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Pfs Preston Sturges

Pfs Preston Sturges



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Published by grtela

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Published by: grtela on Jul 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Great McGinty (1940)
This is the story of two men who met in a banana republic. One of them was honest all his life except one crazy minute. The other was dishonest all his life except one crazyminute. They both had to get out of the country.
-Prologue to
The Great McGinty
The Politician
(William Demarest)
If it wasn't for graft, you'd get a very low type of  people in politics. Men without ambition. Jellyfish!
Catherine McGinty
(Muriel Angelus)
Especially since you can't rob the people anyway.
The Politician:
Sure! ... How was that?
Catherine McGinty:
What you rob, you spend, and what you spend goes back to the people, so where's the robbery? I read that in one of my father's books.
The Politician:
That book should be in every home!Called
 Down Went McGinty
in the UK. Other working titles included, “The Story of aMan,” “The Vagrant,” “The Mantle of Dignity,” and “The Biography of a Bum.” Spencer Tracy was briefly attached as the lead.
is based on the career of William “Plain Bill” Sulzer, the only governor of NewYork ever to be impeached. He died a year after the film was released. According toWikipedia:A few months into his term, Sulzer was alleged to have diverted campaigncontributions to his own use and to have lied. Sulzer had enjoyed Tammany Hall supportas the Democratic candidate for Governor in 1912, but he quickly drew the ire of the powerful leader of that New York City organization, Charles F. Murphy, by refusing toaccept party instructions on appointments, by seeking primary elections rather thannominating by convention, and other actions. Sulzer and many historians later affirmedthat the impeachment charges were made under instructions from Murphy, to remove himas an obstacle to Tammany Hall's influence in State politics.Although the original story for 
was written in 1933, but the film can be seen as aresponse to Frank Capras
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
(1939).“The Boss,” played by Russian/Georgian Akim Tamiroff, is considered a model for Rocky & Bullwinkle’s Boris Badenoff.The opening survey of the bar is repeated almost identically in the opening scene of 
 Hail the Conquering Hero

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