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Islam in Vedas, Building bridges

Islam in Vedas, Building bridges

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Building bridges from Vedas.
Allah & Muhammad pbuh in Hindu Scriptures, Read it with calm mind and use your wisdom
Building bridges from Vedas.
Allah & Muhammad pbuh in Hindu Scriptures, Read it with calm mind and use your wisdom

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Published by: Universal Brotherhood on Oct 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BUILDING BRIDGES-AllahandMuhammadinHindu scriptures
From time immemorial, the minds of concious and incuisitive human beingshave been pondering to know the unknown and be acquinted with theunacquinted. Many men, who devoted to acquire knowledge, have evensacrificed their dearest lives for the pursuit of knowledge. The adventure of understanding and unveiling the universal truth has not yet been stopped. It is amatter of great joy that many scientific theories, discoveries and information of the modern age are making the solutions to the problems relating to the Creator (God), His creations and the moral and ethical values of life, much easier.However, to avoid the complexity of this problem, one should have an unbiasedmind an neutral mentality. Otherwise, it would be very difficult on one hand toreach the intended goal, and on the other hand there would be every possibiltythat the decision made by a biased person may contain error. To be able tocorrectly evaluate the thoughts and systems on moral and ethical values of human life, one has to leave the religious biasness and envy aside from theheart.Many religions and religious leaders have emerged on this war-, battle-, andquarrel-trodden Earth. The intentions of these eligious leaders or founders wereto eastablish peace, harmony and equality in the society. However, it is notcorrect to cite that all of them had mission, which is universal and good for allmankind. Because many of them had so much love for their own tribes or sectsthat the attempt of eastablishing universal peace, goodness and equity for allmankind has been much overshadowed by the seeking of his own good.Although, thousands of isms and religions were born for the differentideologies of the religious leaders, there is no denying the fact that there issome Supreme being or Creator of the Universe. Many have accepted thatSupreme Being as the Creater without even knowing and have directed andencouraged their followers to follow their foot-steps. Not only that, many of them have admitted spontaneously that the goodness of this life and the lifehereafter lies in following the path directed by one great man, who would bethe religios leader for all mankind. Now, it is obvious to raise the question astowho that Supreme Being of the Universe is and also who that accepted greatman and religios leader is!
Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are the sacred religious books of the people of Vedic religion (i.e. Hindu Religion). Let us see how these religious books havecited good examples by describing the oneness of God and accepting the bestguidance by the last Prophet, the great human being 'MUHAMMAD' , who isthe saviour of all mankind.Sloakas from
Rig Veda
:"Jonoh: Pita janita Shobidhata Dhamaney Veda-Vubanani Biswa. Jo Devanang Namadha ek ebotang Samprashang Vubana jantrana."
He who is our sustainer, father and Creator, He who is the God of the Universe, exists everywhere. He is well aware of the whole creation in theuniverse. He is one and second to none. The earth asks about him.Another sloakas from
Rig Veda
:" Nottaba Aunnadiba Noparthiba  No jato no Janibbatey."
: O Brahma! (i.e. Creator, God) nobody has ever born like you onearth or in Heavens. And surely will never be born.Sloakas from
Uttarayan Veda
:"Ekameba Ditiyam Brahma: Swa-angbina Nasti Pujjayatey."
: Brahma is one, who is second to none (i.e. Unique). There is nodiety worthy of worship accept Him.Sloakas from
Bhagavad Gita: 11:66
:"Sharba Dharma Paritejjaya Mamekang Sharan Braja: Auhang twang Sharba-papoveya Makkhamiami Mashucha:"
: Leaving every kind of religious worshiping (i.e. idol worshipingetc.), concentrate only in my remembrance and worship me alone. I will rescueyou from every kind of sin. Have faith and do not grief.
Sloakas from
Gita: 10:3
:"Jomam Janmanadincha Betti Lok Maheshshwaram. Aushang Muddhra:sha Martteshu Sharba-papai Pramuchchatey."Translation: Who considers Me as Eaternal, Free from Birth, and the only Godof the Universe, he will be free from all kinds of sin in the human society.Sloakas from
Gita: 7:24
:"Aubbektang Bekti Mapannang Monnantey mam Budhaya: Paran Vabam Janantey Mamabeyam Nuttamama."
: Ignorant persons with a little knowledge consider me to be personified with Human Beings, Fish and Kurmadi (i.e. worship them as if theyare like Me!)Sloakas from
:"Shamarja Gandhakram Kaibrana: Masnabirang Shuddham Papa-biddham Kabirmanishi PariVung Shaywamvu Jarjatatthaya Toharthan Veda Dhachchha Shwatiba Shamavya:."
: He is present everywhere and surrounded like a light, He is aboveholding a body. He is free from all sins and He is Perfect or Pure. He is thecotroller of the mind, which can see everything. He is the best and Self-existent. He is everlasting and immortal. Only He is adorable to everyone.Sloakas from
:"Hotermindra Hotermindra Mahashurindraiy: Alla Jeyshthang Paramang Purnang Brhman Aullam Aadalla Bukmekkam Alla Buk Nikhatkam Aulley Aullam."
: The Supreme! The Most Exalted! The Most Powerful is HE. Allais the best and the Greatest (or Highest). He is the Supreme, Complete and Onewithout any Fault (Error etc.). He us Uncomparable. Alla is Comparable to Allaalone.
 However, it is a matter of great pity that although there are versesconcerning Allah and the Oneness of Allah in some parts of the Hindureligious books like Vedas, Gita, Puranas etc., later some priests and ill-fated 

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