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Lutec and Zero Point

Lutec and Zero Point

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Published by Red Bluelight

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Published by: Red Bluelight on Jul 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 18 -
the Skeptic,
Spring 2001
Energy production is the mainstay oour affluent lifestyle, and possiblythe undoing of our planets climate.Its economic importance is gargan-tuan. Energy itself is invisible to theeye, but its behaviour is governed bylaws of nature that have been knownfor hundreds of years.Not surprising then, that a goodfraction of the world’s scientificallyliterate people are involved in theproduction, conversion, storage, dis-tribution, and sales of energy. Littlewonder also, that it attracts manynot encumbered by such knowledgeor scruples.Most of us know that you cant getmoney out of thin air. A stack of 20coins in a sealed jar stays at 20, itdoes not grow to 25 overnight. Inphysics classes, our school-childrenlearn that it is the same with energy.You can convert it between forms, sayfrom chemical in fuel to heat insidean engine to mechanical at thewheels of your car, but the totalnever goes up.Despite this, we see an endlessprocession of devices claimed to over-come such inconvenient facts, such asenergy polarizers which double yourcar’s mileage, and over-unity genera-tors which enable you to sell powerback to the grid.Why are we regularly faced withpeople claiming these impossiblemachines? Clearly because of theirenormous economic potential. Tothose who actually believe their ma-chine works, the playing field is theworld’s energy economy. To the manywho don’t, it is the money of buyersand investors.In the USA, there is a long historyof such scamsters travelling aroundshowing their machines to churchgroups, elderly people’s clubs etc. USSkeptical investigator Eric Krieg hasmany listed on his site at:www. phact.org/e/dennis4.html.
Scamsters typically build a complexmachine, take some bogus measure-ments, and say it will solve the energycrisis and make investors rich. Sadly,it is often the underpriviledged anduneducated who offer their savings.
The Lutec machine
Here in Australia, we have been in-vestigating two people from Queens-land who are attracting worldwideinterest and investment for theirLutec” Free Energy machine. It isclaimed to be able power your houseand you can sell surplus energy back to the grid, thus solving the world’senergy crisis.In researching for this article, Icontacted interested parties and ex-perts. These include:
John Christie and Lou Brits,the free energy machine inventors;
Cliff Carew, Patent Attorney,who drafted the patent;
Vivienne Thoms, AustralianPatent Commissioner;
Ian Bryce is an engineer and scientist working in the commercial satellite launching industry.He is a member of the Australian Skeptics Committee.
Free Energy?
Not from Lutec
The lure of “free energy” isvery seductive. Ian Bryceinvestigates the Lutecscheme and exposesits flawed claims.
the Skeptic,
Spring 2001 - Page 19
Steve Brassington, electricalengineer providing reference.I acknowledge using their inputsin making the article accurate. I havesummarised their responses wheredisagreement remains. In the inter-ests of fair play, the full text is avail-able from Australian Skeptics onrequest.
Australian Skeptics Challenge
The Australian Skeptics challengepeople who claim to achieve extraor-dinary results which violate the lawsof physics. If such people seek oraccept payment or invest-ment on this basis, weare even more interested.We challenge them todemonstrate their abilityunder proper observingconditions.If the claims turn outto be justified, then wewill say so, and we willhelp to rewrite the phys-ics textbooks. If (as ismore common), theclaims turn out to befalse, then we will alsosay so, and help put torest a possibly fraudulentoperation.Machines claimed toproduce energy out of nothing used tobe called perpetual motion machines.Recently, Free Energy has becomethe catchcry. There are even FreeEnergy Associations around theworld, selling plans and instructionsfor these devices. So when the world’smedia learned of two Queenslandinventors with a 3000% efficient gen-erator, just needing some seed capitalto go into production, the Skepticswere interested. The inventors evenchallenged us to test their machinefor the $100,000 prize. Having gradu-ated in physics and electrical engi-neering, served in Inventors Associa-tions, and worked in rocketpropulsion, I work with power flowsevery day. I was very interested tolearn about this machine.There are further prizes on offeraround the world. Eric Krieg offeredto fly in from the USA to witness ourtest, and to offer his own US$10,000.James Randi’s prize for psychic phe-nomena covers perpetual motion too.
The Claimants
The inventors are John Christie (me-chanical engineer), and Lou Brits(electrician), both of Cairns, in farnorth Queensland (occupations asper media reports). All publicity todate that we have seen has beenabout these two men. But who isrunning the investment campaign?Australian Skeptics has discoveredthat the Third Man is Alex Witten, areal estate consultant of Cairns.
The Claim to The Skeptics
Having heard about our Challengeprize, John and Lou contacted theSkeptics, and in August 1999 werevisited by Victorian Challenge Com-mittee member Bob Nixon. Theyshowed him a small motor poweredfrom a battery, and made some gen-eral claims about its performance inrunning longer than it should.On 23 June 2000, John Christieemailed Australian Skeptics, notify-ing us of his wish to challenge for the$100,000. He explained that his mo-tor will run, under load, for twice thetime that it should be able to run, ascalculated from the capacity of thebatteries. I replied that this was nota valid claim, as it could be due to aconservative data sheet for the bat-teries. We would instead wish tomeasure the electrical and mechani-cal power going in to and out of themachine in real time. He then built abigger machine, and began takingmeasurements as I had indicated.Until December 2000, John wasvery communicative, sending me adiagram of the machine and testsetup, two video tapes of it runningand being tested, an Excel spreadsheet, and list of measurements. Iexplained what would be required fora valid test, and his setup was modi-fied several times.In an email to me dated 4 January2001, John sent a copy of a letter tothe Institute for Free Energy, inwhich he stated that:
The motor coils remainat room temperature ...which is of course cen-tral to any claim of hav-ing 100% efficiency or better.
Oops! This shows twothings. Firstly, thatwhen it suits, he recog-nises the principle oconservation of energy;secondly, if his claimed3000% efficiency is true,then all that energycoming out with littlegoing in, should makethe coils
ice cold
, whichthey are not! The letter continues:
 By reconfiguring the coil, we can pump power back to the batterysource, which then holds or evenincreases in charge level as the motor runs.
Where do the inventors think theenergy is coming from? Their re-sponse to this article claims that apermanent magnet holding up aheavy iron object for a long time isdoing work, ie supplying energy. Wepoint out that the formula for work isthe force acting multiplied by thedistance moved, thus zero movementgives zero energy.The inventors know that the termperpetual motion” does not go downwell with investors, and strenuouslyclaim that their machine would stopafter maybe 20 years when the bat-teries failed. I wonder, since theydon’t get discharged, why not replacethem with a capacitor?
John Christie (left) and Lou Brits, with their “free energy” machine.
Page 20 -
the Skeptic,
Spring 2001
They prefer to use the term “gen-erating power out in excess of powerin”. However, the accepted meaningof the entire term “perpetual motionmachine” is one which does not de-plete its source of energy, and inprinciple (neglecting bearings andmaterial degradation) could run for-ever. This device (if it does what isclaimed) clearly qualifies.
Promotion and investment
Two websites placed by the inventorsshowed the thrust of their businessplan and targeted investors.Their Main website was titled:
The World’s First Free Energy Ma-chine Also creates an incredible op- portunity for you!
It includes:
 MOTOR FOR ANY VEHICLE / VESSEL / APPLIANCE WILL RUN  INDEFINITELY. NO NEED FOR RE-CHARGE ELECTRICITY GEN-ERATOR. 240 Volt AC The Australian inventors have spent  five years developing a new technol-ogy, which is expressed in an inven-tion registered with the AustralianPatent Office and protected in onehundred and fifty countries througha PCT International patent applica-tion.The invention is a new motor, whichis able to produce more output energyin useable torque, than the amount of energy it requires to run itself.Something that scientists worldwidehave been attempting to do for centu-ries, has now been done in Australia.Free energy, or as the inventors pre- fer to call it, super high efficiency, ishere.The inventors have in support of their patent claims irrefutable evi-dence that can be proven physically,mathematically and theoretically. At no point does the motor offend exist-ing thermodynamic laws and princi- ples. It is NOT perpetual motion, it IS a far more efficient way of utilisingwhat has always been available, noenergy is created, no magic is used, just sound basic principles, and com-mon sense being applied to extract more from what has always beenavailable, and use it better, than inthe past.
Their B.A.N.K. Inc website
This web site describes the free en-ergy claims :
[or over 100% efficiency].
It gives a numbered bank accountin Singapore, and includes instruc-tions on how to transfer money to it.It describes how they hope to getenough:
little players...to raise the largeamounts of money needed....
They offer certificates rangingfrom US$50 (Iron Level) to $2000(Platinum). When production com-mences, you can redeem your certifi-cate for twice the face value againstthe purchase of a machine.
 Its about telling your children angrandchildren, and them tellingtheirs, about how you had the oppor-tunity, the wisdom and foresight...to protect their financial future...and save the planet...
The web site includes the followingletter, deliberately linking the patentto the free energy claims:
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN We the undersigned: Ludwig Emma Brits and Victor  John Christie, of Queensland, Aus-tralia. Are the owners and inventors of anew technology expressed in an inter-national patent application number PCT/AU99/00962.This invention has been applied todevelop a device for generating elec-tricity at no cost of fuel to run and without producing any pollution....Signed: Ludwig Emma Brits.Signed: Victor John Christie.
What is B.A.N.K. Inc. exactly?There seems to be some confusion.The web site says:
 A truly international corporation, B.A.N.K. Inc was formed, registered and incorporated in the Pacific,reaching the world through HongKong, and having its geographicaland banking hub in Singapore...B.A.N.K. searches the world for suitable emerging new technologies... BANK Inc became aware of the in-ventors technology and through Aus-tralian agents contacted theinventors...
Amazing, because (with assistancefrom Eric Krieg at groups.yahoo.com/ group/free_energy/message/1901) Ispoke to the designer of BANK Inc'sweb site, Mr Eike Prenzel. He livesin you guessed it Cairns, andtold me the whole BANK spread wasprovided by one John Christie!"BANK Inc became aware of the in-ventors technology and through Aus-tralian agents contacted the inven-tors", indeed. What a nerve!The two web sites were pulled onabout 16 March 2001 following repre-sentations from the Australian Secu-rities and Investment Commission.However, it seems the content of BANK has been copied and is stillavailable at:
It also appeared in the Australianmagazine
Media coverage
An article in the
Cairns Post 
of 8March 2001 is particularly interest-ing. It may be seen at:
and is summarised below:
Two Cairns inventors yesterday un-veiled a world first commercial ma-chine which can power a house froma permanent, clean, green and virtu-ally free energy source... Relying on the attraction and repul-sion of internal magnets, the Lutec1000 operates continually on a pulse-like current 24 hours a day – producing 24 kilowatt [hours] of [energy] – once it is kickstarted froma battery source...The device is more than 500 per cent efficient...
Free Energy?

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