shua is our High Priest and our bodies are His Temple and we offersacrifices of praise and prayers to Him as His holy Priesthood [1 Pet 2:5-9]. We willnow start our journey into discovering which Commandments are still applicable to usas they are presented to us through the structure of the Ten Commandments. 
1. The Two headings of the Ten Commandments – Matt 22, Mar 12.1.1 You shall love YHVH your Elohim1.1.1 Belief in YHVH1.1.2 Do not make graven images or worship other gods1.1.3 Do not take His Name in vain1.1.4 Honour the Sabbath1.1.5 Honour your Father and Mother1.2 You shall love your neighbour as yourself1.2.1 Do not murder1.2.2 Do not commit adultery1.2.3 Do not steal1.2.4 Do not lie1.2.5 Do not covet2. The Letter written to the Gentile assemblies Acts 152.1 Don not eat meat sacrificed to idols – idol worship2.2 Do not eat blood or strangled animals2.3 Do not live sexually immoral3. Laws for Rulers following Torah in Governing the Land – Rom 134. Laws for the Temple and Priesthood and Sacrifices. Heb 7, Heb 10
5. Laws not found in the Torah but in other places in Scripture
5.1 Laws found in Proverbs that are not in the Torah.
5.2 Laws found in the “New Testament” that are not in the Torah
                                                              
11 . .11 . .F Fii r r s s t tF Fiivvee o o m m m m a a n n d  d  m mee n n t t s s--L L o ovvee  H  H  H  H wwii t t h ha ay y o ouu r rh hee a a r r t t
The First Five Commandments are one of the two sets ofCommandments as pointed out by Y’shua in Mat_22:37-40, “…
…”This is the first set of Five Commandments that deal withour relationship with YHVH and how He wants to behonoured, worshipped and loved.Back in the time of Y’shua, they did not have Scripture references like Ex 20:1-20,and had to quote a part of the passage or the “heading” of that portion of Scripture inorder to refer to that portion of Scripture. The people who listened had to have anunderstanding of Scripture to know what He was talking about without beingconfused and completely lost. This explains why people today get confused andtangled up especially with Paul’s writings because they do not know the Scripture(TaNaK) and how they taught and referred to a passages. We will now start with theFirst Commandment and look at all the Commandments in the Torah that slot inunder this “heading”. There will also be a reference to texts in the Brit Chadasha (NT)to show that these commandments were also valid and taught and explained byY’shua and the Apostles and apply to us today.
9 Instructions found both in OT & NT 
"I am YHWH your Elohim, who rescued you from slavery in Egypt. "Do not worship any other gods besides me.
The first Commandment is to have faith in YHVH your Elohim and acknowledge Himas the only God. He is the One who led you out of Egypt and this relates to the factthat believers are actually part of Israel and that they are brought out of Egypt (sinand bondage) to be a light to the nations so that all nations would become part ofIsrael (Righteous people of Elohim) eventually.
 0'"1%+ 2%&)%
 /31$4 %+/2&& 
P 1
- Exo_20:2,Joh_14:10,To
believe in YHVH 
Who brought you out of Egypt(Bondage).
P 2
- Deu_6:4,Mar_12:28-31,
acknowledge the Unity of YHVH 
P 3
- Deu_6:5,Joh_14:15-23,To
love YHVH with all your heart 
and soul andstrength. 
P 4
- Deu_6:13,Rom_3:18, 2Co_7:1, Eph_5:21, Php_2:12, 
Fear YHVH 
P 5
- Deu_6:13, Exo_23:25,Mat_4:10, Mat_6:24, 
Serve YHVH 
P 6
- Deu_6:13, Lev_19:12,Mat_5:34, 
Swear only by His Name, and not to swear falsely 
(Mistranslation in Matthew - detail found in the teaching by Nehemiah Gordon)
P 7
- Deu_28:9,Joh_14:15 , Rom_8:4, 
Keep His Commandments 
and walk inHis ways 
P 8
- Lev_19:2,Rom_11:16, Eph_5:27, 1Pe_1:16, 
Be Holy 
because YHVH isHoly
N 1
- Deu_6:16,Mat_4:7, 
Not tempt YHVH
, not believing His promises &warnings. Do not murmur and complain or follow man's ways testing YHVH'spatience and mercy by your unbelief. 
"Do not make idols of any kind, whether in the shape of birds or animals or fish. You must never worship or bow down to them, for I, YHWH your Elohim, am a jealous Elohim who will not share your affection with any other gods! I do not leave unpunished the sins of those who hate me, but I punish the children for the sins of their parents to the third and fourth generations. But I lavish my love on those who love me and obey my commands,even for a thousand generations.

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