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Way Forwards Network Brochure

Way Forwards Network Brochure



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Southern Cameroons struggle. A network of activist groups acting in unison and using the consensus method to increase effectiveness and enhance communication and to create less hierarchical and more egalitarian society.
Southern Cameroons struggle. A network of activist groups acting in unison and using the consensus method to increase effectiveness and enhance communication and to create less hierarchical and more egalitarian society.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Track and Trace Committee on Jul 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Way Forwards
Progressive thinking andunited action in the SouthernCameroons Struggle for self-determination
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   S  o  u   t   h  e  r  n   C  a  m  e  r  o  o  n  s   2 .   0
WFN 2009
THE WAY FORWARDS NETWORK "In the gulf of Guinea where the continent of Africa curves to the west, a stormis brewing. The question is whether the static created by the Europeancaricatures of Africa--as a place in perpetual war--will blind peace-and-justiceminded people to take a stand against the moral outrage that is fuelling thestorm, or whether we are going to ask the victims to suck it up?"We are a network of organisations and individuals who signed the DallasAgenda Contract to pool together our human and material resources to supportcommunities struggling for the right to a life of peace, security and dignity, inwhat was the former British Ambas Bay Colony and later the SouthernCameroons; a people who have been robbed of their resources, deprived of their land and independence.First colonised in 1858 as the British Ambas Bay Colony, Britain gave theterritory to Germany in 1887 as payoff for land in the Middle East that bothcountries were fighting over. The Germans promptly added the territory to their colony Kamerun. When Germany lost WWI France took over Kamerun which became French Cameroon and Britain regained control of the territory of Ambas Bay which was eventually dubbed the United Nations Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons under British administration (Anglophone Cameroon).
Initially considered unimportant territory, Anglophone Cameroon was allowedto develop the necessary process of development of self-governing structuresthat eventually led to parliamentary elections and formation of democraticgovernments in 1954 and 1959. Things changed with the kickoff of thedecolonisation movement. The British wanted to hold onto the newlydiscovered oil in Nigeria by imposing their lackey Tafawa Balewa as the first president of an independent Nigeria. They became suspicious that Nigerianactivists could contemplate using an independent Anglophone Cameroon next
   A  u  g  u  s   t ,   2   0   0   9
   S  o  u   t   h  e  r  n   C  a  m  e  r  o  o  n  s   2 .   0
WFN 2009
door as a stage for prolonged resistance if Nigeria suddenly became unsafe for them. Leaders of the French Cameroon independence movement for their partwere already using Anglophone Cameroon as a safe base from which to launchattacks against French troops in their country. It was through AnglophoneCameroon that renowned leaders of the decolonisation movement like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Sekou Toure of Guinea provided support to the FrenchCameroon freedom fighters. With massive bomb raids and the assassinations of the first
 president-to be of an independent French Cameroon Felix Moumie andother leaders, France succeeded in destroying the French Cameroonindependence movement.With colonisation legislated as illegal in international law, France imposed aformer colonial cadre--Amadou Ahidjo--as the first president of the newly"independent" French Cameroon. He would later be replaced by Paul Biya,who was a militant against the independent movement and demonstratedagainst it on several occasions in Paris. Loïc Le Floch-Prigent, former chair of the French government owned oil conglomerate Elf said, "Paul Biya took over  power with the help of Elf to hold-in Anglophone Cameroon."Confident of continuous French control of French Cameroon, France andBritain annexed Anglophone Cameroon to it. The democratically electedgovernment in Anglophone Cameroon was disbanded. The discovery of oil inAnglophone Cameroon will make an already complicated situation worse. Withrepeated government led indoctrination the rallying cry for French Cameroonnationalism went from "Independence and Freedom from France" to “ResistAttempts by Anglophone Cameroon to Take Away the Oil!" With this havecome scorn, hatred, discrimination and ever more determination to enforce astatus of second class citizens on the people of Anglophone Cameroon. The public transportation infrastructure was left to rot. Public corporations thatformed the backbone of the Anglophone Cameroon economy during the era of 

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