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Flesh vs. Spirit

Flesh vs. Spirit



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Published by mcdozer
What Jesus has to say at the onset of the 21st century about...
What Jesus has to say at the onset of the 21st century about...

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Published by: mcdozer on Jul 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learn to operate more in the Spirit & lean less on the arm of the flesh. Your weakness is your strength, for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Your weakness is what makesyou turn to Me instead of running out the door & jumping right into the day without Me. Your discomfort is whatmakes you feel not at home in this world, which is what I desire, so you seek Me and My Kingdom first.I use those times you’re frustrated by your own inability to get anything accomplished in your own strength.That’s what reminds you of your need for Me.Always make sure that what you’ve got to say comes from Me & isn’t just your own opinion or assumption.I have called you to
accomplishments, not great works in the physical realm. The unseen, unnoticedwork you do for Me, to further My cause, to spread My message, THAT has eternal rewards!I’m teaching you to think in a completely different & new way than the way you have been raised in before.‘Rational’ thinking won’t help you survive in the days to come, only crazy faith in Me & following My leads.Don’t listen to your head, listen to your heart. Your head says, you’ve got to do this or that or the other in order to fulfill your duty, so that men will speak & think well of you. Your heart says, just listen to the Lord! Forget allthat & just love the Lord, and He will work out the rest. Your head says, oh, but there’s bills to pay, shopping tobe done and this & that & the other... The heart says: There’s listening to be done, there are Words to be heardfrom the Maker of the universe, Words from the mountain!Those who cling to the old ways of the flesh are going to reap the destruction of the flesh.A lot of My children are still operating too much in the flesh, leaning too hard on the arm of the flesh!True satisfaction comes from a place which eludes the carnal mind, and you sometimes have to do the oppositeof the expected to get there.Never before has the human mind been so drilled & conditioned by the input of the Enemy, for he has muchgreater platforms & means of implanting his thoughts into human minds than ever before, through the media &education. There’s a lot more I have to get past first.Once you have learned to put the fleshly way of thinking aside, & let My Spirit take over, then I’m able to teachyou to lay the foundation for communication with Me.Sometimes the opposite of what appears to the carnal mind, is actually the truth. Those who don’t have the oilof My Spirit in their lamps only see the apparent evil. They have been bewitched by their glamour to reject Mypower.(Spirit Helper:) Who, in their carnal minds, would have ever begun to assume that in all the great & gloriousefforts & works of man, which will all come to naught in the end – the most lasting & effective deed & effortshould be the one which commits the task into the hands of the Lord, in obedience to His command, ‘Standback & see Me fight!’?It is man’s temptation to assume that he needs to finish what God has started. In reality, God is only in theprocess of choosing those who choose to let Him work through them, to help Him establish His true Kingdom.How finite are the works of man. In all their doings, in all their toil & striving, they accomplish not a fraction of what a believer can achieve on his knees, committing the matter which needs to be done to the Maker.The works of the flesh often accomplish only the opposite of what the Lord wants in your life, for bystrengthening & increasing your carnal sense of accomplishment, your trust, confidence & reliance on the Spiritis weakened.‘When I am weak, then I am strong, for His strength is made perfect in weakness.’ He must increase, but youmust decrease. His power in you needs to grow, and your own puny little strength must come to an end.Command the Lord what He should do for you, instead of trying to get there by your own strength & efforts, &you’ll see how much further you will go on the wings of the spirit than your own two feet could ever carry you.Why walk when you can fly?Why do you subject yourselves into the hands of the powers that rule the physical & temporal realm, who seekto use you as pawns in their game, when you are destined to become My rulers of the eternal realm?Come, My children, & forsake those fleeting pleasures today, ‘having food & raiment, let us therewith becontent’, learning to be ‘content in whatsoever state’, and find out about the thrills of the REAL winners &champions of the universe.Why lean on the arm of the flesh? Wise are those who are weak in their own sight & run to Me for strength &protection. Foolish are they who think they’re strong enough to save themselves. Wise are they who take MyWords to heart. Foolish are they who only trust in their own minds.Thus it has been from the beginning, and thus it shall be until the end. The battle royal between those who trustin the flesh & those who put their confidence in the Spirit; those who choose Me for their Captain and thosewho choose to be the captains of their own fate; the former will sail their boats safely into My harbor; the latter,in their blind rage of pride and ego will crash into an iceberg, like the Titanic, & great will be the calamity & thecries of woe thereof.Many are called, but few choose to learn out of the lessons & experiences I bring into their lives. Many simplyprefer to heed the lies of the majority. They think with a carnal mind & see with the eyes of the flesh: the sheer size of the majority, the size & apparent strength of it appeals to them, and they want to be part of it, part of the
‘in-crowd’. They seek to impress, they don’t want to be humiliated.Beware, therefore, and fall not into the same trap! It’s very easy to yield to the temptation of wanting to impress,but know now that this is the way of the flesh. Seek not to impress with your abilities, but with My Spirit.When you are weak, then you are strong. What makes you truly great is not the talent I have given you, but theanointing I give you whenever I am able to use you, speak & flow through. In doing so, you won’t have to rely onthe flesh anymore, for I will do it all.Where you can’t anymore, there I can. Where you end & come to the end of your capacities, there I begin & havea chance to start working – finally! – through you.Not by might nor by power – nor by man’s gifts, wit or prudence – but by My Spirit. Only if I enable you, youhave the strength to work these workings of My Spirit. The flesh is utterly incapable, useless a hindrance, anannoyance. It doesn’t cut the cake when you intend to do My work & the works of My Spirit. It’s got to be MySpirit in you!Everything is dead without the Spirit. All the perfection one can try to attain in the flesh, is dead & nothing,without the true life of My Spirit.Don’t just let the things you learn inform you, but
you, shape you into something greater. Learn to see withthe eyes of the spirit, not merely acknowledge data & accumulate information. Your old man, your fleshly old creature, is an abomination to Me. And in order to completely & fully become thatnew creature, you have to obey My Word & ‘be transformed by the renewing of your minds, presenting your bodies a living sacrifice, which is your reasonable service’!Stop seeing things merely with the eyes of the flesh. If you look at people with the eyes of the spirit, you will seetheir true nature. I can reveal things to you about people that they won’t even know about themselves! I canshow you things of the Spirit that will encourage you & will give you new strength to carry on. You have tried to soothe your hunger for beauty by means of the flesh. Often what you consider beautiful, isdownright ugly & an abomination to Me, while other times that which you consider ugly is beautiful in My sight.Learn to see with My eyes, and fully put on My mind.Open pathways are before you everywhere; if you will just open your spiritual eyes you will see them. In theflesh you only see the limitations, the confines, the ‘hole’ in which you see yourself. Seek Me, therefore, to liftyou out of your hole & onto the pathways of your choice.What looks like the difficult path to you may be in reality the easiest path, for when
can’t do it,
do it
you. Quit struggling in the flesh & let Me take over!The road of utter trust is like death to the flesh... When it comes down to it, you’re either going the way of theflesh or the way of the spirit, which will require a complete break with relying on the flesh.The flesh battles in you, to get its way, to push its way through, to sway you & influence you to settle for thelesser option than My best....He that soweth to the flesh will reap the corruption of the flesh. The flesh corrupts. It corrupts the spirit &chokes the things that really count. Only the Spirit brings life! Your fleshly loss has been your spiritual gain. In losing your pride of life you have found Me, My voice, & ahumbler path. Long live the Spirit! And it does. It lives forever.In becoming partakers of the spiritual, the eternal, you’re taking on a very special role in this world, for you haveinherited that eternal, immortal ingredient, which marks you as different & makes you stick out from them.The less there is of you, the more the light shines through. You must decrease so that I can increase in you. Areyou willing to become a little bit less of yourself & a whole lot more of Me?I don’t need anyone who is strong in themselves, I need somebody weak, who in their own flesh can’t do it,somebody utterly dependent on Me. You’re not going to make it walking in the flesh, only if you rely utterly on My Spirit.(S.H.:) Give up your attempts to try it in the flesh & let the Lord do it completely.He’ll get so much better results than when you try to do it with just a little help from Him...Seek Me and the truth, the
picture more desperately, for you cannot rely on your own minds. You cannotrely on your eyes and on your physical senses, much less that which you deem to be your own knowledge.That’s your struggle: flesh or spirit. Every day, every hour & every minute you have to make the choice &decide. And it takes faith to choose the Spirit, the invisible... Especially when that which I, the Lord of the Spiritask of you is hard for you to do, and that which the Lord of this world uses to distract you is so attractive.’The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak:’ The spirit stands for your willingness, and even comes from MySpirit, which works in you, both, to will & to
that which is My good pleasure. I have begun the good work inyou, and I am the One to complete it. But the flesh is what hinders you. It stands for weakness. That which isconsidered strength in the world is actually a flaw, a handicap if you want to do the works of the Spirit.Success in the flesh profiteth nothing. If I don’t anoint your works to be accepted by the world, then it is My willfor you to utterly dedicate all you’ve got to the Spirit, and there you will find strength that they who trust in theflesh know not of.This constant struggle of the flesh to crowd out of your life the things which are important to Me, by the things
which you consider more important at the moment, is so contrary to Me, My will in your life, and thus your spiritual progress.It’s the flesh that weakens you, disables you to do the works of My Spirit. The flesh is weakness, the Spirit isstrength.It’s the eternal struggle, and it’s becoming more & more intense, as the world of the flesh fights its last furiousbattle & lashes out innumerable temptations at My brides to lure them away from Me. The god of this worldappeals to all that your flesh desires, all you could ever dream of having in this life, in order to get you awayfrom Me and the Spirit.He fights for your time, your energy, your attention. And every minute he achieves to lure you away from Me tofulfill the gratification of the flesh, is a point for him, which weakens you a little more, delays your progress alittle more.In the flesh, you’re a loser. In the Spirit, you’re a prince. You can walk through your days either as a loser or as aprince, depending on whether you walk in the Spirit or in the flesh. Are you going to be a loser or a princetoday? Are you going to walk in the flesh? Or in the spirit, as My prince and anointed, My beloved, in whom I amwell pleased, in spite of countless faults & flaws by the standards & measures of man?A missionary is a picture of utter trust in Me vs. the flesh.”The hare never made it, but the tortoise did,” and while the men of force go down in flames & lighting up thelandscape in one brilliant flash, sometimes a little, insignificant person can continue working, lighting manycandles in many places, and thus give an equal amount of light, only in a quieter way, but nevertheless thesame amount of light.So, have patience and compassion for the weaker ones, for you never know what I may do in their lives over time, and what great miracles might be wrought through their weakness. It’s not the strong & mighty who willconquer the Earth in the end, but ”the meek shall inherit the Earth”.The flesh is almost like the false identity the Enemy wants to give you; the weak, sinful & despicable you. Butyou can look way past that at your higher anointing & you’ll know what I’ll make you capable of. You’ll beunstoppable & you can do all things through Me if you just focus on your true identity: My creation! Remember who you are! It’s the slumbering higher anointing which dwells within each of you, which the key & the call of David & the chord of his harp, bring to life. That which you can be & are in the spirit: the creation of Myomnipotent hand, not the fake identity the Devil is trying to brainwash you to accept.Be My creation, My children, awake, & come to life, oh ye very creations of My hand, the sculptures of Myeternal breath! Hide no more, crawl no more into the dark dungeon, the grave, the empty shell of this flesh,which is nothing but corruption. I beg you to refuse to accept the lower identity which the Devil & the Systemare trying to give you & that you render your services completely to Me. Be a fully functioning agent for Mycause & don’t let them brainwash you any longer into believing & accepting the loser role he would like to putyou in.Be that which I have called & chosen you to be. Reject & cancel the former. Be the greater one you can be thatoriginated in Me. That which is flesh, is flesh, but that which is born of the spirit, is spirit. Break out of thecocoon of the old. Let go of the flesh & cling to My Spirit.Be not perplexed by your weakness, but shed it like an old cloak. Soon I will clothe you in strength, anointing &power & none shall be able to withstand thee, if thou canst believe.All too easily you slip right back into the confidence of the flesh, and that’s when you start making mistakes. Itwon’t work without Me.The weakening of the flesh in order to bring about My strength in you really is a beautiful process for Me tobehold. The shedding of the old to give birth to the new. The farewell of the cocoon of the flesh to welcome thewings of the spirit which will help you rise above & fly higher than you’ve ever been before...Letting go of the flesh & the enticements of the world in order to put Me & My will first in your lives is acrucifixion of the flesh, & the Enemy fights it, but I highly honor each sacrifice you make for Me!Isn't it a blessing to be small & desperate, clinging to Me for every day of your life? Isn't it so much moreblessed than the self-satisfied, lukewarm mode of confiding in the flesh?Those with great leadership qualities, those full of action, courage & initiative, do not always make it in MyKingdom in the long run, but those who have chosen the good part of sitting at My feet, hungering for MyWords, it will never be taken away from them! It's My promise!I've got to be the Beginning & the End of all your works in order for them to be works of faith instead of works of the flesh.I've got to be in it, in order for it to come alive.Those who do good works without My Spirit to strengthen & uphold them, sooner or later run out of strength, &they just peter out.I put before you the ways of life & of death, to choose this day, & according to your faith be it unto you! "As aman thinketh in his heart, so is he!" You can think of yourself as a dinosaur on the brink of death & oblivion, &that's what you're going to be! OR you lift up your eyes, your face to Me, the Giver of eternal life, & let Meinvigorate you, quicken & strengthen you & let Me fill you until overflowing with sparkling life & energy! "As thydays, so shall be the thy strength!"I want you to be young & free - the older you get!The older you get, the younger you become! That's My magic! That's My unfathomable, incomprehensible, un-analyzable miracle-working power & way, confounding the wise & mighty!

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