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Mar 2008 Blessed Virgin Mary Messages Through Little Mary

Mar 2008 Blessed Virgin Mary Messages Through Little Mary



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Published by littlemary-messages
March 2008 Blessed Virgin Mary Messages Through Little Mary...Teaching Meditations Messages from Blessed Mother Mary
March 2008 Blessed Virgin Mary Messages Through Little Mary...Teaching Meditations Messages from Blessed Mother Mary

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Published by: littlemary-messages on Jul 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MESSAGE #3065 from the Blessed Mother March 6, 2008
 My daughter, I am here to protect my children, so please accept my love for each of you.Accept my motherly assistance and do not be fearful of any trial that comes your way. Be joyful, joyful children and move forward on those difficult days. Say yes to Jesus so youstay on the path that will lead you to Heaven. True love and devotion to Our Lord mustbe spread across the world, so continue to pray and spend time adoring Our Lord. Noharm can be done to those who pray and who are obedient to Almighty God.Now, please keep moving forward and never, never lose hope. Keep your focus on Godand turn to Him for all your needs. Desire His love and you will truly have the strengthand courage to persevere each new day. Amen
MESSAGE #3066 from the Blessed Mother March 11, 2008
 My daughter, Please continue to do what God and I are asking of you. It is so importantto write each time I come to you. These messages are a gift from God, so please do nothide them in your heart. All must repent and amend their lives before it’s too late. Aresponse is needed, needed now. Do not wait for the warning, for God is warning Hischildren now.The world will suffer greatly if man continues to disobey God’s laws. When you chooseto live in sin, you are not listening to God. God is truly trying to wake His children, thatis why so many messages have been given. Are you listening with an open heart? Areyou truly living these messages? Are you making changes in your life? Are you trulyobeying all of God’s Commandments?Please examine your conscience and then do what God is asking of you. Be responsible,loving children and do your part for the salvation of souls. Imitate My Son and light theway. Get down on your knees and pray and then listen, listen to God. God has a messagefor each of you, but you must be willing to change.You must live the Gospel and truly live your faith. You cannot change God’s words, youmust obey them. You cannot make up your own rules to support your lifestyle. You mustarmor yourselves with the truth and obey each Commandment. You are only foolingyourself if you are picking and choosing which Commandment to obey. You must live inharmony with God.Please be pure and begin today to move closer to God. Through prayer, God will guideyou, so please, please dear children, love God above all else. Amen.
MESSAGE #3067 from the Blessed Mother March 18, 2008
 My daughter, God will truly bless those who join hands and pray. God will truly blessthose who are loyal to Jesus and serve Him with joy in their hearts.Please, dear children, desire to please My Son. Surrender yourself to His Will and trust,trust in God’s mercy and love. Be faith-filled children and live, live the Gospel. You willmove closer to My Son if you respond with love in your heart. You will bear much fruitand joy will radiate through you. I am asking that all my children pick up their cross andfollow Jesus. I am asking that you let go of pride and jealousy so that you can truly fulfillGod’s Will.I am asking that you become more prayerful so you are not tempted to give in to theworld. You need to be prayerful and strong, strong in your faith. Obedience, humility andprayer is your protection to keep evil away. Be humble, loving servants and you will begiven the grace needed to stay strong for Jesus. Receive the Sacraments often anddiscipline yourselves. Do penance for your sins and work on those areas where you areweak. Examine your heart and then do more for Jesus.Now, please be grateful to God and be thankful for the many graces He has bestowed oneach of you. Believe and move forward, for the time is coming and the whole world willbe purified and renewed. Amen.

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