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Popular Culture Galore Part 2

Popular Culture Galore Part 2

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jul 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Popular Culture Galore Part 2 
Me exposing what popular culture actually is consisted of is popular on the Internet. Others have donethe same thing in their research as well. That's why it is vital to make manifest about more tidbits onthis subject, because individuals have a right to fulfill their inquiries on why things exist as they are(
especially in popular culture
). Popular culture is now a mutli-billion dollar industry per year.Certainly, this huge cultural revolution have changed the world culturally and economically. The realityis that we should never let the world manipulate us into being something that we are not. We shouldnot confirm to the world, but we should allow God to make us what we ought to become. That's thetruth.
Some point to entertainment elites believing in the concept of a Reptilian brain in orderto try to manipulate human responses to their mediums. What is the Reptilian brain? It's atheory of the Reptilian Complex of the R-Complex.
This theory views the brain as being consistedof a triune brain model (as it was proposed by Paul D. MacLean). It wants to explain brain functionand the evolution of existing structures of the generic brain. This triune-brain is made up of the R-Complex, the limbic system, and the neo-cortex. The brainstem and the older areas of the CentralNervous System control all normal vertebrates' involuntary behavior (
that includes cardiac andrespiratory functions
). In between these 2 brains are the R-Complex. The R-Complex deals withrage and basic survival fight or flight responses. It's the most advanced part of the brain that highermammals share with reptiles.
Humans can act primitive sometimes since the R-Complex canoverride the more rational functions of the brain. This can cause unpredictable behavior. Awell developed and healthy neo-cortex can monitor R-Complex activity in sentient beings. TheReptilian complex is the most ancient part of a very successful brain scheme, evolutionarilyspeaking
. Mammalian brain structure exists in the outer areas of the brain — the Limbic system andneo-cortex — which evolved more recently. The Limbic system, which was first introduced by
MacLean in a paper in 1952, is similar to the brain of the more primitive mammals and is the source ofemotions other than fear and anger, someaspects ofpersonal identity, and somememoryfunctions. The Limbic system is composed of theamygdalaand thehippocampus.
The neo-cortex, alsoknown as the cerebral cortex, resembles the brain of more recent mammals in that it controlsmore highly evolved mentation such as reason and speech. So, the big picture is that someuse propaganda in the media to control the actions of the human mind. One scheme related tothis is the Problem reaction solution plan. Now, this is about creating a problem, forcingpeople to have a reaction, and offer a solution (even it's illegitimate). 9/11, wars, and otherevents have dealt with problem-reaction-solution construct.
Sigils (and sound waves in specificfrequencies) in commercials and other TV formats are other tactics in attempting to manipulating ourminds as well. The mainstream industry’s leaders use distractions like reality TV shows, etc. as anapart of a means to get society at law (while stripping real morals) to not invest in finding solutions toreal issues (like poverty, our civil liberties, wars, abortion, etc.).
Celebrities dying in such bad circumstances are tragic and sad. Their deaths remind usconstantly that death can occur upon anyone.Another lesson here is that we have to get rightwith God before we die since tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Ed MacMahon, Farrah Fawcett, SteveMcNair, and of course Michael Jackson all died recently. Michael Jackson has been called the"King of Pop." Farrah Fawcett died and she was a member of the Roman Catholic Church (withits false doctrines of calling Mary a Queen of Heaven, the Rosary, calling the Pope Holy Fatherwhich is blasphemy, etc.). She even allowed a priest to give her the Last Rites since she was adevout Catholic
On the other hand,
Romans 3:23-25 says that, "For all have sinned,and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by His grace throughthe redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be apropitiation through faith in His blood, to declare His righteousness for theremission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God."
 Only God canforgive our sins not a priest. She was a super model and a former Playboy celebrity. She usedto be on the 1970's hit television series of Charlie's Angels. She died of cancer at the age of 63.Michael Jackson died mysteriously on June 25, 2009. He revolutionized culture and music withhis videos plus actions. Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1958 and moved intoCalifornia during the 1970's. Michael Jackson inspired a lot of people and broke barriersculturally and racially.He modernized music videos and gave money to charity. He wascontroversial being accused of pedophilia and intentionally disfiguring his skin complexion(plus face).The child in the first case (whose name was
Jordan Chandler)
said that he liedabout Michael Jackson sexually abusing him. The boy said that his family pressured him tocreate these accusations for an economic motive. Sources in the Jackson family documenthow Michael Jackson was mentally and physically abused by his father Joseph Jackson. Thatis one of the many reasons why he lived such a troubled life. Michael Jackson never had anormal childhood, which further explains some of his behavior. Joseph's own kids weren'teven allowed to play that much without children in their upbringing. Joseph's abuse was sosophisticated at times, that some believe that his treatment relates to trauma-based mindcontrol. Fritz Springmeier wrote of Michael Jackson in these words:
For Mickey Mouse programming they came out with Thru the Mirror, where Mickey Mouse stepsthrough his bedroom mirror and ends up in another world (altered state).Not all of the Disney moviesthat have mind-control programming themes got released to the public. One unreleased cartoon hadPenelope fleeing from a sinister looking Grandfather Clock which is carrying her to another world, andhas another scene where Penelope tries to hold onto someone who personifies the Wind. GeorgeLucas, who directed the movie Star Wars, which was a movie planned by the Illuminati & used forIlluminati programming, also directed Disney’s movie "Captain EO".Captain EO (who looks like ademonic entity) goes to rescue the Queen (who looks like the harlot describes as Mystery Babylon inthe Bible). The Queen is in captivity simply because she and her people believe in black and white(which represent good and evil).
When they renounce such a belief, they are saved by Michael
Jackson (in actual life a mind-controlled slave) playing Captain EO.
It’s a New Age witchcraft filmthrough & through.
By the way, Michael Jackson has gone to Disney amusement parks manytimes, sometimes in disguise. It is public knowledge that his Jehovah’s Witness family hasbeen very abusive mentally and physically to their children.
Disney has put out several movies onhow the mind works, such as the educational film The Brain & Nervous System in 1990..."
Trauma-based mind control is very common in the CIA's MK-ULTRA program. MK Ultra wasabout the CIA using drugs and control techniques in order to brainwash plus control ordinarycitizens in America. Michael Jackson and his brother made music in the late 1960’s and in the1970’s. The Jackson brothers worked with CBS to become the Jacksons by June of 1976.Later, Michael Jackson decided to go strictly solo. The famous producer Quincy Jones helpedMichael Jackson to develop his own unique style in terms of his artistic voice (into an adultartist). Off the Wall his Michael Jackson‘s album in August 10, 1979. Jackson's music had avariety from attempting to have social commentary to sexual antics, and violence.The biggestselling album in history is his own album of Thriller being released in November 30, 1982. Itsold over 50 million copies.
Guinness Book of World Records 
as having sold 65million copies as of 2007.
He is known for embracing some spiritualism (by believing that hecommunicated with the spirit ofLiberacein a secret room of mirrors, he claim that some lyricsare channeled to him, and he was embracing of spirit communication). Aleister Crowley had asecret room of mirrors to contact spirits and contact his sick rituals. Jackson wanted worldpeace (as evident in his song “We are the World, We are the Children” from 1985. Other artistswere in the song as well from Lionel Ritchie to Tina Turner plus Billy Joel), but believed in anone world philosophy like many artists before him. Michael Jackson used prescription drugsand his temporary doctor isn't saying much to the police (Michael Jackson reportedly was inmillions of dollars in debt). The Pepsi commercial accident that happened toward MichaelJackson might of caused him to have prescription drug problems.
In the fire incident inthe Pepsi commercial, part of Jackson’s scalp was burned. He suffered pain inhis head potentially until he died (especially since he experienced anabundant of surgeries to comfort his head).
There is suspicion that this doctor knowsmuch than he is letting on. That is why the Jackson family desires a 2nd autopsy to discoverthe real truth about why Jackson died. According to federal drug regulations, it’s illegal forJackson’s personal physician to prescribe even a powerful cough medicine to MichaelJackson. This doctor’s name is
Dr. Conrad Murray.
Murray is not licensed to give certainlevels of controlled medications in the states. If he did give Demerol or Oxycotin to MichaelJackson, he would be breaking the law. The reason it is illegal for a person to administerdrugs in California that other doctors had got from other states like Nevada or Texas. Also,Murray has no registration number in CA to prescribe controlled substances. Murray’s lawyerssaid that he didn’t do this. Murray would join Freemasonry 3 years ago. The doctor findingMichael Jackson when he had a weak pulse. He attempted CPR for 30 minutes before tellinganyone else about Jackson’s condition.Why would he not immediately call an ambulance or 911 instead of doing nothing but CPR for30 minutes straight (when Michael Jackson experienced cardiac arrest)? Either he’s diabolicalor incompetent to do something like that. The media have had a love hate relationship withMichael Jackson. The media genuflect him during the days of Thriller and abhorred him justbefore he died. After his death, ironically, the mainstream media is giving him praise.
Beforehis death, Michael Jackson spoke out about the corrupt policies of somemusic companies. He said that: “… I’m not just fighting for myself. I’m fightingfor all artists…They have been taken by the system and totally broken themfinancially…This has to stop. This CONSPIRACY…”
He gave another speech inSeptember 7, 2001 spoke about the manipulation of the press (plus lying history books) and

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