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Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template

Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template



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Published by Mohammed Adnan Khan

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Published by: Mohammed Adnan Khan on Jul 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template
Project Name:Prepared by:Date
1. Instructions for Using this Document
Section IRisk Assessment Questionnaire
Section I 
of this template to identify risks that will impact the project and the level of threat theypose to the project’s success. In this section, characteristics are grouped in typical categories of project risk. High, medium and low risk ratings are assigned to descriptions of each projectcharacteristic.
This list of project characteristics is not exhaustive and is intended to providea starting point only.
Customize the questionnaire by adding to the list specific risk characteristicsor criteria that apply to your organization or project. To complete the questionnaire, for eachcharacteristic, choose the phrase that best depicts your project at the time of assessment. Becertain to also complete the
Project Planning Risk Assessment Checklist
The completed questionnaire and checklist will identify the project’s risk factors. The results from thecompleted questionnaire and checklist should be used as guidelines; there may be other factors thatwill lower or raise the risk level. For instance a large project carries with it an inherently higher risk.This risk may be reduced if an experienced project manager leads the project. Having many high-risk characteristics does not necessarily mean the project will fail. However, it does mean that a planmust be put into place to address each potential high-risk factor.
Section IITypical High-Risk Problems/Response Actions – Note: edit this section if youproject uses a different risk threshold.
Section II 
of this template to analyze identified risks and plan appropriate responses. Earlywarning signs and examples of problems that may result from certain types of high risks are listedalongside examples of activities that may be undertaken to mitigate or respond to each risk.
For each high-risk factor identified in
Section I 
, create a response plan in the
Risk Response Plan
document to ensure that the risk is mitigated and does not impact project success. Consider theexample activities in
Section II 
as examples of potential responses. The project team may suggestadditional response actions. After creating response plans for all the high-risk factors, look at themedium-level risks to determine whether the impact is severe enough to warrant an entry into the
Risk Response Plan
as well. If so, create entries in the
Risk Response Plan
for the medium-riskfactors. Low-risk factors may be considered assumptions, that is, there is a potential for problems,but because the risk is low, you are “assuming” that the condition will not occur. The
Risk ResponsePlan
is used throughout the project to monitor and control risks.
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Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template
Section IRisk Assessment Questionnaire
CharacteristicsLow RiskMedium RiskHigh Risk
A. Scope
The scope of the project is:[ ] Well-defined and understood[ ] Somewhat defined, butsubject to change[ ] Poorly defined and/or likely tochange 
The business requirements of theproject are:[ ] Understood andstraightforward[ ] Understood but very complexor straightforward but not well-defined[ ] Very vague or very complex 
The system availabilityrequirements include:[ ] Windows of availability anddowntime[ ] Availability on a continuous
The total estimated effort hours are:[ ] Less than 1,000[ ] Between 1,000 and 5,000[ ] Greater than 5,000 
The quality of current data is:[ ] Well-defined and simple toconvert[ ] Well-defined but complex osimple to convert but not well-defined[ ] Poor or complex to convert 
If a package implementation:[ ] No (or minimal)customization is needed[ ] Moderate customization isneeded[ ] Heavy customization isneeded 
If a package implementation:[ ] The product or release isstable[ ] The product or release is newto the market
B. Schedule
Are the project’s major milestonesand operational dates:[ ] Flexible - may be establishedby the project team and recipientpersonnel[ ] Firm - pre-established andmissed dates may affect thebusiness[ ] Fixed - pre-established by aspecific operational commitmentor legal requirements beyond theteam’s control 
Project duration is estimated at:[ ] Less than 3 months[ ] 3 to 12 months[ ] Greater than 12 months
C. Budget
The project budget is based uponuse of a proven successful costestimation process used bypersonnel with estimationexperience:[ ] Yes – Proven estimationprocess with experiencedpersonnel[ ] Some experience or process[ ] No – Estimates notestablished by personnel withany experience nor any provenprocess
Project funding matches or exceeds the estimated cost and isstable.[ ] Funding is greater thanestimated need and/or isexpected to be stable.[ ] Funding is marginallyadequate and expected toremain relatively stable.[ ] Funding is less thanestimated need and/or itsstability is highly uncertain.
D. Project Linkages
Uninterrupted (24 hours per day, seven days a week).www.cambridgeeducation.net
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Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template
Section IRisk Assessment Questionnaire
CharacteristicsLow RiskMedium RiskHigh Risk
This project’s dependencies onlinkage projects could best bedescribed as:[ ] Slightly dependent, can besuccessful without linkageproject deliverables[ ] Somewhat dependent,without linkage projectdeliverables, schedule delayspossible[ ] Highly dependent, cannotproceed without deliverablesfrom linkage projects
E. Human Resources
The Project Manager’s experienceand training is:[ ] Recent success in managingprojects similar to this one[ ] Recent success in managinga project not similar to this oneor trained and no actualexperience[ ] No recent experience or project management training 
Describe the experience of projectpersonnel with the tools andtechniques to be used.[ ] Experienced in use of toolsand techniques[ ] Formal training in use of toolsand techniques but little or nopractical experience[ ] No formal training or practicalexperience in use of tools andtechniques 
The project team is:[ ] Located together[ ] Dispersed at multiple sites
F. Management/Senior Leadership Support
The project sponsor is:[ ] Identified, committed, andenthusiastic[ ] Identified but not enthusiastic[ ] Not identified or notenthusiastic
G. Other Business or Organizational Impacts
The project participant(s) providingcontent knowledge on the project:[ ] Are not required on theproject or are veryknowledgeable[ ] Are somewhat inexperienced[ ] May not be available asneeded or are unknown at thistime 
Business processes, procedures,policies require:[ ] Little or no change[ ] Occasional to frequentchanges[ ] Substantial change 
Describe the impact on businessprocedure, process, or organizational changes as a resultof this project:[ ] Either none or only minor changes of procedural, process,or organization[ ] Moderate procedural,process, or organizationalchanges[ ] Major procedural, process, or organizational changes or unknown at this time 
The number of departments thiswill affect is:[ ] One or two[ ] Three or four[ ] More than five 
How would you rate the readinesslevel within the project recipient andstakeholder departments for changes this project will create?[ ] High readiness (Passionateand enthusiastic)[ ] Moderate readiness[ ] Low readiness (Passive andhard to engage)
GENERAL– Technical and Performance RisksH. Technology
The technology being utilizedconsists of:[ ] Mature (existing software,hardware, languages,databases, and tools)[ ] Emerging[ ] Leading Edge (new software,hardware, languages,databases, or tools (or newreleases))
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