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Breakable Bella (Part 8)

Breakable Bella (Part 8)



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Published by Rachel
Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. (Song used is in comments.)
Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. (Song used is in comments.)

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Published by: Rachel on Jul 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella’s POV:I somehow ended up at the house party that Alice begged me to go to. I think ithad something to do with Edward begging me to have another human experience, andthe fact that Alice wanted to dress me up like a doll. Regardless, I was here withEdward, in tight clothes and uncomfortable shoes.I spotted Tyler at the punch bowl and he waved. He walked over with two cups andhanded me one.“Hey guys. Glad you could make it.” He smiled at me, effectively ignoring Edward,then left. Edward snatched the drink from my hands as I was about to take a sip.“What’s the deal?” I asked, slightly annoyed.“It’s spiked.”“Spiked with what?” I asked, concerned.“Just alcohol; it’s in the whole batch. I can smell it.”“So why’d you take mine?”I really had no desire to drink but giving Edward a hard time was just too muchfun.“Lots of bad things can happen when you drink. The least of which is bad karaoke.I love you too much for that,” he said with a smirk.“Your loss. I’m damn good at karaoke,” I said in a huffy voice. “It’s probably forthe best though. I was in rehab back in Phoenix.”He raised his eyebrow and I tried to keep a straight face.“Yep. I was trading my milk money for jello shots. Tragic.”“Very funny,” he scolded.Alice and Jasper saw us and walked over. They had left their house a littleearlier while I was stalling as much as I could before Edward dragged me out thedoor.Before we could start talking, Jessica came stumbling toward me and gave me a bighug, almost knocking me over.“Bel-la! Ohmygaw I’msorry thatI’ve not seem you round late-ly. We should getch upsometime, k?”“Too much punch, Jess?” Edward asked. His lips twitched.“Huh? Edward you’resohot whyoo not wit me? Oh I gotta go pot-ty bye!”We watched in awe as Jessica stumbled up the stairs.“Is she going to be alright?” I asked Alice. She paused a moment and then smiledwryly.“I just see a big hangover in her future.”I nodded. I’d make sure she had a way home before we left, just in case. Jess wasannoying sometimes and even though we had not been close lately, I still cared.We wandered around the party, briefly saying goodbye to the humans I had spent thelast year and half with. They thought I was saying goodbye until next summer wheneveryone came back from college, but I probably wouldn’t see most of them again. Iwould miss some, like Angela especially. But others…As if to finish my thought, Mike came over and asked me to dance. I looked at thesweaty, grinding bodies dancing near us. I could tell Edward was suppressing agrowl while I was suppressing a laugh.
“Sorry, I don’t dance. Just came to mingle.”He scurried away quickly, probably to go find his backup.The same scene followed with other leering boys, including the party’s host, but Igave the same answer. Were they really blind to Edward’s arms wrapped around me?Maybe they didn’t care because they thought it was their last shot.Edward rubbed his forehead. “I’ve got to get out of here before I kill everyperson at the party with a penis.”I nodded. I could only imagine their explicit thoughts.“I just want to check on Jess first. Us alcoholics got to stick together,” Ijoked. “I’ll meet you out there?”“No way. Mike Newton might try to make out with you if I’m not there. In fact he’splanning on it.”I shivered. “Good point.” I grabbed his hand and towed him upstairs. Lauren wasdragging Jess out of the bathroom. Eww, Lauren.“Does she have a ride home?” I asked, eager to get out of there.Lauren sneered at us and Edward stiffened. “Yeah. My brother is picking us up.”“Okay.” I turned to leave but Edward did not budge. He was still glaring atLauren.“Edward.” I tugged on his hand again. “Come on.”He finally relented and we escaped the drunken house party.“If that was a representation of high school, I really won’t miss it,” I saidgrimly.He chuckled. “Didn’t you have any fun?”“It was nice to see Angela. And the music wasn’t too bad,” I offered. “Now if mydad had come to break up the party, that would have been truly memorable.”“Next time.”“Next time? No way. I’m not going to another one of those unless you let me drinkmyself into oblivion.”“I’ll book you an AA meeting tomorrow,” he sighed as he mussed up my hair.I spent the night at Edward’s since my dad left earlier in the day to go campingwith a friend. Esme assured Charlie that we’d be supervised and that I’d besleeping in Alice’s room. I swear, Esme is going to get blacklisted by someparents union one of these days.I opened the door to his room only to discover a big, fluffy bed. It had a simplebut elegant frame and blue bedding. There were more designer throw pillows than Icould ever use but it looked so comfortable that I plopped down right away,pulling Edward with me. I set my head on his chest.“Thanks, this is really nice. But I don’t stay over that much. I mean the couchwould have been fine.”“Don’t be silly. I like to be next to you while you sleep and we were so crampedlast time. Plus, we can use it when we get back from our trip.”I nodded.I wanted to make use of the bed for more than sleeping but I was very aware of hisfamily in various rooms of the house and their super hearing. So I just settledfor a short kiss before going to bed.The next morning, I was rummaging through the fridge stocked specifically for me.I was about to cook some eggs when Emmett came in the kitchen with a mischievousgrin.“Hey Bella. I heard you had quite a night. Something about jello shots and spiked
punch?”I turned to Edward and raised an eyebrow.“Sleep talking, love.”I blushed. “Of course.”“Don’t be embarrassed by your confessions. Admitting you have a problem is thefirst ste--”Emmett was quickly interrupted by an egg to the face. Many more followed, untilEsme came and made us clean up. Then we got time-out like the 5-year-olds we were.Charlie still wasn’t there when Edward drove me home so we decided to hang outthere for a while. We were walking to the door when a car pulled up behind us. Iturned around to see who it was.“Jake? What’s up?”He smiled and walked up to us.“I have something for you.” He handed me a colored case.“What is it?”“It’s a song that I discovered. It hopefully serves as an apology for me being anasshole in the past.”“Don’t worry, I’m used to it,” I grinned.“Right,” he grinned back. “I’m just glad you put up with me because you are areally good friend.”“Thanks, you are too.” I gave him a hug. “Love you.”“Love you too,” he sat as he patted my back.I thought this situation would feel weird with Edward standing right next to us,but with them getting along and Jacob having his own girl now, everything seemedvery natural.Of course, it might still be hard for Edward. He seemed rather eager to get hisarm around me again. I couldn’t expect Edward to understand the relationship I hadwith Jake. Even I didn’t understand it most days.I was curious to listen to my gift right away so I headed upstairs. Edward namedsome thing he had to do but I think he was just giving me some privacy.I thought back to the first song that Jacob gave me, a little before Italy.“Hearts a Mess” by Gotye. He was trying to win me over but it just made me feelmore bitter. Afterwards, both of us were afraid to even acknowledge that he gaveit to me. I shook my head. How things have changed since then.I put the unnamed CD in my player and sat on my bed as it played./ I saw youYou saw meThat's when I needed youYou needed meI kissed youYou kissed meAnd thought forever yeahWe'd always beWell I like youYou like meSeems that we fit so perfectlyYou make me feel worthyAnd I've let you take care of meWe’re alright now

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