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How to Build Your Own Ozone Machine for Cheap

How to Build Your Own Ozone Machine for Cheap

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Published by AFLAC ............
How to Build Your Own Ozone Machine for Cheap
How to Build Your Own Ozone Machine for Cheap

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Published by: AFLAC ............ on Jul 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to build your own Ozone Machinefor cheap
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is dangerous, so proceed with care. If you die, it's your owndumb fault.
Ozone (O
) is one of the most powerful known oxidizers. As a disinfectant, it is about3,000 times more effective than chlorine. It will kill any kind of bacteria, virus, fungus,yeast, or any other living cell on contact and it will generally wreak havoc with any kindof organic molecule. And yet it's remarkably fun to play with.Ozone lacks a key property that makes disinfectants like chlorine and fluorine so harmful-- the ability to persist in the body. Primarily because it spontaneously reacts with itself torevert back to normal oxygen, ozone does not typically penetrate deeply into tissue or  persist in the lungs or blood or elsewhere in the body. The most significant risk when playing with ozone is to the lungs, which it can severely irritate. Great precaution should be taken in that regard. IF YOU ARE ASTHMATIC, FIND SOMETHING ELSE TOBUILD.
Ozone is widely used for disinfecting or sterilizing drinking water, aquarium water, wastewater, and pool/spa water, deodorizing/disinfecting air or surfaces, sterilizing operatingrooms, food preparation, food storage, insect and disease control in grain storage, and for a number of useful chemical reactions (see wikipedia article on ozone
).I have used it to store bread for extended periods, preventing it from becoming stale or growing mold; curing athlete's foot in just a few days (by enclosing the foot in a plastic
 bag filled with ozone once per day); destroying airborne and surface mold and mildewand associated odors after basement flooding, disinfecting and deodorizing a dryer after a possum died in the exhaust vent, neutralizing noxious fumes from sprayed insecticides,and general deodorization.
Figure 1.Figure 2.Figure 3.
Figure 3b. (long exposure)Figure 4.Figure 5.Figure 6.

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