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No Change, No God.

No Change, No God.

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Published by glennpease

"Because they , have no changes, therefore they fear not God,"Ps. 55: 19.

"Because they , have no changes, therefore they fear not God,"Ps. 55: 19.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O CHAGE, O GOD.By C. J. BALDWI."Because they , have no changes, therefore they fear not God,"Ps. 55:19.O a certain Fourth of July evening, great numbers of people were grouped in a public place, observing adisplay of fireworks. As the sudden bursts of flame shotforth in the darkness' and filled the gloomy air with bril-liant effects of many-colored light, the multitude were loudin their expressions of enjoyment. The radiant whirls, thesparkling fountains, the soaring columns of fire with theirfalling shower of rainbow tints, were applauded heartily.But when the pyrotechnic exhibition was over, and thesolemn reign of night was resumed, how many persons inthat concourse gave a look upward to the other displaywhich was shining from the dome of space ? Yet there was aspectacle which for beauty and grandeur exceeded all the fire-works of earth, as the conflagration of a city would out-shine a camp-fire. If men had never beheld it before, therevelation of the starry heavens would strike them dumbwith amazement, as those scintillating myriads, thosegleaming constellations, those misty fields of light brokeon their view. And, as interpreted by science, thewonders of sun and system, galaxy and nebula, beyondconception vast and numerous, would be as an almost in-credible fairy tale, a romance of the astral universe, toomarvellous to be true.o Change, o God. 159Yet knowing all this, what is the usual attitude of ourminds toward the nocturnal sphere ? Apart from the occa-sional excitement caused by an eclipse or a meteor, the
majority of people pay no attention at all to the siderealphenomena. It was pathetic to note the blank silence andloneliness which befell after the noisy, flashing fireworkshad disappeared, and the crowd had gone to their homes,without a thought of the still and starry splendors thatwere shining down on them as they had done uponAbram's faith and David's wonder. There they are tonight — shining on, shining ever — undimmed above our dark-ness, untroubled by our storms, as they will continue toglow when the earth itself is wrapped in its final fires.And yet a boy's Roman candle or sky rocket will arousemore popular interest than all the starry heavens of space.Of course we must make allowance for familiarity. If fireworks were let off every night, we should think nomore of them than we now do of Jupiter and the MilkyWay. And if the stars were visible only once a year theexhibition would attract many spectators. It is too muchto ask that we give the same attention to the regular as tothe irregular — to the constant as to the occasional.But is this true ? Are we absolved from attention tothe uniform because of its uniformity, and are we justifiedin bestowing our admiration only on the exceptions to therule? Children, ignorant and thoughtless persons, mayfollow that drift of mental carelessness ; but is it not some-thing to be avoided by all responsible minds ? For thatinclination, if indulged, soon leads to grave religious errors.There are multitudes of human beings who never recognizethe supernatural because of the stability of the natural. Theycannot see the Creator through the perpetual presence of thei6o o Change, o God.creation. This they admit. They will tell you that if they could witness such signs and wonders as the Bible de-scribes, they too might believe in a God or a Savior. Butas it is, there seems to be no break in the current of cause
and effect. ature and man are the two invariable factorsof time; and as the Reign of Law appears to be invaria-ble, what room can be left for anything else ? ** Becausethey have no changes, therefore they fear not God."But we contend that just because there are no changes(in the sense of deviations from the order of nature), menshould fear God : for this sustained regularity is the high-est proof of His existence. If there is no Supreme Intel-ligence and Will presiding over all things, how can thestable uniformity of nature be accounted for ? The smoothand faultless regularity of a vast and complex machine isnever taken as an evidence of self-sufficiency on its part.Would any sane mind wait for a break or a deflection inthe mechanism, in order to be assured of an inventor or aconstructor ? Of course not. Perfect order never comesof itself. either nature nor life teach us to look for theself-derived and self-sustained in anything ; but the morecomplete and perfect an organization, the more need isthere for an adequate cause to account for it. And yetwhen we reach the Cosmos, that all-inclusive and all-perfectsystem, men stop short in their logic, and because of thefaultlessnessof the creation, refuse to believe in a Creator.From the days o( the Psalmist "night unto nightshoweth knowledge " of Him whose glory the heavens de-clare, and we have been wont to say that "an undevoutastronomer is mad." But that, kind of insanity is only toocommon in these days of scientific culture. "The heav-ens declare no longer the glory of God, but that of ew-o Change, o God. i6iton and Kepler," said Semerie. La Place affirmed *' In myheaven I find no God;" and Lalande, **I have peeredthrough the heavens for sixty years and have never seenhim yet." And why? " because there is no change " there,but all is continuous and complete, as the movements of 

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