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The Uneventful Life.

The Uneventful Life.

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Published by glennpease
By John William Burgeon

Col. iii. 3.
Your life is hid with Christ in God.
By John William Burgeon

Col. iii. 3.
Your life is hid with Christ in God.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE UEVETFUL LIFE.By John William BurgeonCol. iii. 3.Your life is hid with Christ in God.In my last Saint's-Day Sermon, — I spoke of the busy life of S. Paul ; and set it in strongcontrast with the meaningless, useless, pointless,purposeless lives of some of ourselves. The un-kindest and most uncongenial feature of thatshort Sermon was, that I seemed to imply, — andin fact, I did intend to say, — that some part,too much a great deal, of all our lives, is of thisindefensible character.I propose to-day to explain myself a littlemore fully on a subject which cannot but beone of deep interest to all who have any realthoughtfulness or earnestness about them. Idesire to guard myself against misconception : — JJot in the way of self-defence ; but as persuadedthat it is of reol importance lo \\io^^ >nI\o wouldTHB UEVETFUL LIFE.profit by what was said before, (as far as there^was any truth in it,) that they should have bothsides of the question sketched in outline. I pro*^pose to-day to say something of the uneventfullife as distinguished from the aimless life.And the present Festival which we keep inmemory of S. Matthias, affords me a convenient
opportunity for speaking of the Uneventful Life.We know nothing of the great Saint whose nameis connected with the day, — except that he wets^one of those who had "corapanied with*' theApostles '*all the time that the Lord Jesuswent in and out" among them, — " beginning fromthe Baptism of John, unto that same day thatHe was taken up from them." The only thingwe know besides, is, that two out of the wholecompany were finally made choice of ; and that,an appeal being made to the Searcher of heartsto decide between the two, — to " shew whetherof these" He Jiad chosen to take part in thisministry and Apostleship, — "the lot fell uponMatthias; and he was numbered with theEleven Apostles."It is obvious to remark on the appropriatenessof this Festival to the Ember Season, into whichit often, and near to which it alwaj^, i^^*Ohvioas also is it to remark on llae aSLeeUw^\«tS. MATTHIAS S DAY.and stirring spectacle of the Croivn which shouldhave graced another'' 8 trow bestowed upon one whoexpected nothing less. The unstispected Saintsupplies us with another hint ; and the Decisionly lot, with yet another. But we will speak to-day of the life of S. Matthias as being, — foraught that appears to the contrary, — an tinevent-fid life: and therefore the type or pattern of full many a life of our own.
The uneventful is to be distinguished from theuimless life. Most lives must needs be of theformer class : no one ought to be able to endurethe reproach conveyed by the second. That lifeis "uneventful" which provokes little attentionfrom contemporaries, and none from posterity, — the life which is seen only in its effect on othersand on self. It may be as well to describe andexplain a little more particularly what it is wemean.Whatever the theory of any may be on thesubject, the actual experience of most persons isthe same ; viz. that the texture of our lives iswoven out of exceedingly homely materials. Letanyone note closely the character of the incidentsof every passing day, and he will probably bestruck by nothing so much as by their sameness, — their insignificance, — their ephemeral cha-JBiTHE UEVBTFUL LIFE.racter. Tbere come certain imperious demandson our time and attention, but not by any meansabout things of real, abiding moment: tberecome not a few hindrances, or what we feel tobe such, — which prevent us from doing thethings on which we are really bent : there comeat least as many temptations to be frivolous.We are all made, — or are invited to make our-selves, — ministerial to an extraordinary extent :(by which I mean the rendering of services of some sort, to others :) — all persons know some-thing of disappointments and petty vexations.What heart owns not with gratitude that itknows a great deal more of little kindnesses, and

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