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Teaching of the Epiphany Season.

Teaching of the Epiphany Season.

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Published by glennpease
By John William Burgeon

S. John ii. 11.

ThU beginning of Miracles did Jsava in Cana
of Galilee, and manifested forth His Glory,
By John William Burgeon

S. John ii. 11.

ThU beginning of Miracles did Jsava in Cana
of Galilee, and manifested forth His Glory,

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TEACHIG OF THE EPIPHAY SEASO.By John William BurgeonS. John ii. 11.ThU beginning of Miracles did Jsava in Canaof Galilee, and manifested forth His Olory,The Church has been very mindful of thewants of her children, in her choice of the sub- jects she brings before their notice, as the weeksof each successive year of their lives roll away.o thoughtful heart can afford to overlook herteaching. It seems impossible to survey herTable of Proper Lessons for Sundays ; andto note that Christmas, or the anniversary of Christ's Birth, has six Sundays ; — ^Epiphany,or the record of His Manifestation to us Gen-tiles, six Sundays; — Lent, or the memorial of His conflict with the Powers of Darkness, sixSundays; — Easter, or the Anniversary of HisResurrection, six Sundays; — without growingattentive : without asking oneself from time totime, — Vfhat practical use am I makm^ ol tiSiTHB FOURTH SUDAY AFTEK THB EPIPHAY.this ? . . . . Let us attend now to the teaching of the Epiphany season.This then is the yearly solemnity which spe-cially belongs to us Gentiles. Christ was born, — ^He was tempted — ^He suflfered, died and wasburied, — He rose again and ascended into Hea-ven, for all. The very Angels seem to have some
marvellous unexplained interest in the sacrifice of the Death of Christ. But " the Epiphany" isHis manifestation to the Gentiles. This greatsecret of God's Almighty purpose, which, forforty centuries, had been kept close from theCommonwealth of Israel, was at last to transpire.All races of men were to be gathered into theChurch. " Ye know" (said S. Peter, addressingthe friends of Cornelius the Roman Centurion,) — " Ye know how that it is an unlawful thingfor a man that is a Jew to keep company, orcome unto one of another nation ; but God hathshewed ine that I should not call any mancommon or unclean." The lesson speciallytaught the great Apostle by his vision of thegreat sheet knit at the four comers, had beenprefigured long before by the gathering of allthe creatures, of whatever kind, clean and un-clean alike, into the Ark. They had all, moved^ a new iastinct, obeying a Diviue impulse, — TBAGHI6 OF THE EPIPHAT SEASO.aH had come unto oah and his family, in grandprocession ; — the strangest, the most august andwondrous spectacle which the world has everwitnessed in connexion with the brute Creation.The same wondrous sign, no longer in type how-ever, but in magnificent reality, was about to beexhibited now, in respect of all the various racesof Mankind. We find our place in that secondgrand procession, of which the Church is thepreserving Ark ; and the water of Baptism thatwhich saves from perishing ; and Christ Himself the better oah who " shall comfort us concern-ing our work and toil of our hands." We Gen-tiles are those animals of diverse instinct, thosefowls of various wing, those creatures of strange
and curious aspect which came in unto oahand his family, in the Ark. But the one pointto which at this instant I desire to call your at-tention, is, that foremost in that long processionof the Gentile races, come the " Wise Men fromthe East," the Magi, — bearing ** gold, and frank-incense, and myrrh." Behold in them the first-fruits of the heathen World ! In their persons,God, by the leading of a Star, did manifest HisOnly Begotten Son to the Gentiles. That is theone point to be remembered now. It explainswhy the Gospel for the Epiphany is takeTi iTornVJci^\V1THE lOTJBTH SUHAT APTBR THB EFIFHAT.beginning of S, Matthew's second chapter. TheProper Lesion from the ew Testament isS. Luke's account of the Baptism of Christ,because of the glorious manifestation which at-tended that august event, — ^the Voice firom Hea-ven and the descent of the Heavenly Dove.On the first Sunday after the Epiphany, weare invited to contemplate the beautiful spectacleof our Divine Lord exemplifying in His ownperson the prophetic experience of the Psalmist, — " I have more understanding than my teachers,because Thy testimonies are my study*. I amwiser than the aged, because I keep Thy com-mandments/' In His own Father's House,His Mother and Joseph find Him ^'sitting inthe midst of the Doctors, both hearing themand asking them questions." It is plain thatthe Jewish Doctors questioned iJm, the Childof twelve years old, in turn : for it follows, " Andall tbat heard Him were astonished at His un-

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