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URIEL - October 1st 2013

URIEL - October 1st 2013

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Published by Les Transformations

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Published by: Les Transformations on Oct 08, 2013
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October 1st 2013
By: The Collective of One.
I am URIEL, the angel of the Presence and the Archangel of Reversion. Beloved children of theOne, the Wave of my Presence, from now on in you, with you and for you, gives you to live andcomes to mean, the birth of your Eternity.That is in you as on what is given to see, to feel and to live. The Wave of my Presence is mixed inyou, and mixing our presences, in order to live and to verify the whole of what has been given,the whole of what has been allowed to live and to test. In the time of the Dance and the Silence,I root to your Presence the Wave of my Life, the Wave of the Presence, that one that comes toopen the Skies and the Earth to the New Presence of your Eternity.The time is realized. The time is finished. Ending the time and its illusion. The hour of the Space,beyond any space, comes to sing you, through the crystalline Presence, in you ear, at your sidesand in your Heart.For the same reason, I come to finish, through the Wave of my Presence, in the bosom of yourBeing, in the bosom of your fields of energy. Allow yourselves then to dance, the Dance of theEternity. Allow yourselves to live the Time of the Silence, the Time of the Eternity. In these timesthat finish the measurement of the Time, in these times that end with the notion of location, itis the time to recover what you Are, what you have always been, that sounds in your door.Through the door of the senses, through the door of the perceptions, through the door of theSilence. There where there is the Dance that never stops. Accompanied by the Choir of theAngels and by the crystal Sound of my Presence, I come to announce the Wave that is mine, andthat becomes yours. That of the New Age, of the New Alliance, where everything is Liberated,where everything is Truth, where everything is authentic. There where there is no place, nospace, no time for any suffering, for any illusion.The time has come, because it has been born, because it is Present, in your life, in yourUniverse, in your Sun, and, of course, in the Temple of your chest, in the heart of the Heart. Thetime calling you to the Dance, where nothing comes to stop, nor to resist, the Call of the EternalBirth of your Presence, in the Light One, and vivified by the Presence of KI-RIS-TI.Let's live through the Wave, the Wave of all the Presences. That of those who have guided you,that of those that belong to the Eternal present, to the Eternal Immaculate one of your InfinitePresence. Beginning to unblock what it must be in an eternal and definitive way. The Time of theCall, the Time of the Answer, is now. Whether this is in the signs of the Sky and of the Earth, in
its sounds or in its dins, there is the Answer of the Birth of the butterfly, which completes, in itschrysalis, its Transmutation and its elevation.The Dance and the Silence are the engines of the Peace and the Eternity. In which your vehiclesof the Eternity are. Those that are not limited by a beginning and an end. Those that havealways been, and that will always be. Since nothing can change the Law of Love, the Law of Freedom, the Law of Eternity.My Presence at your sides, in your Heart, in answer to your Call, in answer to your request. Icome to finish the Round of the Archangels, the Round of the Elders, the Round of the Stars.Because in you everything is lit. Since in you everything is awake. Ready to live through the Timewithout time, the Space without location. The time of the Happiness, which nothing can alter,and which nothing comes to alter.It´s up to you now, not already to choose, but rather to set your position for the Eternity, in thebosom of your Eternity, or in the bosom of what is resisting. From there comes the Happiness,of your capacity and your facility, to allow to Live through the Wave, to take part in the Dance.As Angel URIEL, I come to finish the Work in White. The one that finishes the time of theephemeral things. The one that opens, in big, the Doors of the Eternity. In order to live what youhave always been, what you Are always, and what you will always be. Beyond any history,beyond any action - reaction. The time of the Grace is fulfilled. The Route is now open. The Dooris open. To the crystal sounds, to the sounds of the Sky and of the Earth, not already in anindividual aspect, but rather and increasingly becoming collective and immanent.In the moment where the Sky and the Earth change its position. In the moment where yourPresence changes the point of view. In order to embrace and to marry the Freedom and theEternity of the Love, in the waltz and the Dance of the Wave of Light that pushes you and opensthe doors, not already of the hope, but the Doors of the Eternity. The time of the last Door, of the Last Reversion.As well as I accompanied you, during these years. Whether that is for the Passage of the throator the Passage of the Narrow Door. There has come the time to light, with the Wave of Fire,with the Wave of the Life, with the water Constellation, which spills the Lustral Water, in theFire of your Ether. In order to Be yourselves, totally and entirely. Much further of all the tricks of this Illusion, of the ephemeral things. In the strict Truth of the Love, in the strict Truth of theauthenticity and of the Transparence.You have won without fighting. You have raised, without wanting it. You have completed theimpossible mission: extracting this Solar system, definitely and totally, from the set of itsillusions.Therefore, as Bearer of the good News, I announce you the Opening of the Skies and the Earth.Leading you to live your Eternity. In a Communion of Souls, in a Communion of Spirits with the
Eternity. That represent both the Elders, the Stars and the Archangels in the bosom of your ownEternity.It is the Round of the Silence, the Round of the Peace, the Round of the Eternity, where vibratesthe perfume of the Beauty, of the Love and of the Truth. All this is revealed also to your sensesand it will be revealed to your perceptions increasingly. In order to lead you there where younever moved, there where you were always. In order to that the butterfly embrace also theEternity. Leaving behind sufferings and memories. That aggravated, that darkened what you are.Today, there is no more shade, there are no more barriers, there are no more obstacles. Exceptthose that remain to be conquered by the establishment of your Presence and of our commonPresence in the same Truth, in the same Unity, in the same Communion, in the same Fusion andin the same Dissolution.It´s still to Be only, in the bosom of the Moment. The Present to yourselves and the Present toourselves. The Present to your Brothers and Sisters, the Present to the Earth and the Present tothe Sky. The Present in any Dimension, in any Space, beyond all time. This is your Nature. This isyour Eternal Essence, recovered in the bosom of this ephemeral world.Everything is fulfilled. Everything is in materialization. Everything is in update. The work has
been realized. “Everything is fulfilled”, this was said some time ago. There remains now, in this
fulfillment, the entire manifestation of the Truth, of the Light, of the Beauty and of the Love.Therefore I invite you to celebrate. I invite you to rest, in the bosom of this Peace, in the bosomof this Happiness and of this Eternity. Provided by the Wave of Life, by the ignition of the wholebody, of your structures, both dense and subtle. In order to live the "burn" of the Love, the Kissof Maria, the Call of Maria, and the irrevocable Call of your Eternity.Be in Peace. We are in you as you are in us. With an intensity never ever equaled before, whereevery Presence melts in the Joy of the Love and of the Dance. Without giving any more place toan identification, but rather to an Ascension of your Consciousness in the Eternity vehicle. And if this corresponds to you, beyond any vehicle.Everything is in way, not inside a future, but in the Moment of your Present, in the Moment of your Presence, in the Present of the moment, in the Here and Now. Since there has come themoment where the Doors dissolve in the remains of the Illusion. Leaving you to lay bare,because I want you nude. Coming to call to your Door, taking the whole place, as well as thespace and the times. Going so far as to spill the Water, the Water of the Resurrection, the Waterof the Baptism. Not that of the birth in this world, but of the Birth in your Eternity. Welcome.Receive and reveal for yourselves, verify for yourselves, the Majesty of what you have to live,the Majesty of what is there.Every time there are more signs, clear and important signs that are evident in the remaininglinear development, of your planet and of your life. Leading you to cross this world, not alreadymoving, but installed in the Wave that dances in you.

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