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Rep. Mike Coffman's "End the Shutdown and Negotiate" memo

Rep. Mike Coffman's "End the Shutdown and Negotiate" memo

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Published by bosbydpo
Rep. Mike Coffman said Tuesday he will urge his GOP colleagues to support a “clean” continuing resolution to fund the federal government and end the current standoff in Washington.
Rep. Mike Coffman said Tuesday he will urge his GOP colleagues to support a “clean” continuing resolution to fund the federal government and end the current standoff in Washington.

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Published by: bosbydpo on Oct 08, 2013
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 End the Shutdown and Negotiate
By U.S. Representative Mike Coffman
To govern in a divided government and get results, one must be open to compromise. And Iknow the American people and the people of Colorado expect us to govern.We are now in the second week of a government shutdown. To compound matters, the countrywill reach its authorized debt limit in a little over a week. Congress and President Obama mustend this partisan drama by passing a spending bill to reopen the government, avert an economiccrisis by passing an increase in the debt limit, and immediately begin working on a bipartisansolution to stop Washington’s spending problem.I’ve said all along that I didn’t want a Government shutdown. It’s sad that partisan bickering hasled us to where we are; hopefully some bipartisan solutions can lead us out.It might not be popular to say so, but I believe that extremists in both parties have kept us fromfinding real solutions. It concerns me that some Democrats appear to be “rooting for a shutdown” because they think it helps them politically. And likewise, it also concerns me that someRepublicans used the flawed strategy of a shutdown for what appears to be nothing more than anexercise in national fundraising.I have done my best to delay, defund and dismantle all or parts of Obamacare because I believethat much of it will be harmful to this country in the long run. Lost in the shutdown coverage, the problems with the new ObamaCare exchanges are a major cause for concern. However, thedebate over attaching Obamacare to a spending bill must end and I will argue before mycolleagues in the House that we need to pass a “clean” spending bill to immediately reopen thegovernment. Reducing spending remains my top concern, that’s why I believe this fundingresolution should stay within the spending caps that both parties agreed to last time the nation’sdebt limit was increased in 2011.The United States is now buried under a staggering $17 trillion in red ink and we are on atrajectory to face a debt crisis that could eventually threaten our national security. PresidentObama has previously said that he will not negotiate on another increase to the debt limit andinstead wants all future increases to occur automatically without the consent of Congress. Mostvoters disagree with that plan too, since Washington could pretend that its spending problemdoesn’t exist.President Obama is now saying that he is willing to negotiate on additional steps to bring downthe debt but only after the partial shutdown has ended and the debt limited is once again raised. Iwill take him at his word that he is willing to work with Republicans on a budget agreement to bring down our debt. I will support a temporary increase in the debt limit that is long enough for Republicans and Democrats to come together and work toward a bipartisan solution on a budgetagreement that will put our country on a sustainable fiscal path. If that’s 6 months, 12 months or 

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