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Africans & Americans Lost History

Africans & Americans Lost History



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Published by essatheking

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Published by: essatheking on Jul 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER 1THE UNCIVILIZED MYTHS TOLD ABOUT AFRICATo dispel the myths of Africa, we must first know what are myths, howthey came about, who is responsible for them and how can we uncover the mythsto learn the truth.What are mythsA myth is a traditional story, sometimes it is written by an unknownauthorship it will be ostensible with a historical basis, sometimes it serve toexplain some phenomenon in nature. The origin of man or the customs,institutions, religious rites of a people, usually, myths involve exploits ofancientgods, heroes and legends, myths are fictitious stories unscientific accounts,theories and belief, myths can be any imaginary person or thing spoken of asthough they exist, than what is a mythology.A mythology, is telling of fictional tales or about legends, fiction istruth anduntruth mixed together. mythology is the science and study of myths. It could be abook or a story about myths. Mythology means collectively, all the myths of aspecific people or about a specific being or legend, what are all the myths toldabout people of Africa, to be honest hell, I don’t know - - all of them.I do know at least four or five real important myths. I would like toexplain,discuss and analyze at this time, let us examine, these tales I wrote about inthiswork concerning fictional legends who on one hand are real historic charactersand on the other, the tales are part true, keep in mind it was up to the peopleresponsible for writing history to explain the parts that were true and the partsthat were untrue, the truth is few men came along after these heroic figures timein history and had greater influence on world history than the black historicalfigures I wrote of in this work, many others have never been recorded these menof African origin, decisions changed world history, they changed how history wasrecorded, a freed African slave changed the fate of paganism in the world whenIslam was established Africans helped bring2The Uncivilized Myths told about AfricaChristianity into the world and enabled us to build a great western civilization,based on the signs and symbols of the early Africans civilization in Egypt.The turning point in history came and when the pages of history changed iswhen white historians, sociologists, bourgeois anthropologists and scientists tookit on themselves to write their own personal opinions about Africa history, basedentirely on a white inferiority complex and feelings of whites wanting power overblacks simply a case of white European descendants making themselves mastersover people of African origin. I will say white meaning people of Caucasian origin, white anthropologistscalled Zulu warriors headsmen to suggest they are headhunters and headhuntersare cannibals, the Zulu people were never cannibals, this is how the mythsstarted,
they mixed lies with truth and came up with the myths. All Africans arecannibals, sound familiar.White historians often refer to the ancient Ethiopians as Abyssiniansinsteadof Africans, this mistake made learning about Africans in Ethiopia a mythbecause of this sociologists refused to recognize Abraha as a great Africanleader,they ignored the fact emperor Elesbaan of Ethiopia was of African origin andknown in Europe as an African saint, historians teach about the life of Alexanderthe great and says nothing of black Clitus, even his name was “Black” he wasAlexander top commander and a Black king, he saved Alexander life, scientistsrarely speak of Yusuf Ibn Tashfin, known as the black Sultan of Africa, a blackruler who conquered Spain there isn’t a history class in the entire world teachabout the life of these two African leaders, Yusuf and Clitus, why.Foreign invaders broke the nose off the Sphinx and king Akhenaten a Nehusiking of African origin who reigned the eighteenth dynasty in Egypt, scientists saythe broken nose and damage on the face of two thirds of all the statues in Egyptare due to erosion, the world will never know these original Egyptians trueidentity were people of African origin. They write in history books how Hannibalcross the Alps with a herd of elephants to go on to defeat the Roman army, thegreatest military power for that time in history. Historians write Hannibal wasSemitic of Phoenician (Syrian) origin and mention nothing of the fact Hannibalfather was black as coal and his army were African Numidians from Algeria.3The Uncivilized Myths told about Africasociologists refuse to teach that Hagar Abraham second wife was an Africanwoman and given a covenant by God. Its impossible to go back in time andseparate truth from falsehood, to uncover the lies and expose all the myths toldabout Africans and black people throughout history, after reading this work atleast you will know who are the real culprits white bourgeois anthropologists whorefused to recognize Africans history in general.Myths of Africa and the African people are fictitious statements and liestoldby early European colonies and missionaries that first settled in Africa, duringthefourteenth century AD, the myths were preconceived ideas and opinions withoutreal theory or scientific facts, these myths were nothing but traditional,historicaland prejudice lies to explain the nature, culture, religious rites and life ofAfricans.These myths were accepted by the rest of the world as being the truth andpassed on from one generation to the next. Myths of “race” started in thefourteenth and fifteenth centuries when the European explorers and missionarieswere spreading throughout the African continent. African people were beingkidnapped from the continent of Africa, to be sold and to work as slaves, it wasatthis time in the history of the world, the European physical scientists and thebiological scientists people who were not from Africa, disregarded the people ofAfrica and treated them as specimens, why else would their documents show thepeople of Africa were equal to goats, sheep or cattle in some cases an Africanmale who looked abnormal was worth less then a healthy looking bull, duringthese trying times of African people, there was the flip side of the coin that
showed Africans in a somewhat positive light.They were the European African studies Association and the Africaninternational Institute in Europe who studied African cultures. These Institutesknew for certain there was a bright side to Africa history, prior to thefourteenthcentury and before exploring Africa. Anthologists wrote of finding portraits ofAfricans on Greek vases, they knew there were busts of Africans in Roman artand statues, they definitely, knew of the legends and heroic Africans which willbe mentioned in the following chapters of this work such as Hannibal, Yusuf,Ishmael, St. Elesbaan etc. yet historians and scholars neglected to review theirlife and write of their daring accomplishments. 4The Uncivilized Myths told about AfricaWhen the fourteenth century rolled around the only reasons Europeans wentonto the African continent was for its wealth and to enslave its people and theworld came to know Africa as having a web of twofold myths because of thesetwo separate points of view the true history of Africa was lost- forever overpowered by the myths. To give credit where credit is due, the small editorialstaffs, directors and librarians, five hundred years ago had the hard task oftakingwhat news they heard coming from Africa and the negative reports, they got fromthe writers of history or historians at that time and tried to clarify the truthfromthe myths.The small editorial staffs at that time in history had the separate task ofexaminingthe facts to try in discover whatever reality was hidden behind it. As in allphraseof life, the negative images of Africans won out over the positive and the greatAfricans that really did make a mark on history were forgotten, as time went onthe myths became harder and harder to be stripped away and the reality of whatAfrica is really about became lost.Another important point to make is when the missionaries, Europeancountries, scholars and other government officers spread throughout the Africancontinent. It was in the interest of these agents to say in their letters home andintheir reports to their governments, Africa was an uncivilized dark continent, tomany reporters followed literature written by white agents sent to Africa andnewspaper headlines which always emphasized the Europeans victories againstthe African savages.Some read; Africans were born to be slaves and we all know the Americanmyth which says we were ( 3/5) three fifths human so they wrote what they heardwithout learning any true facts to substantiate it the illusion of Africa wasimprinted into the consciousness of the rest of the world, as being profoundly,ignorant the myth that Africa was as a uncivilized continent became aphilosophical necessity for European invaders.If Africa was uncvilized than it would be their responsibility to civilize it

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