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Published by Benjamin Frew
Horror fiction. Sarah suffers from vivid hallucinations and sleep paralysis, and it leads to dire consequences. 4,300 words.
Horror fiction. Sarah suffers from vivid hallucinations and sleep paralysis, and it leads to dire consequences. 4,300 words.

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Published by: Benjamin Frew on Oct 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rock bottom keeps getting deeper.
―You‘re pathetic,‖ he would say, ―look at you. Ugly
and f 
 The shrouded figure paced my room, his eyes locked onto mine.He was old and frail, with pale white skin, which looked war-torn andaged. A black, torn cloak draped over his physique, complete with ahood, which camouflaged his face. His body was skeletal.
I was lying in my bed, paralyzed. The figure‘s eyes ran over me,
 judging every little detail, searching for flaws across every inch of myfemale body.
―James may call you beautiful, but he‘s only trying to man
you, sweetheart. Oh, how easy it is for him to bed you. You‘re just a
 broken soul who gives her body away, t
errified of being alone.‖
 He approached the bed and leaned over me. He neared his head,ever so slowly,
creeping forward until our faces met. The figure‘s icy
cold breath brushed against my cheeks, and it smelled of death. His eyeswere a flushed red, and his nose hairs were overgrown. He had a classic
witch‘s nose; it was long and narrow, with a prominent lump on the
He punctuated each and every breath with a brief pause. Inhale,stop. Exhale, stop. Each gasp of air was accompanied by a dreadfulrattle, as if his lungs were bound to collapse at any moment.Sweat poured down my face. Adrenaline shot throughout my body
as I tried to flail, but my muscles didn‘t respond. I was helpless. I
wanted nothing more than to scream, to attack my intruder, and to thrashaimlessly in terror. I could feel my heart racing; my own breathing became short and shallow.At last, a tear streamed down my left cheek. The figure stopped his breathing, his gaze fixed on the sole drop on my face as it made its waydown my ugly, imperfect face.
He cackled. ―You‘re worthless.‖
 Hours seemed to pass by until my mom knocked on my door.
―Sarah,‖ she said, ―are you awake?‖
 The deathly frail figure then vanished. I quickly forced my handsinto my face and sobbed uncontrollably as my mother entered the room.
She gasped, then sat on the bed and cradled me. ―Oh honey, what‘sthe matter?‖
―Come on, Sarah. You haven‘t looked me in the eyes all day.What‘s going on?‖
 My boyfriend James was hunched over in his seat and leaningacross the table, trying to get some sort of response out of me. If I caredto look him in the eyes, I would likely be greeted with his wide pupilsand an arched brow; his typical look of concern. I continued to avert hisgaze and picked at the bland cafeteria food being served today.Atkins High School seemed to scurry on at a grueling pace: linesforming and shortening as students are served, rambunctious teenagershowling over the latest gossip floating around, and occupied booths being left empty as the lunch hour passed.
James and I had not moved the entire time. He didn‘t even bother 
to eat any lunch; as soon as he found me he sat down and refused toleave until I showed signs of life.
I didn‘t.
―Get a move on, kids,‖ our vice principal hovered over us. ―You‘relate for class.‖

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