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International School of Business Management Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur Newsletter Hulchal Issue Number Three

International School of Business Management Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur Newsletter Hulchal Issue Number Three

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Newsletter of ISBM Suresh Gyan Vihar University, edited by students of ISBM
Newsletter of ISBM Suresh Gyan Vihar University, edited by students of ISBM

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Published by: KNOWLEDGE CREATORS on Oct 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An industrial visit to one of themost eminent company in elec-trical sector, it was an day tolook back to, a warm welcomeby Genus family to our stu-dents was very pleasing, theday with Genus started withlite snacks which surely didsatisfied the stomachs later onthe Genus family served foodfor our brains, which I hope was a way for the students toquench the thirst of knowl-edge, we were addressed by some of the most experiencedmembers of the Genus family and we were amazed by the way they taught us the valuesof the corporate sector. There were three speakers, all fromdifferent backgrounds, thesession helped us to be up todate with the knowledge re-lated to the marketing, humanresource and finance sector. There were no questions unan-swered, the speakers did theirbest in providing the students with the most suitable answers. Although due to the lack of time all the students did notget a chance to visit the indus-trial sector, but at the end it was an day of learning andhelping ourselves to preparefor the future.Report By 
Akshay SharmaISBM is thankful to GenusPower Ltd. For organizing industrial tour cum learning  workshop, where senior execu-tives from Genus guided thestudents about corporate world.
Energizing Live
 The software of tally is a very important software when itcomes to the finance depart-ment, Dr. Ram Garg con-ducted an one day workshopfor all the students of ISBM,training them on the skills of tally, he taught the students onhow to effectively work on thesoftware and taught the stu-dents from the fundamentalsto the depths, the software isbasically used for making com-pany profiles, creating a voucher, shortcut keys, fundflow statement, cash flow statement, recording of trans-actions and how to tally work practically, students were satis-fied at the end of the work-shop about their tally skills and were confident enough to usetally in future.Report by 
Shabbir Alam
A workshop unbounded 
Project Management Virtual Trading by ICICI Doom of Morality 3BITCOIN 4
C3W 2013 6 Alumni Speak 7
Inside this issue:Upcoming Events
Its time feel someadrenaline rushing inthe cells as Bellicoseis round the corner,taking place on 9thand 10th of October.
C3W has always beenan awaited event of the year which willunfold on the 18thand 19th of October.
Management is the core com-petent for the managementstudents, management includes wide aspects of the corporate world and who better canteach us management than ourrespected Dean Dr. TK Jain, who is immensely experiencedin management, the session of project management was ex-tremely interactive and com-petitive, students were dividedinto teams and were told toplay the laid out activities which were brain teasers, ma-jority of the students werescratching their heads with noclue of how to solve the givenproblems and situations, stu-dents learned how to calculatethe days for completion of theprojects and how to effectively manage them, this session wasfurther overtaken by dr. Swati, who again conducted an abso-lutely amazing activity whichthe students loved and at theend dr. Ram Garg conductedan activity about successful andunsuccessful business plan which was sheerly interactiveand knowledgeable.Report By 
Aditya Kookna
Project Management 
tension, it gets the heart pump-ing, the game is being playedunder the guidance of Dr. ramGarg who himself has a wideknowledge relating to thestocks, the game is being played nationally and the pricesfor the winners are extraordi-nary, a majority of the studentsare playing this game fromISBM which itself creates anhealthy competition inside thecollege. Axis community isalways known for getting andorganizing amazing events which again has been provedright by the head of the com-munity Dr ram Garg, who says" we want our students to excelin every field and we will sup-port them whenever they needus".Report by 
Mahendra Solanki
 Axis Community presents Virtual Trading 
1st October to 15th Octo-ber 
, An on going event of  virtual stock trading looks very promising as students can try their luck, skills and knowledgerelating to the stock world inany way they can without los-ing any money. This game isconducted by ICICI whichgives a real feel of the stock  world the ups and downs, the
Page 3HULCHAL Volume 1, Issue 3
Doom of Morality 
Envision a bee stuck in a spiders web, struggling, baffled and known of its coming doom, similarly morality is stuck in the web of desires. How could you possibly in-struct a teenager today after what is being manifested on the television (promotionof alcohol, drugs, influence of celebrities, fashion of clothing, live-in relationships).
 There was an era when friendship was respected, now it’s so called “friends withbenefits”. Morality has vaporized as the like of Water.
 Development has ruined decency, its universal today to have children before mar-
riage, the newspapers are full of sexual assault on women’s, there is killing for mere
amount of money, children, small children are made to work, female child is killedin the wombs, Is this the world we want to live in? Is this we called development? Television, internet, parties, alcohol, drugs; we have given up everything for them.
It’s not we who are consuming them; it’s they who are consuming us. Our morality is being consumed and as a result it’s scarce now. Morality is doomed.
 Everyone wants their sisters, their mothers, and their wives to be respected but arenot willing enough to respect other women folk. It seems correct to remark a women passing by but becomes intolerable when done to our own. What kind of demons have we turned into?Morality is to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. Are we really capable of distinguishing? We are living our lives with unknown desires; we are just walking without any clue of the destination. We have become so heedless of moral values that we want to accomplish our desires at any cost. In present morality is
 vanished but convincingly in future people won’t know it ever existed.
  Written By 
Apurv DadhichGuided by 
Mr. Puneet Bafna (Faculty ISBM)

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